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A Month In Sin

27. Christmas Dances

“Uncle Ni! Ori! Uncle Ni! Ori! Wake up! It’s time to open presents!” Theo yelled, bouncing on the bed.
Niall groaned and tightened his grip on Ori, not ready to let go of her just yet.
“We’ll be down there soon, buddy. Let us brush our teeth, alright?” Ori asked, making Theo nod and run out of the room towards the living room.
Niall nuzzled his face into Ori’s neck, hoping it would convince her to stay in bed longer.
“You’re warm and not going anywhere,” Niall mumbled sleepily, making her laugh.
His voice was deep, his accent prominent.
“It’s Christmas, Niall. You can get up at six for once in your life. Plus, I have to pee,” she said, making him groan.
When Niall let her go, knowing that he had lost the battle, she threw the covers back, grabbed the pajamas off the table next to her, and padded towards the bathroom.
On top of the pajamas were a note.
We have a tradition to stay in our pajamas all day. Greg, Denise, and Theo all match. Niall and I usually just wear whatever, but it’s different this year. Maybe it will be from now on. ~Bobby
Tears filled Ori’s eyes and her heart swelled with hope and love. Truth was, she was scared out of her mind on what Niall would decide, especially because it was now out of her control. Her heart ached every time she thought about it, because she didn’t think he would choose her. The insecurities of her not being carefree filled her brain.
Ori forced those thoughts out of her head. It was Christmas, and Christmas wasn’t a day to be thinking those depressing things that her mind had wandered off with. Niall stood up and walked towards the bathroom. As he opened the door, Ori stood with a toothbrush in her mouth, and just a shirt and underwear on.
“Niall! Get out!” Ori squealed, holding her toothbrush with her teeth.
“What? It isn’t like I haven’t seen it before,” he shrugged.
“Niall,” she warned, not sounding as forceful as she would’ve liked due to the toothbrush in her mouth.
“Fine, I’ll go change in the bedroom.”
When she walked out, she saw Niall standing there shirtless with his back to her. She admired the way that his back muscles were there and the way that his arms were toned, but not overly muscular. When he turned around, she enjoyed the way that he didn’t have a six-pack resting there.
“Like what you see?” he asked, making Ori smile.
“Definitely,” she said.
“Really?” he asked, doubt being heard in his voice and seen in his eyes.
Ori wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to find the reason for the doubt in his eyes. Within them, she saw hurt, doubt, and uncertainty.
“Niall, where is all of this coming from?”
“Most of our fans expect us to have a six pack and this perfect body, and I don’t.”
“You know what? The world’s definition of a perfect guy is also over six-foot-tall, and the bigger their muscles, the better. I personally don’t like muscles that are too big. These muscles, are perfect, to me,” she paused, rubbing the top of his arms, “and you are tall enough for me that I can wear heels, but when I’m not kissing isn’t awkward and painful for both of us. So, to me, you’re kind of perfect.”
Niall didn’t hesitate in kissing her, in fact he never wanted to more than in that moment. It was just as good as the first, just not salty with her tears. It took everything in him to not get carried away as he so desperately wanted to.
“Thank you, Ori,” he whispered, his forehead against hers.
He meant it. Nobody had told him that kind of stuff, and it was reassuring that with her he didn’t have to worry about being perfect all the time. She realized just how insecure he was.
“We should probably get downstairs. Theo might hurt us,” Ori said with a smile.
Niall smiled and kissed her forehead before pulling his shirt over his head and going into the bathroom. Ori grabbed her phone that was resting on the nightstand, plugged in. She opened Twitter.
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a blessed and safe one!
Niall emerged from the bathroom, seeing her standing there with her nose in her phone. He rolled his eyes, wrapped his arms around her where he could steal her phone, and then took off running.
“Niall!” she called, running after him.
When Ori entered the living room, everyone turned towards her. Niall put his finger up to his lips as he snuck behind her.
“Where’s Niall?” she asked.
About that time, Niall grabbed her waist and picked her up, making a squeal erupt from her lips. He placed her on the couch and sat as close as was acceptable.
“Phone?” Ori asked, holding out her hand.
He placed it in her hand and Bobby started distributing the presents. Ori was handed four gifts, making Niall happy and Ori’s heart swell with happiness and gratefulness.
Theo opened his gifts, and then it was Ori’s turn. Niall was nervous, worried if she would like it.
“To: Ori From: Theo,” she read, smiling, “now what is this?”
She ripped open the wrapping paper and saw a picture of Theo and her together.
“Oh. It’s perfect. Thank you, buddy,” she said, hugging him tightly.
The way that she was with Theo made Niall so happy. Next was from Greg, Denise, and Theo. It was a cute box full of facemasks, candles that smelled like cinnamon, and some bath bombs.
“Oh my goodness. I love this! Thank y’all so much!”
Next was Bobby and he got a planner.
“Need something to keep up with all of those wedding dates and events for the future,” he said, making me smile.
“Thank you.”
The fourth gift was from Niall. She saw the box and glared at him. He laughed, wrapping his arm around her waist, holding her as close as she would let him. She opened it, seeing a beautiful necklace. It was in the shape of an upside-down ribbon with a diamond where the loop would be.
“Niall, this is gorgeous,” she said, kissing his cheek.
Niall went next and immediately went to the guitar case that had a bow on it. He wasn’t sure was inside, but when he saw the guitar his eyes widen. It was a guitar he always wanted, but was extremely rare.
“Your collection could always use a 1965 Goya Rangemaster,” Ori said.
Everyone opened all of theirs following Niall, and then the rest of the day was spent lounging around, the adults drinking as night came, and watching Christmas movies. Around 8, Greg, Denise, and Theo left because it was nearing Theo’s bedtime. About 9:30, Bobby turned in since he had work in the morning.
“Are you tired?” Niall whispered, hoping she wasn’t.
He wanted some alone time with her because they had barely gotten any of it since they had arrived in Ireland.
“Not even a little. You?”
“Surprisingly, no.”
“We need to make our video for today,” Ori said, making him nod.
He went upstairs to get the video camera while Ori hid how much wine Denise and she had consumed and beer that Niall and Bobby threw back. Greg would’ve joined, but somebody had to get them home safely.
Niall set up the camera as Ori got situated on the couch. He pressed record and sat where our legs were touching and intertwined their fingers.
“Hello, Directioners! Or should I say Niallers?” Ori asked, making Niall smile and nudge her.
“So, it’s like 10 o’clock here in good ole’ Mullingar. It’s Christmas, and today was pretty great,” Ori said, looking at Niall.
“The month is almost over, meaning our decision is coming soon,” Niall said, looking back at Ori.
He was still unsure of what he was deciding, and the impending doom of it was making him grow nervous.
“It is. We have talked about it, if you are wondering. Tomorrow we are taking a tour of Mullingar and meeting up with some of Niall’s friends.”
After recording the video, the two put up the wine and drank hot chocolate. The fireplace was going to help keep out the cold, and Christmas music was playing softly.
“Okay. Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?” Niall asked.
“Oh, there are so many embarrassing moments. This one isn’t my most embarrassing one, it’s just funny. My mom and my aunt took Claire, Eris, and me Easter dress shopping when I was about five or six. Well, I loved my dress and tried it on as soon as we got home. Turns out, Mom accidentally grabbed the wrong size, so it was too big. So, I had an easy solution- eat as much junk food as I could and gain weight. Mom caught me, laughed it off, and we exchanged the dress.”
Niall started laughing, knowing that had he not consumed as many beers it wouldn’t have been as funny.
Upon hearing the upbeat guitar, Ori gasped.
“I love this song,” she said.
“May I have this dance?”
“Why, of course.”
They started goofily dancing to Run, Run Rudolph around Bobby’s living room, laughing the entire time as they danced terribly. The song then ended, and the familiar piano intro made Ori’s smile widen.
Michael Buble’s voice filled the room. It was his version of All I Want for Christmas is You. They swayed back and forth, just holding each other. Ori’s head was resting on his chest, his chin on her head.
Today and just a few moments ago played in his head. Hearing her laugh and never wanting it to end, her smile making his wider. He loved it, and the way it made him feel.


Hello, all!
Christmas is almost over in this story! My sister and I are promising you guys a sequel and the plans we have are pretty fantastic.
The description is from All I Want for Christmas Is You.
Vote, comment, and subscribe! We love you all!
Here is Ori and Niall's gifts to each other: https://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=234316099
Here is Ori and Niall's outfit: https://www.polyvore.com/couples_christmas/set?id=229388308


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