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His breath was ghosting along my lips, but instead of closing the space between us, he pulled away a few centimeters.

“Not now,” he said, sounding a bit disappointed. “Eleanor’s right outside. Another thing, she won’t know about this.”

“I’m not an idiot,” I mumbled, disappointed. But not about not getting it in with Louis. I was disappointed in the reason why he actually wanted to do this with me. He was a man. Men had desires.

“She’ll be asleep within an hour,” he said after a moment, looking hopeful. “Maybe then… Could we…?”

I frowned and shook my head. “Sorry, but I’m loud,” I told him bluntly. “She’d wake up in a heartbeat.”

He smirked, and it was then that I realized he was still straddling me. The heat was just radiating from his body and all I wanted to do was bring him even closer and crash my lips to his, letting him have his dirty way with me.

“It’s quite alright,” he whispered, his lips grazing against my ear. “I’ve been told that I’m verbal as well.”

By Eleanor, I wanted to add bitterly. But I didn’t want to ruin the moment, or the possible moments in the future that I could share with this man.

I swallowed hard and finally gained the confidence to murmur, “I’d love to find that out for myself.”

He moved one of his hands up to tangle his fingers into my hair, causing me to bite my lip. He moved in closer, my heartbeat accelerating from the close proximity.

“Have a good rest,” he finally whispered, pecking my lips softly before getting off my lap and walking out the door.

I sat there, dumbfounded and mystified. My hand raised to let my fingers lightly trace my lips, the same spot where his own had just touched. I didn’t care that it was for a second. Something just clicked into place when he kissed me.

After a few minutes of just replaying that moment in my head, I turned off the lamp and got under the sheets and just sighed. There was something about that man I couldn’t get enough of.

But then I remembered the reason why he kissed me.

He wanted a good fuck, and that was all.


feedback = more chapters! thanks for reading thus far!


This is a great story! Would you please update?

omg, my friends and i love this story!! PLEASE UPDATE!

LarryLover4 LarryLover4

OMGGGGGG update I love ittt

We are commenting and we are subscribing so fucking update omg....

You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.

Carrie Carrie