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A Month In Sin

28. Day One to Day Two

“This is your home now, Rosemary.”

I hadn’t taken my eyes off the place since Luke had driven into the steep driveway of the modern styled home. Large houses weren’t new to me, for obvious reasons, but this style of home was.

My eyes wandered around the large, open living room, which was just inside the bright red front door. The ceilings were as tall as the house, with the second and third floors wrapping around the sides of the room, hanging above the kitchen side of the spacious room.

The only wall separating the living room and kitchen was on the far end of the rooms, with a massive cut out that acted like a window. They might as well not have put the wall in at all.

Everything was white, beyond bright, with the hard concrete floors a much darker color. It kept the home rather cool, and I hated it already.

Then again, they invented heating inside the home for a reason.

I didn’t let myself get lost in the view outside the massive windows across the living room, as it looked over the trees behind the home that extended out towards vast forests, things I didn’t even realize existed in Los Angeles. Then again, I didn’t know much about the place.

Luke stepped behind me, placing an arm on my shoulder to help slide the strap of the duffel bag off, and it fell next to my feet with a loud smack against the concrete floor. There was still a suitcase in the SUV, but I could get it later. I didn’t need it just yet.

His hand melted into my shoulder, through the sleeve, and he took a slow and steady breath. “Make yourself comfortable, Eri.”

I wanted to let the moment continue, to get lost in it, but I had to laugh at what he said. I turned back to face him, barely remembering to look out for Rosemary at my feet. She wasn’t at my feet, however, instead exploring the massive home around her.

“I’m pretty sure the first thing you learned about me was how good I am at making myself comfortable.”

“That is true.” His eyes weren’t focused on my face, however, instead roaming all across me as his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to his toned body. I watched his tongue slide across his lips, moistening them, readying them. “Before we get to other more entertaining things, would you like me to make you some food? I haven’t forgotten how horrible you are at cooking.”

I glared at him. “Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to tell your wife that she sucks at cooking?”

“Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to lie to your spouse, no matter how hard the truth is to hear?”

“Touché.” I stepped out of his arms and bent down to grab the bag from the ground, ignoring the tightness in my stomach that came from, you know, being so hungry that it was borderline cruel. “I guess food sounds good. The McDonald’s has long worn off.”

Though I wasn’t in his arms, that didn’t mean he couldn’t lean down to press his lips against mine. With every sensual movement he had made thus far, I expected something more fiery and passionate, but it was just a delicate kiss, placed on the lips of a lover.

It took my breath away regardless.

I loved seeing the smile grow across his face, absent of a lip ring with a simple hole trying to recover from where it had been. There hadn’t been nearly enough time for it to close up, but he had decided now that he would let it close. He wouldn’t worry himself with it anymore.

Something about the way he looked without it . . . it was hot. I won’t lie, but to see nothing but Luke, without lip rings or a stylist to make sure he looked just so . . . this was the Luke I had fallen in love with, the one whose endless blue eyes could stare right through me. Every feature of his face was soft, in the way that face shapes could be, which was a complete contrast from Ben’s sculpted jawline and harder features.

He was soft, warm, and I absolutely didn’t want to go a day without seeing that face staring back at me.

I might have to, though.

“Look around a bit,” he murmured, and he scraped his teeth along his bottom lip. “I’ll figure something out. The bedroom’s on the top floor.”


The part of the living room that had a wall separating it from the kitchen—if you could even call it that—was on the opposite side of the room from the staircase, leading up towards the upper floors of the home. The railings fit with the modern styling of the house, six white metal bars placed close enough together that some drunken idiot couldn’t get their head stuck in between them.

Or a child, I suppose.

Before walking up the staircase, I reached down to scoop up Rosemary. With the bag on my shoulders, I didn’t bother looking around just yet. I could do that any other time. Right now, I wanted to set my bag down and take a moment to breathe, to take in the fact that I was here.

Not even a month ago, I was putting Luke Hemmings cases on my shitty iPhone, and today, I was his wife, staying in his Los Angeles home.

Life was crazy, but it was my life. It was what my life had become somehow. I went from hiding in the shadows, to living life under intense protection, to being known by many, simply because I was married to Luke Hemmings after a rather crazy situation.

One thing I could be grateful for was the fact that 5 Seconds of Summer’s fan base wasn’t quite as intense as One Direction’s. It made things more difficult as far as protecting Ori, but the fans seemed to like her, the more time that went on and the more Instagram pictures they saw of the two of them.

The second floor had rooms, but Luke had mentioned the top floor. I didn’t stop and observe until I found the master bedroom.

It was on the top floor, just to the left of the stairs. Through the windows in the hall, I could see a patio just outside, and as I stepped into the very white bedroom, I saw it, the doors that led out to that patio.

There wasn’t much as far as furniture went, just a large bed and a leather seat that was designed to be permanently reclined. In the far corner, near where I assumed the closet entrance was, was a guitar, resting on a little stand to hold it up.

I imagined he probably had a writing room, maybe somewhere on the second floor, but keeping a guitar close by had to come in handy with his creative mind.

They had one on the tour bus as well, two actually.

After setting my bag near the closet, out of the way, I placed Rosemary on the bed and plopped down beside her. She was pretty excited to have me focusing on her, to have me near her while she also had a bit of free roam, and I began scratching behind her ears, allowing my smile to widen at the sight of her little bob tail wagging so hard it shook her entire backside.

“Get comfortable, Rose.” I leaned down to kiss the top of her head. “No matter what happens, this is your home, and I promise that you will be loved for the entirety of your life here.”

Sometimes, I wondered if dogs could understand the things that humans said. It was silly to think so, but I had seen dogs respond to the words said to them in a perfect way, as if they did understand.

Maybe it was the way I had said the words that had Rosemary yelping in excitement, bouncing around with her butt shaking in unison with her tail more frantically, but it was a nice thought to know that she could understand me.

I was so focused on her that I barely even noticed Luke coming into the room. Had he not been in the middle of hanging up the phone, I might not have, but I heard him thanking whoever he was on the phone with and hanging up, tossing it onto the bed past Rosemary.

She jumped at the sight of movement, jumped all the way across the bed to pounce onto his phone, and that got us both laughing. She didn’t even seem to notice, as she was so focused on figuring out what the phone was and why it wasn’t moving anymore, but that didn’t stop Luke from coming to stand beside me, in front of me.

“It didn’t occur to me that I’ve been on tour and have nothing to cook until I opened my refrigerator.” He tucked some curls that had fallen out of the ponytail behind my ear, giving him a better view of my face. “I ordered us some Chinese food instead.”

“Sounds good.”

His arms snaked around my waist, and for the time, I forgot all about food. Though my stomach was tight with hunger, there was a different kind of hunger taking over the rest of my body, bringing warmth within that I had only ever truly experienced with Luke.

“We only have twenty minutes,” he murmured just moments before grabbing onto my lips with his. While it was a bit of a downer, to have a time limit, I didn’t let it stop me from getting into the kiss, from letting my lips move against his familiar ones as if they had known one another forever.

Not forever. Just a month.

He slid my zip-up hoodie from my shoulders, not caring much about where it landed, and I helped the process by kicking off the boots I wore. They weren’t fuzzy, as we were in Los Angeles where I was almost certain it never got cold, but they were easy enough to slide out of with only my feet.

He even went so far as to rip the loose tee from my body, leaving me in nothing more than the camisole that I wore underneath and the skinny jeans I wore.

I lost my balance when he pulled the shirt over my head, but he didn’t grab onto me like he normally might have. It might’ve had something to do with the fact that he wanted me to fall back the way that I was, onto the bed in front of him.

He didn’t hesitate to lean towards me, to get himself closer, and his lips immediately began a blazing trail across my skin. Down the length of my neck and across the tops of my shoulder, he only pulled away to look towards Rosemary.

She had given up on the phone, was instead sniffing around the pillows of the bed, but at the sight of Luke looking her way, she stopped all else and barked her way over to him.

He reached over to touch her face, to get her butt shaking again, and he almost smiled. “Close your eyes, sweetheart. You’re too young to witness this.”

Though the fire still raged inside of me, it was hard to imagine getting right back into it. He was being adorable, playing with his puppy and protecting her and her innocence. It was adorable, not sexy—alright, maybe a bit of both.

Still, I ran a hand down his chest, feeling the definition of his muscles through the thin fabric. “You’re exceptional at killing the mood.”

Watching the smile become a smirk was hot, hot enough that I forgot where the mood had gone. “Am I now?”

“Mmhmm.” I didn’t imagine it was even remotely believable since I didn’t believe myself, but I tried it anyways.

He lowered himself onto me fully, though he still had his weight shifted off of me. There was enough weight that I could feel the muscles moving against me, feel him adjusting himself to hold me in all the right ways.

It wasn’t fair. With the month we had spent with one another, he had learned exactly what I liked most, and though it was a two way street—I had learned quite a bit about what he liked—he had such power over me in situations like this. With a simple kiss to the base of my neck, or a little nibble along the skin of my neck, I was putty in his hands.

Just because I was putty didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy moments like this. I absolutely enjoyed the hell out of them, on the contrary.

My fingers laced within his hair, and he responded the only way he knew how, by biting along the skin of my shoulders. “You said we only had twenty minutes.”

“Yes, but I had to remind you that I’m equally good at reviving the mood.”

“Well, stop.” I made a feeble attempt at pushing him away. “Twenty minutes goes by faster than you’d think.”

“I doubt it will this time.” He pulled himself off of me a little, though he didn’t exactly stand up. His blue eyes were smoldering, burning through me and igniting my blood stream without effort. “We’ll wait the twenty minutes, and then we’ll eat. Then we’ll enjoy our complete freedom.”

“Ooh.” I said it, but a thought came to mind, something I didn’t think either of us had actually thought about. After going all through the night in Vegas, we had run out of condoms, and with everything that happened, we hadn’t actually stopped anywhere to get more. “Wait.”

He smirked, clearly certain of where my mind had wandered somehow. “Don’t worry. You were quite distracted when you were speaking with your mum.”

I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about that conversation I’d had with my mom. She asked me to at least come visit every so often, since Los Angeles and Las Vegas were only four hours apart, and I made the mistake of reminding her that we didn’t know what the future held, that I might be back in just a few days.

She refused to let me think that way, especially after I admitted that I had let myself fall in love, and I was so scared he didn’t feel the same way. The fact that I felt that way was crazy enough. How could it work both ways?

She told me to explain why I believed he wouldn’t what this, what he had done to make me believe he would choose to annul the marriage and move on with life, and I couldn’t give her any—but he also hadn’t shown many signs that he wanted this to go on. He said that at Christmas, but there was hesitance when he was picking out Rosemary. There was fear when I mentioned that I could watch her while he was on tour, when it implied that we would choose to stay married.

The fact that he hadn’t really shown signs either way, other than small things here and there, was exactly why I was so afraid. I didn’t know, and the situation was crazy enough. This was the rest of the lives we were deciding on, at twenty years young.

She was persistent, however, pointing out that people didn’t look at one another the way that Luke and I did, apparently. She believed whole heartedly that we didn’t end up married just because I was attracted to him, and vice versa.

It wasn’t until she asked me to explain why I believed that I loved him, why I believed my feelings were completely real, that I realized maybe this was something more than I wanted to see. Until I couldn’t come up with an explanation for them other than I just knew, that I could feel this pull towards him, towards his heart and his soul beneath the attractive exterior, it hadn’t even occurred to me that there was a chance I might come out of this married.

The last thing she said about it all was, “Soulmates are rare. Enjoy it.”

Luke pushed himself off the bed, ripping me from my thoughts, and he moved towards the bag I hadn’t even realized he had brought upstairs with him. I had been so focused on Rosemary that I didn’t notice him shedding the bag by the door, but he unzipped it, pulling out a rather large box of condoms and tossing them my way.

I caught it before it could hit Rosemary, and his eyes told the story of his smirk before it could grow out onto his lips.

“I can be responsible sometimes.”

I laughed and leaned over to set the box on the bedside table, for later. “It has nothing to do with the fact that impregnating me would, gasp, force you to be around me.”

“You say that like it’s such a bad thing.” When he climbed onto the bed this time, it was more innocent, something he did only so he could sit down beside me. I tried not to let my mind wander with the things he said, but paired with the things I had just been thinking about, it was hard to focus on anything else. “We don’t have to talk about it now, if you don’t want.”

“We have two days,” I reminded him.

“That’s true.” He brushed my hair back again, letting his fingers linger on the skin of my face. “We can do what we do best, fuck and pretend that this won’t catch back up to us, and wait until it does.”

It was horrible, beyond stupid, but we had done that the entire time. It seemed only fitting to continue on right until the very end, pull every good piece we could out of this in case of what we might discover at the end. What was the point in hurting for longer? If one of us wanted this—namely me—and the other didn’t—him—there was unnecessary pain, pain that could be avoided until day thirty.

“Hmm. I think I like that idea.”

I loved the way he grinned, but I loved it more because I could feel it against my lips when he leaned in. Like most times, allowing the fires of our separate desires to ignite became something out of control, to the point I was laying back on the bed with his hands moving beneath my cami, to pull it off and start the first moment of our night of passion. Eventually, we’d have to celebrate the new year, but until then, we could have our own personal party, without a care in the world.

He suddenly pulled away, a soft moan rolling from between his parted lips, but his smoldering gaze roamed across me, taking in every detail of me before him. “Damn it, Eri, we have food on the way.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and attempted to pull him closer to me, and it worked, to an extent. “We’ll tip him extra for having to wait.”

“Naughty girl.” It took a bit of untangling for him to stand back to his feet, but he did it. For safe measures, to ensure we didn’t end up wrapped up in one another in a more intimate way that just our lips, he reached over and scooped Rosemary off the bed. “While we’re waiting, we should do the video.”

I didn’t want to admit that I had almost forgot, after how well we had done to do a daily video every single day up until this point—even one in the airport while we were both exhausted and didn’t want to do it.

I almost forgot today, though.


I stood from the bed myself, heading towards the bag Luke had brought up. I knew he kept the camera his mom had gotten him for Christmas inside the case, tucked into his bag, and along with that, he had the tripod that came with it, shoved into the bottom of his bag. I pulled both things from the bag and tossed the tripod over to the bed, for Luke to grab and start setting up.

He struggled to set it up, with Rosemary in his arms, but the reminder of the sweet little angle in his arms pulled a smile onto my lips. “We can show them Rosemary.”

I had the camera turning on, and I set the tripod up for him. He was able to finish turning the camera on, getting it ready to record and whatnot, and he pulled the remote from the case as well. With it set up and on the tripod, he sat on the edge of the bed in front of the camera, holding Rosemary close.

I, however, had to make sure I didn’t look like we were about to get hot and heavy. His mom informed me that she planned to watch all of these, though she requested we send them to her unedited.

That wasn’t gonna happen, but we did promise she would have access to the videos before the rest of the world. She took comfort in that.

For the most part, I looked okay, as okay I as I could with faded makeup waiting to be removed and hair that refused to stay in the ponytail because it was shorter than I used to wear it. It had been an impulse decision to cut my hair that day, but I couldn’t bring myself to regret it, not when it led me to Luke somehow.

I decided to take it down, running my fingers through the crease to make it go away, and it did, at least enough that it just looked like another one of the waves.

It was all fine and dandy until Luke decided to come up and “help,” which really meant he started nibbling along the skin of my neck, using his free hand to grab onto my hair and pull my head to the side, giving him full access to my neck for his own dirty plans.

Most times, I would be completely on board, but this was not the time.

I had to physically push him away from me, but the disarray he left my hair in required me to put it back up, without hope of making it look as if we weren’t getting hot and heavy.

It left the skin of my neck exposed, but if I sat closer to the window, with the setting sunlight shining through, it might hide the fact that his teeth had nibbled along the skin. Maybe the fans wouldn’t notice.

Who was I kidding? They’d notice, I’m sure.

“I hate you,” I informed him.

His smirk only widened as he leaned forward to set Rosemary on the floor, but he made himself comfortable again quickly, whereas I had to uncomfortably cross my legs, tucking my feet beneath my pelvis to put some kind of pressure that might make the uncomfortably horny parts of me stop being so uncomfortable.


“Mmm. I distinctly remember you telling me otherwise,” he all but purred into my ear.

I could only fight off the desire by rolling my eyes, and though he laughed, he took that as the cue to grab onto the remote with his free hand. “Okay. Is it working this time?”

Luke leaned in a bit, focusing on it, and he pointed towards the small red light. “It is according to that.” He leaned forward off the bed to check the actual back of the camera, and when he was satisfied, he sat back down. “Alright. Hello, everyone. This is day twenty-eight.”

I nodded. “New Year’s Eve. Make sure to kiss someone you love and think of something you can do to make 2017 a better year than 2016. Not only for yourself, but for the people around you. Even just one random person.”

I noticed Luke’s gaze moving over towards me, and the smile that was forming on his pressed lips was familiar. “Most people say, ‘Don’t get too drunk and try to drive,’ but not you.”

“Yeah, don’t do that either.” I glanced up at him, but the more I stared, the more it occurred to me that the stubble was there. I had noticed it before, but it wasn’t until we were recording that it occurred to me that he didn’t usually leave it there, that he always shaved before recording. “Hey, you forgot to shave.”

“Shit, you’re right.” He rubbed his hand across his face and sighed. “I suppose we’ll start this over in a bit?”

I grabbed onto his arm before he could stand up, locking him in place beside me. “I mean, is there some reason you feel you have to shave? It’s not a big deal.”

“Have to look my best beside you, babe.”

I turned back towards the camera and took a deep breath, fighting the urge to roll my eyes. “He’s cheesy, if you guys haven’t figured that out, and I always thought I would hate it . . . it’s kinda cute sometimes.”

He laughed and pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around me. “Why are you still talking to the camera? I have to shave and erase all of this.”

“Don’t.” I pulled myself back enough that I could look at him. “I like this look on you. It’s just . . . you, nothing more than who you are without effort.”

He stared at me for a few silent seconds, and I watched his teeth rub together behind his lips. I watched him rub his lips together, focus on every detail of my face before suddenly turning back to the camera.

“So you like it then?”

I bit down on my bottom lip and nodded, and I took a visible deep breath. “Yeah. We’ll leave it at that for your mom’s sake.”

He glanced back at the camera with a huge smile. “Hi, Mum! We’re both innocent, lovely children who do absolutely nothing wrong.”

I nodded in agreement, though the fits of laughter I fell into made it less believable than it already was.

His eyes were absolutely shining, but he didn’t look over at me, instead focused on the camera. “Well, everyone. You can blame Eris for it all. I’ve taken out my lip ring, and I’m going to start donning a beard.”

I sat up suddenly and winked towards the camera. “Your welcome.”

Anyways.” He stared down at me with what I think was supposed to be a glare, but his eyes were just too damn bright for it to be remotely believable. “We have come back to Los Angeles for the final two days. Uh, it’s the first time we’ve ever been utterly alone without anything to do, so that should prove fun.”

I had to simply nod, not say a word about that. I didn’t know if anyone would understand what I was saying without saying, but I really hoped not. I couldn’t help myself, however. He had turned me on, ridiculously so, and then was like, “Oh, hey, we gotta wait for the Chinese food guy, and let’s make a video!”

So everyone got to see just how turned on I was. Lovely.

“We’re also very happy to announce that the Hemmings family is growing.”

My eyes rounded. “Oh my God, don’t say it like that.”

He turned from the camera to stare down at me, a line forming between his brows. “Like what?”

“You made it sound like I was pregnant.”

His own eyes widened, to hear it pointed out, and he let out a breath. “Shit, I did, didn’t I? No. She’s not pregnant everyone, although they probably knew I was referring to the dog. I have already taken pictures, and I’m sure there will be more by the time this video is released.” Rosemary had wandered her way back to us, walking slowly around our feet, so Luke leaned down to scoop her up. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet my sweet Rosemary.”

I let out a breath that resembled a laugh and a scoff and began slowly shaking my head. “Seriously, I’m already second guessing this decision.”

He gasped dramatically, pulling Rosemary close to his neck so he could begin stroking down the length of her back. “Don’t listen to her, darling. She’s just jealous because another woman has my affection.”

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat, focusing back on the camera. “Anyways, we’re gonna keep this short because we have Chinese food on the way.”

He continued running his hand down the length of her back, allowing his fingers to dig in to the soft fur she had to get closer to the roots, where it felt best on a dog to rub—at least I assumed from the way they usually stopped moving to let you do that. “I learned that Eris is jealous of a dog.”

“Seriously, I am not jealous of a dog.”

He leaned towards the camera, holding Rosemary securely enough that she didn’t squirm. “Isn’t she just the cutest thing in all of the world?” He didn’t dangle her out there long, just long enough for the viewers to get a better look at her, and he pulled her back against him, curling her into his neck and along his shoulder. “The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one. Ironically enough, she is what’s known as an Aussie doodle.”

I nodded. “I’m sure she’ll have her own personal tiara by the end of the week. Might even have her name in diamonds.”

The smirk grew wild across his lips, with his eyes darting back to me. “See? Jealous.”

I held a hand up towards his face, which only had him laughing. “I have learned that Luke seriously needs his sleep, or he is very whiny.”

“That is true,” he agreed. “I become quite a bitch when I’m exhausted. I can be hard to live with. Ask any of the guys.”

“And he can’t really complain about me, you know, being jealous of the dog—which I’m not, by the way—because he’s still insanely jealous of the fact that Mikey likes me better.”

He shrugged. “Eh. I’m over it. I have won Rosemary’s affections, and I no longer care.”

Though it was mostly a joke, and I knew he had actually gotten over the jealousy that had come when Michael and I first became friends, hearing him say that dimmed my mood just a bit, even slightly. I didn’t want to let it, but when the thought crossed my mind, I couldn’t just shake it.

Was I expendable to him? Was the dog gonna be enough for him to move on, to not look back at the time we spent together?

He ripped me from my thoughts when he set Rosemary back down on the bed beside him and stretched his legs out, moving his arms so that his hand fell on top of mine effortlessly. “In all seriousness, today I learned that Eris will continue to surprise me for as long as she’s in my life, and I’m learning to accept that.”

Maybe I wasn’t so expendable . . . as I looked at the softness in his eyes, though they were staring right into the camera, I couldn’t believe I had for a single moment believed that I might be. No matter what happened, he did care about me, enough that the ending of this would hurt, or at least set him back a little bit.

“We went to her shelter today—”

“Editing that out,” I cut him off, before he could go on.

He was quite content to ignore me as if I hadn’t even spoken, however. “And just watching her interact with the people there . . . seriously, you guys, I’ve never met a more beautiful soul.”

There was something magical about the way he could talk, the way he could talk about his feelings and the world around him. Maybe he wasn’t necessarily great at it but had just thought about it enough to form words, but things like that seemed effortless to him.

I had to rub the tears away from my eyes before they could actually fall down my face. “Luke—”

“I think that just about covers it, don’t you?” He cut me off for a reason, and from the way his muscles stiffened and then relaxed with each movement, it wasn’t hard to figure out that his mind was going places it shouldn’t just yet. “Tomorrow will be our final video because though Ellen falls on day thirty, we’re sort of cheating and allowing that to be the last video, so goodbye to all of you watching. I love you, Mum.” He grabbed the remote off the bed and pressed the pause button.

I rubbed my hand along the back of my neck, rolling it around to loosen the muscles. “I’m pretty sure we kinda make the rules with this whole situation, so it can’t be called cheating.”

“Fair enough.” His other arm wrapped around me, only to pull me into his lap. It wasn’t sexual, believe it or not, but instead, he pulled me against him, curling my body into his as he simply held me, almost bridal style, against him. “It’s hard to believe this is almost over.”

My fingers splayed across his chest, taking in the soft cotton beneath them, and I took a deep breath, loving the musk of Luke after a long day. First thing in the morning or fresh out of the shower was nice, but something about the end of the day, when it was all wearing off and it was pretty much just the way he smelled . . . I loved Luke naturally, the way he just was.

“I know,” I mumbled, finding the two words harder to say than they should’ve been.

It was almost over . . . and that sounded like it was really gonna be over.

“For what it’s worth, I can’t remember a time where my life has been so good,” he murmured, and he nuzzled his face into my hair. “I didn’t wake up and wonder if the day was going to be a good one. I knew it would be.”

“Even the day where Mikey and I did nothing but play Call of Duty?”

“Yes, even that day,” he admitted, but he followed it with a sharp inhale, meant to tell the story of an upcoming monologue. His chest froze, however, and the words seemed to get lost somewhere. “I . . . suppose I should stop there. We agreed to procrastinate until the last moment.”

“The last moment.” It was easier to face what was to come if I could enjoy the final two days without worrying, so I stuck with that and let my head roll away from him. I wasn’t really looking at anything, but I just so happened to catch a glimpse of the camera, of the little red light flashing in the corner. “Um, Luke? You didn’t turn it off.”

“Shit!” One arm held me in place while the other stretched over to grab onto the remote, and he pressed the button firmly until the light stopped. His mouth opened, but no words got to come out at the sound of the doorbell ringing, the song resonating through the house. “Sounds like our Chinese is here.”

He reached down and laced his fingers with mine, barely stopping to scoop Rosemary up, and the three of us left the room, scurrying down the stairs towards the bottom floor, to greet the man with our Chinese food.

Why couldn’t this be my forever? Puppies, Chinese food . . . Luke.


Hello, all!!!!
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The description is from Changed by You by Between the Trees.


I’m so happy you finally updated! And I’m so sad for her!!!

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