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"Oh, Harry!” Eleanor exclaimed when I entered the kitchen. “Please have a seat. I’m making some tea. Is Yorkshire okay? It’s Louis’s favorite.”

“That’s fine,” I said politely. “Thanks.”

She waved it off while I sat down, still feeling a bit bizarre in the flat. Obviously these people were loaded. I didn’t really know that rich people had hearts, but apparently Louis and Eleanor did.

Eleanor set a bowl of soup in front of me, along with a few dinner rolls. I looked at it all, feeling my stomach lurch slightly.

Of course, I ate it all.

Much to my dismay, Louis ended up walking in during this. He laughed and took a napkin and wiped my mouth. My cheeks were flaming when he finished. Why did he have to look so attractive while doing that?

“I’m glad El’s taking care of you,” he said proudly, kissing his girlfriend’s cheek. No wedding rings were in sight, I thought with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile. “She’s great.”

Eleanor blushed while Louis chuckled. “Why don’t you have your tea in your room? It’s getting really late, and I’m sure you’re exhausted.”

I obliged and thanked Eleanor one last time before Louis walked me to my “room”. I knew they weren’t taking me in permanently, obviously. They’d be stupid and guardian angels if they did that.

Louis actually came into the room with me. I became self-conscious of everything I did, but all he ended up doing was lean against the wall after shutting the door. Why did he shut the door? Even I still question that sometimes today.

“Harry, can we talk about something?” he asked.

The question that started it all.

I cleared my throat and nodded, sitting down on the bed awkwardly. He joined me after a moment of saying nothing. I shifted, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“What was it that you wanted to talk about?” I asked.

He looked down before meeting my eyes. God, his eyes were blue and… Ugh. “So I saw your sign,” he said finally.

Of course he did. “Oh.”

“So does that mean you’re a… a…?”

“Prostitute,” I finished, wringing my hands. “Do you want me to leave?”

“Of course not!” he shook his head violently. “Look, I… I… Maybe we could, erm, have a sort of agreement. You don’t seem like the type of lad to just take money from me with nothing in return.”

Actually, I was that type. When you’re homeless with nothing but your body and clothes on your back, you’d do anything and take anything.

I said nothing.

“So I was thinking…” he trailed off, his hand now on my thigh.

My breath hitched in my throat. He smirked knowingly, moving closer to me. I couldn’t just push him away; I needed the money, yeah, but there was something about him that intrigued me. Maybe I was just hormonal.

“Just tell me to stop and leave you alone,” he murmured, slowly moving to straddle me.

My heart was racing. Did this mean that he was gay? No, of course not. The very thought was stupid. He had a girlfriend that he loved. He only wanted me for one thing and one thing only.

“How much?”


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This is a great story! Would you please update?

omg, my friends and i love this story!! PLEASE UPDATE!

LarryLover4 LarryLover4

OMGGGGGG update I love ittt

We are commenting and we are subscribing so fucking update omg....

You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.

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