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A Month In Sin

04. The Drama Queen

I laid in bed staring at my left hand with furrowed eyebrows. Luke was beside me, his head on my shoulder, and he seemed to be processing it the same way I was.

“I tried to tell Niall those fireballs were a bad idea,” Luke groaned, and he rolled over out of bed to stand to his feet. For a moment, I stopped looking at my hand so I could look at him . . . my husband. Many women dreamed of being where I was, laying naked next to an equally naked Luke Hemmings, but we were a bit on the panicked side.

What had we just done last night?

Luke rubbed his hand over his eyes. “Isn’t there, like, some sort of twenty-four hour annulment process?”

I shrugged. “I don’t honestly know, but I don’t have time for any of that. Claire’s getting married today, and there’s still a lot of shit I have to do.”

“We’ll figure something out then,” Luke murmured. “I’m sorry about all this, Eri. I . . . I don’t
know how it all happened.”

With a tiny smirk, I rolled over towards him and watched as he stood from the bed and began sliding back into his clothes. “I do. Mix alcohol and hormones, and here we are.”

“I think it’s safe to blame Ori and Niall for this one,” he said, but he was smirking as well. “Didn’t they mention marriage when we were leaving the bar?”

I fell over laughing at the memory of the two of them, completely and totally wasted. They were able to act perfectly sober at the wedding chapel, mind you, but they were far from it. As we were stumbling out of the bar, Ori gasped and turned to Niall.

“I made a promise to never have sex before I was married.”

Niall got all wide eyed as he looked to her, and he was in agreement. “I said the same thing! So that means there’s only one solution.”

Maybe that was how we all got there. Luke and I went to be witnesses for the two, and somehow, we came out the same way they did . . . hitched.

Luke still wasn’t wearing a shirt when he made his way across the room to find his phone. “I should probably let the other three know we’re alright, at least.”

“Did they end up back at his hotel room, or my house?”

Luke looked a bit puzzled now as he tried to remember, but honestly, we were too wrapped up in each other to listen to whatever they had to say about the matter. “You know, I honestly don’t remember.” He looked around us now, and his lips pressed together. “Well, I guess I could go next door and check. I didn’t realize we ended up back here either, to be honest.”

I sat up and nodded. “Are they the room next door? I’ve gotta—”

A loud scream, muffled greatly by the wall, cut me off mid-sentence. What was originally quite alarming turned into something far less serious as Luke began laughing.

I recognized the scream to be Ori’s after the panic eased, and if she was screaming . . . that means she just found out.

The two of us scrambled into the rest of our clothes—I hated having to put that damned dress on again, but I couldn’t wear his clothes. He was a lot taller than me—and hurried out the door.

We weren’t the only ones standing outside of Niall’s hotel room door, but we were the only ones who weren’t in a state of shock.

Michael and Ashton were there, and their eyes were about to pop out of their heads when they saw me stumble up behind Luke.

Luke knocked on the door and then grimaced. “Fucking alcohol. Remind me to never drink again?”

I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me, but I liked to think that he was. If he was, he was referring to the rest of his life . . . and telling me to remind him.

That was silly, though, wasn’t it?

At the sound of something crashing inside the room, I almost panicked, but a very panicked Calum distracted me. The lad came running out of his room in socks and a pair of underwear, his messy black hair looking as if he had had an adventurous night of his own, but he was half-asleep and unsure what the noise was.

It was kinda frightening because I wasn’t sure either.

“What the—wait a second!” he exclaimed, and his eyes were wide when they met mine. “You’re that chick that bruised Luke’s leg!”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Hey, now. Watch how you talk to my wife. And could you not shout? I have a massive hangover, thanks.”

Calum wasn’t the only one surprised by the new revelation, but I gave them all a pleasant smile and waved my left hand. They were still beyond words, so while Luke tried to figure out how to get the door open, I just let the news simmer in their brains.

“Remind me of your name again?” Ashton finally asked, but I could still see he wasn’t all that calm.

I glanced at him briefly before looking back to Luke and the door. “My name? Eris.”

“And why are we breaking into Niall’s room exactly?” Michael asked, now able to process things a bit. His eyes were on Luke, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me as well.

So I answered. “My sister’s in there . . . and she tends to freak out if situations aren’t completely in her control. Which is why she doesn’t drink much.”

Luke glanced back at me and laughed. “You’re horrible.”

“I tried to tell you.”

He rolled his eyes and looked back to the door. “Well, unless one of those two fuckers open their door, I don’t see how we’re—”

I cut Luke off when I kicked at the doorknob with my barefoot. It hurt like hell, and it took a few solid kicks to actually break the knob, but I got it.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Luke hissed. “You can’t just break the door down!”

I scoffed. “There’s a lot shit you don’t know about me, hun, and fun fact? This is one of my daddy’s hotels. I’ll just explain it to him, and he’ll take care of it.”

Luke’s eyes grew wide as I managed to break the knob, and with it broken, I kicked the door wide open. Calum, Michael, and Ashton stood back in the hallway with various expressions of surprise at the sight of my mostly naked sister, covered only by the sheets from the bed, but I was here to save the day.

Her face was bright red and stained with tears, but that all changed when I smirked at her. The tears changed into a very angry scowl, and I didn’t even have to say anything to ease her stress.

“Now, Mrs. Horan, this is an unusual occurrence.”

At the sound of that, she began squalling all over again, and Luke immediately put his hands over his ears and looked towards the ceiling.

“Just fucking kill me.”

When Niall ran into view, his eyes were wide. “What the fuck? When did you—well hey guys. Care to witness everything unravel? It’s about to happen.”

Luke snorted. “Don’t worry about it, Niall. It’s gonna be fine. We’ll figure all this shit out.”

“After our sister’s wedding,” I input, and while Luke nodded, Niall looked anything but pleased about that. “Sorry, but we have to be there in . . .” I looked at the clock on the wall, and my eyes widened. “Shit! Twenty minutes!”

Ori let out another squeak and ran into the bathroom. “Mom tried to call me eight times!”

I began rubbing the back of my neck and looked to Luke. “So, here’s a rather lame question. You wanna come with me? It’s gonna be a huge party afterwards.”

Luke laughed. “Alright, but I don’t want you thinking I just get drunk and party every night.”

I smirked. “Of course not. Just last night, right?”

Luke shrugged. “Turned out pretty good anyways.”

“Good?” Niall scoffed. “How is this good? Do you realize what the fans are going to do or think? Luke, this is crazy!”

“I needed some excitement in my life,” Luke said, and he shrugged his shoulders again. His eyes never left me, however, and instead, they began shining. “Didn’t think I’d actually find it in Vegas.”

Michael laughed from behind him. “Well, you’re married now. There goes all chance of

“That’s true,” I nodded, and I gave Luke a playful smirk. “Now that we’re married, I demand that you spend every waking moment of your life with me, and when you’re not with me, I’m going to call you and text you a million times because you’re probably cheating on me, and—”

Luke was laughing before he cut me off, but he cut me off before I could continue with the cheating thing. “Alright, Eri. I’m just gonna stop you right there and remind you how we met. I saw what you did because of that fucker. Even if I wanted to cheat on you—which, for the record, I think that’s completely wrong—I would be too fucking scared.”

Niall rolled his eyes. “Well, nice to see you two aren’t taking this seriously. Good to fucking know.”

It was kinda hard to not let myself get excited about all that had went down. Not in the horny kind of way, the happy kind of way. I ended up married to Luke Hemmings, and while it was sudden and a bit out of nowhere, it had already ended up being the best night of my life—even before the awesome sex.

I had never felt more alive, never felt so . . . not alone. A person I knew practically nothing about, besides what you read on the Internet, had made me feel the best I ever had.

It was a bit hard to remember that it would all be over soon. We’d divorce, go our separate ways, and we’d probably never speak again. And that would be that.

Until then, however . . . not feeling alone was nice.


The lyrics are from That Girl (Drama Queen) by Lindsey Lohan. From the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Anyways . . . sorry it's been so long! I've been super busy, working a lot now. Either way, hope you guys enjoy. :) My sister's chapter is up next, and I'm pretty sure she's got it done. I just have to edit it. x3

Let us know what you think. :)


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