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A Month In Sin

30. Los Angeles

The first time I woke up to Luke’s lips moving across the private skin of my body, across every piece of naked flesh he could find, it scared me. It had happened one of the first few nights into this thirty day adventure, and it had scared the actual hell out of me to be so used to waking up alone, only to wake up to someone kissing me that way.

I had definitely gotten used to it, though. I was so used to it, in fact, that I dreaded the possibility of never being woken up that way again.

There was a smile on my lips before I even opened my eyes, and Luke was so busy kissing across my stomach that he couldn’t have noticed. I reached my arms above my head, to fully stretch my body out, but that just took him to a new level.

His hand slid along the curve of my back, pressing me closer to him, and his kisses became more frequent, moving all the way up to kiss along the length of my neck.

I knotted my fingers in the locks of his dirty blonde hair and closed my eyes. “So is this how we’re gonna spend our final day together?”

“Tempting,” he murmured, and his breath against my skin was warm, bringing to life the nerves beneath the skin in the best of ways. “I think we should actually get out of bed, however, and explore LA a bit.”

“Here I am, throwing my body your way—”

He cut me off with a kiss, placed against my lips to silence my words. “Please don’t remind me what I’m doing, baby.”

I watched him stand up and cross the room, over towards the dresser closest to the bathroom. “You don’t wanna have sex all day?”

“No, I do,” he assured me. “This is very hard for me to say no to, believe me. I just think we should explore LA. We should spend our last day together, just the two of us, doing something more. Let me show you LA.”

I started to sit up, but Luke lost his control a bit. I didn’t know what it was that made him so eager, but he was suddenly climbing back on top of me. Instead of his lips tasting pieces of my skin, his eyes devoured every single part of me, as if it was the most beautiful and delicious thing in the world.

“Have I ever told you that I adore every single inch of your skin?” His lips began moving down my stomach again, towards the tops of my thighs, and I felt the smirk forming. “Even the freckle on your lips.”

I felt my face scrunching. “I don’t have a freckle on my—”

It occurred to me, however, as his eyes deviously flickered up to stare into mine, that he wasn’t talking about the lips that everyone could see.

“No way!”

He laughed, and the warmth of his breath tickled against the skin of my inner thigh. “I would show you, but there’s something I’d rather do instead.”

I didn’t have to ask what he meant, with his eyes burning the room down around us, but he grabbed onto my hips and flipped me over onto my stomach.

One hand moved across the curves of my backside while the other prepared him for the moment to come—the beautiful, albeit sweaty, and passionate moment to come.

It wasn’t the first time that Luke didn’t use a condom right away, but it was the first time he almost forgot to stop and put one on.

After that, Luke was so back and forth about what he wanted to do. On one hand, he wanted to show me Los Angeles, but on the other . . . .

Maybe it was because we were young and free, but sex was that good for us. It might change down the road, or we might go our separate ways, but intimate moments with Luke were connecting, in a way I struggled to understand.

It wasn’t just about fucking him and feeling good. It was about connecting with him, looking him in the eye as he felt the rush of everything that we had never really experienced before. I wasn’t his first, but that didn’t mean everything wasn’t different for him.

We hadn’t known each other more than a month, but there was a deep connection, one that neither of us could really deny. We hadn’t openly talked about it yet, and I knew it was inevitable, but one way or another, there would always be a Luke imprint on my heart. Whether it was scar tissue or the void he continued to fill inside, every single day I spent around him, I believed more and more in the idea of soulmates.

It was crazy, and I knew no one would believe me if I said it out-loud. There were three people in the world who could look at me and understand what I was trying to communicate without actually saying the words out-loud, and I shared the womb with two of them.

The other? I hadn’t even met the man a month ago, and sometimes, it was like words weren’t even necessary. We were just connected, in a way I couldn’t explain if I spent hours trying to find a way to.

Those were the thoughts going through my mind as the two of us showered and got ready for the day Luke had planned. He wasn’t saying much, and I knew it was because his thoughts were on the same things mine were.

What were we gonna say when it came time to face this?

The first place Luke took me was his favorite coffee shop. It wasn’t Starbucks or anything fancy, but it was a little place on a busy street corner. Family owned, their coffee was ridiculously good. The white chocolate frappe they had there was hands down the best I’d ever had.

It wasn’t the glitter coffee that Luke had gotten me for Christmas, but it was hands down the best coffee I’d ever gotten.

I didn’t really know much about life in Los Angeles. I lived in Las Vegas, so I knew what it was like to live in a massive city. The people you passed on the street, you would probably never see again, even if they lived there, too.

There was something alive in the air, though. It was a feeling I had never quite been able to explain, whenever I tried to describe one of my favorite things about living in Las Vegas. Aside from the life, there was the bitter emptiness when watching people pass you by without even sharing a glance. There was ice in the interactions between strangers, but maybe that was just the world these days.

I had found a way to find the good in people back home in Las Vegas. If we decided to do this and this became my home, maybe I could do the same here. Life was so empty and dark for a lot of people that sometimes, the only way to reconnect us with the light inside of ourselves—the light that was somewhere buried inside of everyone—was to show acts of kindness, even knowing no one would ever thank you or repay you for it. I didn’t do anything for any of that, and because of that, I got all the appreciation I ever needed in simply observing.

I watched a mother sob, tears of absolute joy, when her son came out with new shoes on, shoes that fit and didn’t have holes in the toes. He came out, ate a full meal, and they were happy.

That was the things that got me through my days most times. It didn’t help the loneliness I felt inside, but it helped me get up every morning. Most mornings anyways.

Los Angeles was a lot like Las Vegas in that sense. There was life, but was it really life?

There was a lot of fascinating things to see in the city, though. It was amazing because Luke had once been in my shoes. He had lived in Australia most of his life, and then he lived in London. Coming to Los Angeles and getting a chance to explore the other side of the world, a completely new and massive place, was mind blowing.

I lived in Las Vegas, and I had never been out of Las Vegas. The road trips and flights had taken us so many places, but we weren’t just here for a single night. We were free to explore the city.

Since he now lived here, and since he had once been an awed tourist, he knew exactly what to show me. He knew the things that were wondrous, and he knew the things that would blow my mind how they had once blown his.

There was history. There was culture. There was fashion just about anywhere you turned, and it was an amazing thing to experience. Even if this wasn’t my home, I was glad that I could always say I had been here and really seen the place.

We were walking out of a theater, which we had been able to explore and tour a little bit to see the historical architecture of the building. It was sometimes marvelous to think about how things were built, without modern technology.

It was when we stepped out of the theater that we almost ran right into someone—two someones actually. They weren’t just any other person, and there was actual life in their eyes at the sight of the two of us in front of them.

There was joy, a clear connection to the light inside. I knew their excitement was recognition of the man standing beside me, but it was still nice to see.

“Oh my God!”

Luke’s smile was as vibrant as I felt on the inside, and I hoped it showed on my own. “Hi.”

“Luke and Eris.” The girl fanned her face quickly. “This was not what I expected to happen today!”

“Yes, sorry,” Luke murmured, and his gaze moved over to me. The smirk that twisted his smile a bit was damn appealing, in the best of ways. “My wife’s a bit clumsy. Sorry about almost bumping into you.”

“Excuse me, but I didn’t wear heels for a reason today,” I said.

He looked down to my feet. “Yes you did. There are heels on those.”

I let out a breath. “Fine. Skinny heels then.”

“I’ll give you that one.” Luke turned back to the women and smirked brighter. “Consider yourselves lucky. Had she had on skinny heels, she might’ve actually plowed you to the ground. Also, she’s not angry right now.”

My face scrunched. “Keep talking, boy, and you’ll see it.”

Luke’s only response to that was to laugh, and the girls in front of us just stood with wide eyes that didn’t compare to the lengths of their smiles. “Sorry. We get a bit carried away sometimes. Calum actually says we’re quite rude around other people. What are your names?”

“I’m Sarah!” the one who had originally spoken squeaked.

The other beside her, with a long red braid stretching down the lengths of her chest, blinked rapidly. “I’m Anna.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you,” Luke said.

Sarah gulped down a huge breath of air. “We’re gonna be at the Ellen show tomorrow! I have been rooting for you guys from the actual first day you announced it. You’re totally adorable together, and I hope you stay together. It would be amazing!”

I didn’t think I would see his smile widen, with all the uncertainty still in the air, but it did. His eyes brightened more, and he was genuinely happy to hear someone say this to him.

A fan who had rooted for us from day one? That had to be rare.

Anna gave us a much more sheepish smile. “I won’t lie. I was skeptical until I saw the picture Mikey posted a couple days later. That was all it took.”

Luke remembered that picture immediately, and he laughed. “Well, she is a very good snuggler. She’s so warm and soft, and she always smells so good. It’s unreal, seriously.”

The guys had been bugging us about hiding out in our rooms, so we all went to Ashton’s room to watch a movie together. It was their way of getting to know me more without being obnoxious about it, but it had been a good time. I opened up more, and it took us two hours to even start the movie.

During the movie, though, I found myself curling into Luke. We were watching it, and he kept telling me things about the movie before they happened. It completely ruined the movie, and
I was so annoyed, yet in his arms, cuddling like we were, it was hard to remember that I wanted to be irritated.

Michael had taken a picture, and he posted it immediately with the hashtag, “marriedlife.”

Any time he posted pictures after that, he used that hashtag, and any pictures fans got of us any point during the tours or shows, they put that hashtag. There weren’t many, as we usually kept to the tour bus or our hotel rooms, but there were some. I got to see a lot of them, the good and the bad, and it was a good experience for me.

If nothing else came from all of this, I had grown so much as a person in thirty days. I could always remember that.

Sarah held up her phone, adorning a Luke phone case with pride, and she visibly swallowed. “We don’t wanna bug you guys, but is there any way we can get a picture with you?”

“I will gladly take your picture if he doesn’t mind standing there and looking pretty.”

Luke smirked over at me and stepped forward, to put himself between the two women. “I would love to take a picture.”

They perfectly stood beside Luke, who put his arms around their shoulders in the proper way to interact with fans. It wasn’t too low to be sketch, but it wasn’t uncomfortably high up either.

The smiles I got were beautiful, all around, and after taking a few different shots, to ensure they had the perfect one, I handed Sarah her phone back. “One on each phone, or is that good?”

“She can just send it to me later,” Anna disagreed. “I would love a picture of the two of you, though, if that’s okay. You two are seriously goals.”

“That is rather fascinating,” Luke informed me, but his smile grew ten sizes at the mention of taking a picture with me. Or maybe it was because we were their goal relationship? I didn’t know, and it was hard to tell. I liked the idea of it, but with my brain so scrambled in fear and uncertainty, it was hard to say. “Eri, love, would you like to take a picture?”

“I guess,” I said, but the smile gave away the truth of it all. Would I like to take a picture with Luke that would surely be easy to track down on the Internet later? Sure. “You two have to tell me your Twitter or Instagram names so I can follow you and find it later.”

Luke stepped around them and draped his arm lazily over my shoulder. “That is a good point.”

They were in tears at this point, and I imagined it was because Luke implied he would do the same. I remembered a time in my life where getting followed by a member of One Direction would’ve made me smile more than anything else could, Niall specifically.

And now my sister was married to him, and I was married to Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer. The way that life changes sometimes was hard to wrap my head around, but it was a wild and beautiful change that I was more than happy to embrace.

Luke stood a couple steps away from me, and I glared up at him. “You could pretend that you like me.”

“Oh, you mean like this?”

He reached over to wrap his arms around my waist, pulling me against him so quickly that I actually fell. He was there to catch me, and the warmth of his eyes was beyond just affection. To have my body against his, he thoughts were growing dirtier by the second.

His teeth scraped across the bottom of his lip, and he felt me struggling to breathe at this point. I was so close to him that he had to notice, and his smile only grew. He knew he could make me breathless, made me feel things that I would probably never feel with anyone else, and he liked to revel in that sometimes.

His eyes told me that this was one of those times, but the smile told the story of a happy man. He was happy to be beside me, with me in his arms and close to him this way.

Everything inside might be ignited with passion and the naughtier feelings inside, but it only showed through the windows to his soul—those beautiful blue windows.

The girls swooned at the sight of him smiling the way he was, and he kept his arms around my waist. I pulled my head far enough back from his chest that my hair wasn’t all scrunched up against him, and the smile I wore had never felt so real before, not before him anyways.

Anna tapped her finger against the screen a few separate times, the same way that I had done for Sarah, and then it dropped back down, to her side.

There were tears in their eyes, and their smiles were the life I wanted to see more of in this place. It was the best part of Los Angeles to me.

I just hoped it was a good picture because it would be one of the best memories I could carry with me if this ended.


The lyrics are from the song If Our Love is Wrong by Calum Scott.

Okay, so my sister usually edits and then posts chapters, but she hasn't done this one yet. So sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or typos. Idk what's taking her so long, but I figured two months is long enough. :)

Here it is! Let us know what you think.


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