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A Month In Sin

31. Las Vegas to Los Angeles

My alarm went off entirely too early that morning, but I knew we needed to get up. Waking up in Niall’s arms made it so much harder to get up. Being in his arms and under the blankets made my typically cold room so warm.
“Ugh. Shut that damn thing off, love,” Niall grumbled into my hair, making me laugh and turn it off.
Honestly, why did I even have an alarm set? We would eat breakfast with my parents when we woke up and then leave. We weren’t super rushed to get to Los Angeles. So, I snuggled back into his arms and fell back asleep.
I woke up a few hours later to Niall rubbing my arm.
“Nope,” I grumbled, grabbing his hand.
Feeling his breath on my neck as he laughed did things to me. He kissed my exposed shoulder.
“Ori, wake up, love. It’s 10:30,” he said, making me smile.
I loved waking up with him by my side because his accent was prominent, and his voice raspy.
As much as I loved staying in Niall’s arms, it was time for me to go see my future home city- no matter what happens tomorrow.
“Niall,” I said with a wide smile on my face that made my cheeks hurt.
“I get to see Los Angeles today.”
He laughed, knowing that meant I was ready to get up. I started packing, only stopping when Niall’s hand rested on mine.
“LA can wait a few more minutes. It’s breakfast time, love.”
We immediately went downstairs to see Mom placing plates on the table.
“Oh. I figured you two would already be gone,” Mom said.
“Nah. We were gonna be, but I decided that Los Angeles isn’t going anywhere. Might as well sleep for as long as we wanted,” I said.
My mom’s wide smile didn’t get past me, I just ignored it.
“Okay. I definitely missed that smell on my honeymoon,” I heard, making me stop.
“No freaking way! Claire!” I squealed, running towards her and hugging her.
“Hey, little sister.”
“When did you get home?”
“Last night.”
“You have to come to Los Angeles with us for Ellen.”
“Are you serious?”
“100%. Elys was already riding with us because Luke and Eris went down early, so you guys can too.”
She hugged me.
“Oh! I have to go pack us again!”
I laughed, and she ran out.
Niall and I ate breakfast and then went upstairs to get ready. I showered, brushed my teeth, and then slipped my clothes on. I put on a long-sleeved grey crop top before slipping black overalls on. I paired it with white high-top Converse. Since we had a four-hour road trip ahead of us, I threw my hair in a sock bun. I did a brown smoky eye with a pink lipstick. I then finished packing everything up about the time Niall came in.
He stopped when he saw me.
“You know it’s 40 degrees outside, right?”
“In Los Angeles, it’s 60 degrees. We will only be in Vegas weather to and from the car, which I will promptly run to,” I said, making him smile.
Like the gentleman he was, he took my suitcase to the car and started the car, so it would be warm.
“I’ll be home soon,” I said, hugging my mom tightly.
“When did you get so negative, Ori?”
“Not being negative, Mom, just realistic. He could have anybody in the world. Somebody that is carefree and will drop everything to tour with him. I can’t do that, Mom. I’m in college working towards a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. Getting rejected is hard enough, I’m not looking forward to my rejection being on national television.”
She hugged me once more.
“Ori, if you think he is rejecting you, you’re insane. I just had this conversation with Eris when she was here. That boy loves you, Ori. Whether he realizes it or not, he does.”
“Well, I will be home soon whether he agrees to stay or not,” I said, hugging her.
“I love you, Ori, baby. I’m so proud of you for doing this, because whether you like it or not, he’s changed parts of you. The old Ori would have never just left when she woke up, she would have it planned out to the tee.”
It was then that I realized just what she said. Niall had changed me, but not in a bad way, just a way that I needed it- like always being so planned out.
“Also, honey, make sure you knock on Luke’s door instead of just barging in. This is the first couple days they have actually been totally alone due to the tour,” Mom said.
“That little slut. She gave me crap for being in Ireland for ten days, saying it was cheating when she has had people around them for twenty-eight days,” I said, making Mom laugh.
“Love, are you ready?” he asked as Mom and I broke our hug.
“Yeah, let me give my dad a hug and then I’ll bolt to the car,” I winked, making him smile.
“Let us know when and where you want the wedding. We’ll tell you a budget,” Dad said into my ear as we hugged.
I laughed and nodded, pulling away.
“Hey, Ori. Don’t let me being away for the first ten years of your life stop you from living your life because you’re afraid he is gonna be the same way,” Dad said, making my eyes widen and nod.
I hugged them both before turning towards the door. Niall was waiting in the car with Elys, Claire, and Andrew- having told my parents goodbye in a typical boyfriend fashion- hugging my mom, strong handshake with my dad.
I then waved at them, before opening the door. The cold air hit my bare legs and I hissed before taking off running towards the car. Niall had held the door open for me, making me smile as I hopped in and closed the door before buckling my seatbelt.
“Thank you,” I said, kissing Niall’s cheek when he got back in.
“You’re welcome. You ready for Ellen tomorrow?”
“I’m more ready for spending some time with Eris and Claire tonight,” I said, making him smile.
“Hell yes! Girls night!” she said, making us all laugh.
He intertwined our fingers and drove around our driveway, towards the gate before pulling off towards Los Angeles. He had already entered his address into the GPS.
I turned on the music, a smile taking over me as the indie sounds of Gun Song by The Lumineers filled my ears.
“Wait. You actually listen to something other than One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and anybody they have mentioned?” Claire asked, making my eyes widen.
“Claire! Shut the fuck up!” I said, making Elys laugh and Niall smirk.
I stared out the window to hide my heated cheeks and watched as the city turned to desert. I grabbed the camera out of it’s bag and started filming.
“Well, everyone, this is our last video,” I said into it, showing Niall driving.
“Is it really? This month has flown by,” he said, making me smile and turn the camera towards me.
“He is just in love with me, and didn’t realize I’m actually a lot of fun,” I winked, making everyone laugh.
“You’ll find out tomorrow on the first part, but on the second part, well that part is true. You are fun,” he said, making me smile.
“You hear that people? We get to release these videos in two days, but we are filming the announcement tomorrow, so there won’t be a video because that will be our video!” I said, making him smile.
“Okay, whenever you all get done watching these videos, tweet #ThisVideo that way Niall can get some publicity for This Town, as well as for our decision. If you haven’t heard This Town, you need to stop watching these videos and go listen to it, right now. Here is a snippet of it,” I said, turning it on.
I played the beginning of it. Niall grabbed my hand, making me smile.
I turned the camera back towards the guests in the back.
“Look who we have in our video today! We have Claire, my older sister, Elys the less important one of the triplets, and Andrew, Claire’s husband. Claire is to blame for this situation. It was her bachelorette party that Eris and I were attending.”
“Hey! I do not get blamed for you four getting shit-faced and deciding it would be a good idea to get hitched!”
We all started laughing and I turned the camera back towards Niall and me.
“Alright, world and the lovely Directioners, we are gonna close this video out because I’m sure you don’t want a four-hour video of our ride to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. Goodbye and the announcement will be made in two days,” I said, making Niall start laughing.
The ride back to Los Angeles wasn’t exactly eventful. We rode, talked, laughed, and got food.
With five minutes left on our ride, I called Eris.
“Hey, girlie. We are about five minutes out from Niall’s house, so put on pants,” I left her a voicemail, since she didn’t answer.
Arriving at Niall’s house, the size shocked me. For one person, it was big, but it wasn’t ridiculously huge. Stepping inside, all I saw was white. For a bachelor pad, it was decorated beautifully.
Niall walked in with his luggage and part of mine. He then directed Claire and Andrew to their room, then Elys to his.
When he started proceeding towards more stairs, I looked at Claire who had a smirk on her face.
“Niall, where am I sleeping?” I asked quietly, immediately knowing that Claire was thinking that we have had sex.
“You think anything about our sleeping arrangement is changing?” he asked, making Claire turn into her room.
I rolled my eyes and moved towards him, following him up the stairs and through a door.
I immediately fell in love with the master. It took up the whole third floor. The bed was tucked away from the wall that was all glass. Close to the patio door was a few long chairs near a TV and fireplace.
I placed my stuff down against the wall and walked towards the door, opening it, and stepping outside. I didn’t stand against the patio rail long before arms wrapped around my waist. He hummed a soft melody that made me relax into him. I knew that I never wanted to leave this place.
“Niall?” I asked.
“Is this place really haunted?”
He immediately started laughing.
“How do you know?”
“Lights flickering, doors slamming, things of that nature. One of the bedrooms doesn’t have anything in it because it was the room she was found in, and that room is freezing.”
Suddenly, the master bedroom’s door slowly creaked open, making me freeze, and Niall looked.
“Told you.”
“Have you not gotten somebody out here for it yet?”
“Yeah. They said that she was just messing with me and that she means no harm.”
I nodded, pecking his lips before walking back inside to change into more comfortable clothes.
“Ori,” he said, making me stop and turn towards him.
When he kissed me again, I smiled into it as I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck. He backed me against the glass door. It didn’t take long for the kiss to get heated. His hands rested on my hips, and I appreciated how they didn’t move from there.
Niall suddenly pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. Neither of us dared to move, both of us savoring this moment. I just wondered if we were savoring it for the same reasons.
A knock on the bedroom door broke us out our bubble.
“You’re good,” I called, poking my head in the balcony door.
I wasn’t surprised to see Claire in the doorway. She looked around the master and her eyes went wide.
“Damn. This room is gorgeous.”
“Come see the view,” I called.
She walked outside on the balcony with Niall and I. She whistled.
“Hey. When are we heading out to Luke’s house? I know it’s only like three o’clock, but I figured you wanted to spend as much time with her as you could.”
“Let me get changed into something more comfortable and then we’ll head out,” I said, making her nod.
“I’ll be downstairs with Elys and Andrew,” she said, making me nod.
She walked out, and Niall grabbed me, pulling me closer.
“Do ya have to go now?”
“I miss Eris so much that if I don’t, I might go insane. This is the first time we have been in the same city since all of this happened. We’ve talked almost every day, but it isn’t the same.”
He smiled and pecked my lips before letting me go change. I changed into a loose, long, tank top with Adidas on the front. I paired it with leggings and a purple sports bra and pink Nike running shoes. I left my hair and eye-makeup like it was, but took off my lipstick.
I walked out of the bathroom and saw Niall leaning against the balcony, looking deep in thought. I poked my head outside.
“Everything okay?” I asked.
He jumped and nodded quickly.
I decided not to pry, and pecked his lips.
“I’m leaving. I’ll see you tonight.”
I then walked out of the room and to the living room. As soon as Claire saw me, she smiled, kissed Andrew, and then hopped up.
“Bye boys. Andrew, Elys, be nice,” I warned, making them laugh and wave me away.
We hopped in Niall’s Range Rover. He handed me the keys, I wasn’t about to protest. I punched in the address that Niall gave me and then started the fifteen-minute journey.
We walked up to the front door and I rang the doorbell.
“You’re nice, knocking,” Claire said, laughing slightly.
“Trust me, it’s best to, or you might walk in on one of them or both of them naked,” I said, making Claire laugh harder.
About that time, the door opened to reveal a- thankfully- fully clothed Luke.


Hello, all!
I'm sorry I never updated my sister's chapter. I honestly haven't opened my computer in so long, so I apologize. This chapter has been written for a while. :)
I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think.
I also had her outfit made up, but the website my sister and I used to make their outfits was bought out and shut down... we cried.
ANYWAYS! the description is Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. :)


I’m so happy you finally updated! And I’m so sad for her!!!

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