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A Month In Sin

29. New Year Balls

Everything had changed Christmas night. Niall noticed it as well, but I loved it. This past week in Ireland, the only time Niall wasn’t touching me was when we watched Theo and he had no choice, so he could his chase his nephew through the house. Ireland was probably the best thing to happen for us, even if Eris said that spending that many days not alone was cheating.
As much as I loved Ireland and meeting everyone Niall cared about, seeing Niall’s hometown, and everything that took place in Ireland, I was so excited to step off the plane to the snippy Vegas weather. It didn’t feel as cold as it would have if I hadn’t just arrived from a place where the temperature was rarely above freezing. I hated leaving it, especially us having to leave early to make it for the ball.
“So, this charity ball we’re attending? Why are ya so important to it?” Niall asked as we walked through the building.
I looked at him with a soft smile.
“I make an appearance every year. It’s a way for a bunch of little girls and boys, as well as teenagers, to start off another hard year with a night to just pretend like they aren’t sick. I started coming at first to see where my money was going, but after that I started coming to see the people that attend it. They all have been through so much. This is sort of like the Believe in Magic Ball that Louis and Liam attended, but it’s not aimed at just young children and it isn’t aimed just at the terminally ill. It’s for anyone who has cancer,” I explained as we walked towards the airport exit with our hands intertwined.
My bodyguards inched closer. While Dad didn’t think the threat was big enough to flee the city, there was still a potential threat and our bodyguards didn’t take threats lightly. I grew nervous as we grabbed our bags, starting our way towards the door. Niall wrapped his arm around my waist, making me snuggle closer into his side.
I saw the guy who had been my security guard since I could remember glare at him. I just rolled my eyes and flipped him off with my left ring finger, where that gold band rested on my finger. Following this Vegas trip, Niall and I would be driving straight to Los Angeles. We were due on Ellen in two days’ time. We were staying at my parent’s house during our stay in Vegas.
“I should really invest in getting a house in Vegas as much as I come here,” Niall said, making my heart flutter at the thought.
Is he insinuating that he wants me to stay?
On the car ride, Niall put his arm around me behind me, so I pulled my legs on the seat and snuggled into him like I would if we were on the couch. I scrolled through Twitter, looking at the fans’ reactions to us being ‘cozy’ at the airport.
One comment made me smile:
If they don’t stay married, I will lose all hope in love. Everyone is busy being focused on Niall protecting her to realize that she’s wearing her ring.
I laid my head on Niall’s shoulder.
“So, what’s the plan love?”
“We’re going to get changed into our formal wear before the limo comes to get us at 6:45. We should arrive at the venue at 7. We’ll walk the carpet that everyone walks.”
“Everyone walks the carpet?”
“Yep. Sponsors, celebrities that come, the ones that the fundraiser is for, and the family that started it in memory of their son.”
We arrived at my house shortly after. Seeing my mother standing outside our front door made me jump out of the car and run towards her, pulling her into a hug. I had missed her like crazy. After hugging her, I looked to see Dad and Elys. I hugged them just as tightly.
“I missed you guys,” I said.
“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey, Elys,” Niall said, the bags in his hand.
You could tell that Niall was nervous. He knew that my father didn’t like the situation. He also knew that between him and Claire’s father-in-law, we owned Vegas and therefore could get rid of him easily.
“Oh, Niall, no more formalities. You’re family… unless you haven’t decided?” she asked, looking between the both of us.
“You’ll be one of the firsts to know, Mom,” I said, making her nod.
“What are your plans for Vegas?”
“Charity event tonight, leave tomorrow morning. We have Ellen in two days.”
“Life already picking up?”
“Yep. Our month is over.”
Niall and I walked up the stairs to place our bags down. When Niall went towards the guest room, I placed my hand on his arm.
“Sick of me already?” I asked, making his eyes widen.
“I just didn’t think you would want-”
“I mean, we slept together the last week in Ireland. Might as well. Come on,” I said, throwing my head towards my bedroom.
We placed our bags down in the comfort of my old bedroom. Nothing about the room had changed, just everything about the situation had.
Niall wrapped his arms around my waist, smiling.
“Now what are we going to do? We can’t walk around the house in our pajamas while we karaoke to old One Direction songs.”
I laughed and shook my head as the memory of that night filled my head.
“We are going to get ready, dear. We have my charity event to attend,” I said.
He kissed my nose, making me scrunch it.
“I will see you later, love. Your stylist will be here shortly.”
“She is actually already here!” I heard from the door.
“Rebecca! Hey! Oh my gosh! It’s been forever!”
Rebecca smiled and looked at me with raised eyebrows as Niall left the room to get ready.
“So, you going to explain that ring on your left hand?”
“I’m… um… married?” I said, flashing my ring.
“And I didn’t do your hair? I feel hurt!”
“I was drunk… extremely drunk.”
“Wait. Ori Hennessy got drunk?”
“Long story. Let’s just get me ready for tonight and I’ll tell it to you,” I said.
So, we did. We talked, laughed, and caught up with each other. I learned that she and her boyfriend of four years had finally gotten engaged. I was honored to be asked to be their wedding planner.
I was dressed in a gorgeous blue floor-length dress that was halter. The top of it had a beautiful white design on it that added to its charm. I had paired it with white heels that buckled around the ankle. I took the necklace that Niall gave me for Christmas off due to it being a halter. My nails were a sparkly, white French-tip, which drew attention to the wedding ring resting on my finger.
My favorite was my eyes. She had put a white base, but added silver sparkles to it and a black wing. My hair was curled before being braided into a thick, crown with some of it falling down my back.
I was ready at 6:30, giving me 15 minutes before the limo arrived.
“Alright, go get that hubby of yours,” she said as I walked out of the bathroom and my bedroom.
When I walked down the stairs, I held my dress up as I walked so I wouldn’t fall.
What I saw waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs made my heart stop.
God, I hope we stay married.
Was I a hopeless romantic? Definitely, but when you drunkenly married Niall Horan, you want your fairytale ending, well, in my case. You want the ending of almost every fan-fiction out there.
Niall’s suit was dashing, and somehow, we had matched our outfits.
“Did you coordinate this?” I asked with a smile on my face.
He laughed and shook his head.
“Just luck of da Irish.”
I couldn’t help but notice after our time in Ireland, Niall’s accent had gotten thicker.
We arrived at the venue at exactly 7 o’clock, and the night went off without a hitch.
Once it was over, I was utterly exhausted. Between the time change, and the 14-hour flight all I wanted to do was sleep.
“Hey, love. What time are we leaving tomorrow morning?”
“You’re driving,” I mumbled as I laid my head on Niall’s shoulder.
I felt his chuckle, making me smile.
“You and Eris got plans?”
“Yeah. We got catching up to do. We’re calling it ignore our husbands’ day,” I said, smiling.
It didn’t take us long to arrive home. I stepped out of the limo and jumped on Niall’s back. With my heels in my hand, he carried me inside and up to my room.
“How did I get so lucky?” I mumbled as he walked up the stairs, my head resting against his shoulder.
“I could ask the same thing,” he said, making me smile as I looked at him.
I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed into a tank top and pink pajama pants. When I stepped out of the bathroom, Niall was already laying in the bed flicking through the channels. I lifted the covers and slipped in them. Niall pulled me into his side and I laid my head on his chest as the TV flicked through the darkened room.
That night, I fell asleep peacefully with the hope of never having to let this amazing man go.


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to give you guys this chapter. I have had this chapter written for MONTHS and just have been editing it as the story progressed. It seems weird for this chapter to be published now, because we are getting closer to the end. Okay, I said that this story was looking at 35 chapters? Yeah. No. My sister just finished the outline for this story and we're looking at 39 chapters and an epilogue. :D
After the epilogue, there will be a sequel, which we have so many plans for, and we are so excited about. :D
Let me know what you think of this chapter! We love you guys!
Also, the description is from 1, 2, 3, 4 by the Plain White T's.


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