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A Month In Sin

18. Learning

I didn’t get a chance to say anything, as the car came to a sudden stop. Luke began unbuckling and getting ready to climb out, so I took a good look around us.

What I saw took my breath away. Through the front windshield was a clear view of Lake Erie, with only a single pier stretching out into the water within sight, there wasn’t a large city view in the distance, just nature and a thick fog. I didn’t have any words to say as Luke held his hand down towards me, which I was more than happy to take.

As I got my footing, Luke let go of my hand and went to the back of the car. I heard the trunk pop, but I didn’t pay attention to what he might be getting out of there. The view around me was far too stunning to look away.

A warm hand slipped into mine, and the feeling of fire rippling through every part of my body, tickling each nerve inside of me, ripped me away from the sight in front of me. I looked up towards the man who towered over me, whose last name I legally shared right now.

Maybe I would share it forever.

His beautiful eyes were shining as he looked down at me, with that world changing smile of his. “Would you like to go on a picnic with me?”

My eyes widened. “Picnic?”

The hand that wasn’t holding mine lifted up, and in it was a large blue lunchbox looking thing. There was a shoulder strap hanging on his shoulders, but for the purpose of showing it to me, he had the top handle in his hand.

“Picnic,” he said again. “I know it’s probably lame, and admittedly, I had to look up ideas on romantic days out on the Internet, but . . . I don’t know. I wanted to try.”

I shook my head. “It’s . . . it’s not lame at all. Thank you.” I looked away from him again, out towards the lake around us. “No one’s ever done anything like this for me before.”

“Well, that will forever remain a mystery to me,” he said, and he took a single step away from me. “I had the security team find the most secluded spot on the lake, and they agreed to hang back in the car to give us some alone time.”

“That’s amazing,” I whispered.

The air was bitter around us, but I didn’t actually care. This was the sweetest gesture anyone had tried to do for me, and I wasn’t going to back out of it just because I was a bit cold.

The closer we got to the pier, the more I saw of the area surrounding the lake. Just off the shore, there was a campsite, complete with small wooden logs shaped into a bench and a circle of stones, with a stack of wooden logs in the middle.

That’s exactly where Luke took us, and he set the lunchbox next to the log. He had some plan in mind, so while he dug through the full box, I sat down and tucked my hands underneath my arms, doing what I could to keep warm while he did whatever he wanted to do.

We were fortunate there wasn’t a strong breeze, just the hostile air around us. Every breath was followed by a thick cloud of smoke, and the inside of my nostrils stung. The burn of the cold was a lot worse than the burn of heat, except that heat lasted longer.

Luke pulled a lighter out of the box, along with a rolled up newspaper and a small bottle of lighter fluid. I didn’t say anything, only watched with raised eyebrows as he began preparing a small pile of leaves and pine straw underneath the pile of wood, gathered from the ground just behind the small campsite.

He lit the end of the newspaper on fire and stuck it into the center of the wood stack, and he waited for the pine beneath it to begin burning before he started to douse the fire in lighter fluid.

In an instant, the fire erupted into a much larger one, burning through the cold air almost immediately. The skin on my face didn’t sting so much, and I leaned in closer, to get a better embrace from the fire.

Luke, after setting the lighter fluid back beside the box, took a seat on the log beside me, and he gave me a sheepish grin. “I knew now wasn’t the ideal time to be out here, so I requested they find a spot we could make a fire. Which meant having to research how to properly build a fire, but—”

I didn’t let him continue trying to explain himself; I didn’t care. This was an amazing gesture, done by the man I found myself married to by some freak accident, so instead of letting those lips ramble, I pulled them against mine, even if just for a few seconds.

When I pulled away from him, his eyes fluttered open. “What was that for?”

“Everything,” I said, and I did my best to smirk at him. “Besides, I’m your wife. I’m allowed to do that any time I want to.”

“True.” He leaned over and pressed his lips against mine, this time for just the briefest of moments. “Which means I can, too.”

“You can.”

He pulled himself back up and stretched his legs out, and a smile people wrote poetry about danced onto his face. “I had this huge plan to cook something spectacular for us, but our flight got delayed, and we got in at three this morning, so . . . that didn’t work out so well. Instead, I got the guys to pick something up for us.”

I smirked. “Getting your security team to do all your dirty work for you? Reminds me of my older sister.”

He let out a loud laugh that he cut off almost immediately, and he reached over to pull a bag of McDonald’s out of the lunchbox next to his feet. As he was pulling it out, I got a good look in there, and what I saw made the smile already on my face widen exponentially. There were a couple bottles of Dr. Pepper and a couple bottles of Mountain Dew, along with a silver Thermos and a couple bottles of water. More than that, there was a single rose placed along the side of the box, to make sure it didn’t get squished, and a giant bag of peanut butter M&M’s.

Luke noticed me looking and quickly closed the box back. “You weren’t supposed to see all of that yet.”

“I did.” I took the McDonald’s bag from his hands and began opening it up. “I didn’t even realize you were paying attention when we stopped at that gas station the other night.”

“I may have been half asleep, but I’m trying to learn as much about you as I can,” he admitted. “We made the decision to stay married or not, but we have thirty days to decide. I need to take in as much as I can.”

“Okay, so, since we’re being all ‘married couple’ right now and whatnot . . . let’s talk about Christmas,” I said.

He nodded. “Of course. I didn’t expect us to just go to Australia, but we only have about a week left on our tour until we take our Christmas break. Then we start back around mid-February and go until July. We can always go to Australia after Christmas, but my mum has decided to give you, and this, a chance.”

I took a deep breath. “Okay. I’ve . . . I’ve never spent a holiday away from Ori, but I think we need to do this. As long as we go to Vegas and visit my family after.”

“We will,” he promised, and he reached over to grab onto my hand again. “Thank you, Eri. I know this isn’t easy, uprooting your life to go on this tour with me, but I want you to know that I understand. When I uprooted my life and left my family behind to tour the world with the guys, it was my choice. It was for myself, but I understand the pain you’re going through—as much as I can without having a sibling I was as close to as you were Ori.”

“In a way, I did this for myself,” I said. “I did this for myself, for you, and for this marriage. I want this to work out, which sounds crazy . . . but you’ve made me feel alive in a way I never expected to feel, and I didn’t want to lose that feeling.”

He hesitated to respond, and I took that chance to look up at him and figure out why. There was a smile on those soft pink lips, but it was one of those genuine smiles, one that didn’t have to show teeth to be gorgeous.

“You know what I think we should do?” he asked, when he noticed me staring.


“Let’s wake up every morning and tell one another something we learned about each other the day before,” he said. “That way, we’re not just letting the days go by without actually learning to see if this is going to work. We’re sitting down, and we’re actually doing what I’m sure your mum intended for us to do—getting to know one another.”

“Actually, that sounds like an amazing idea.”


Hello, everyone!! :)
xXFluffy_GruXx here! Can we just talk about Flicker for a second because... it's beautiful? I'm in love with it and literally can't wait to hear it live in July!
Anyways, the description is from Contagious Chemistry by You Me at Six.
Let us know what you think! We love you!! :)


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