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A Month In Sin

03. Waking Up

My eyes opened up to see a bare white wall, but something on my hand caught my attention.
I looked and saw a cheap gold band resting on my left ring finger.

When my eyes opened, I didn’t actually have any idea where I was. That didn’t really register in my mind for long as my eyes fully opened and took in my surroundings.

Like the ring on my left hand?

My eyes shot wide open, and I jumped out of the bed, screaming as I took all of the covers with me to wrap my body in it.

I wasn’t the only one naked in the bed. Niall Horan was now sitting straight up, body as empty of clothes as mine. As he was jerked awake, his eyes widened.

“What’s wrong? Who died?” he asked, looking around the room in alarm.

My heart rate drastically increased in a single instant. “We’re married!”

“Calm down,” Niall said, and he stood from the bed so he could slide into his underwear.

“Calm down?” I gasped, and I clutched the covers tighter against my body as tears began falling down my face. “I can’t calm down! I don’t get drunk! I don’t party! I don’t have sex with random strangers! I fan girl over you! I go on Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr! I don’t go to bars or parties!”

“I’m not a random stranger if you fan girl over me.”

“You aren’t helping!” I exclaimed.

Niall immediately backed away from me.

My eyes widened as thoughts kept flooding my head. “My parents are going to kill me!” I then looked at him. “Your management is gonna kill you! What if they fire you? Oh my gosh! I might get you fired! Then your fans are going to kill me!”

The thought alone made the tears come faster, and my heart began racing even faster than it already was. My voice caught in my throat. I could no longer voice my concern, but I had them. All these “what ifs” filling my head.

I was tempted to call Eris, but I couldn’t speak anyways. I was literally crying too hard. Right now, I was too frazzled to just cry, so I was pacing the floor and grabbing at my hair with the hand that wasn’t holding the sheets up as well. To Niall, I probably looked crazy, but it was fitting. I felt crazy.

“I can’t possibly think of a way the fans are going to like this,” Niall said. When I looked at him now, he had his hands tangled in his hair as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Yet another realization to add to my plate of misery . . . I was going to get so much hate. Not from the fans, but from the people who called themselves fans to try and get with the boys.
The ones that didn’t care about their music or feelings, they just wanted the boys, in their beds.

As I continued pacing, I hit a bedside table, knocking it over. The lamp that was on the table shattered on impact, and that only made things worse.

I was messily cleaning it up when I felt a sharp pain on my hand. I hissed in pain, seeing the crimson liquid fall down my hand onto the carpet. Feeling dizzy at the sight of blood, I looked at the bed that now didn’t hold Niall, as he was pacing the living room. I slowly stood up and wobbled into the kitchen, looking for something I could use to stop the bleeding. It was difficult to see through the tears that were still just flowing, though.

Supporting myself with the bottom of my hand, I dug through the drawers and cabinets. I cursed when there were no Band-Aids.

Of course Dad didn’t listen to me. It only made sense for him to put them in the rooms of his hotel casinos for klutzy people—like Eris. His own daughter.

I jumped when I heard the hotel room door slam open. At first, I was terrified that it might be one of Daddy’s body guards, but it wasn’t a body guard at all.

I saw Eris and Luke enter the room while Michael, Ashton, and Calum stood at the doorway, staring at one thing—me.


Hi, everyone! Fluffy_Gru here! :D So, I wrote most of this chapter and my lovely sister expanded and edited it. :)
The description is Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry.
I hope you all like it! :)
Just let us know what you guys think! Thanks! Bye!


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