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A Month In Sin

19. Careless Girl

Niall's POV
The desire I had for Ori was something I couldn’t really explain, because I couldn’t tell what it was. As I wrote, she filled my mind. Not really her though, what I remember of that night, which is apparently a lot more than she does.

I remember how well we fit together. I don’t remember my thoughts when she mentioned marriage, and why I thought it was a good thing, but I did.

I always thought the girl I married would be carefree; a girl who loved to laugh. Not a girl who had a bookcase of planners and freaked out when her life plan changed slightly.

The thing is, this month is supposed to be about finding out why I did just that- I married her. Now, instead of lusting after her even though I know that I won’t be getting anything for at least the rest of this month. I need to think about what made me walk into a chapel with a quarter and say, “I do”.

How do you fall in love with someone in a month? I guess, there will always be things that we are finding out about each other. Like, what movies we haven’t seen that the other thinks are just a crime against humanity.

Did I want to though? Is she the woman that I want to do that with? Is the girl that I want to have kids with?

As I scrolled through Twitter, I saw the fan’s comments about my marriage.

Why are they still even married? It was a drunken night in Vegas. There was a chapel right across the street from the party they were attending.

Her parents are bat-shit crazy. Making them stay married for a month? There is no way in hell to fall in love with someone in a month.

Niall, you probably won’t see this. That’s okay. I don’t care what you do about Ori. Those people trying to control your life don’t care about you. Real fans just want you to be happy.

I smiled and clicked the like button, following her. I probably just made her day, and that excites me.

Opening a tweet, I breathed a big sigh.

I’ve ‘partied’ in Vegas almost every time I’ve been there and been just as drunk. What made me walk into a chapel with her? If the hate could stop so I could figure that out, it would be greatly appreciated.

My phone blew up as I strummed on my guitar. My phone rang, making me look at the caller ID.

Seeing a picture of Theo and Greg that I had taken take over my screen, I smiled and answered.

“So, my baby brother is married and I wasn’t the best man. I’m hurt, but I’m more pissed that we had to find out from some damn gossip magazine.”

“I wasn’t sure that it was necessary to tell ya until you knew. You found out the day it happened. We went to her sister’s wedding that following day. Greg, I love ya, but I don’t really want a lecture right now. I just want you to answer this question,” I asked, looking at the guitar in my hands.

“How did ye know that Dani was the one?”

“You can’t possibly be thinking she’s the one, ya muppet,” Greg said, making me roll my eyes.

“When I bring her to Christmas, are you all going to judge her and disapprove of her before even getting to know her? If so, we will just cancel the flights,” I threatened.

“We will behave, Niall, and we will give her a chance. Mum’s not happy though.”

“I have already talked to mum. I know how she feels about this whole thing. What she isn’t aware of is that her and Ori agree on it,” I said.

“Wait, what? Ori thinks this staying married for a month is stupid too?”

“Yeah. She does. Her words were: ‘There is no way you can fall in love with someone in a month’s time, but what you can do is develop feelings for them. That’s gonna happen. I’m going to develop feelings, and then Niall is going to leave and tour the world and forget about me’.”

It was silent on the other side of the line.

“Greg? Ya there?”

“Yeah… um… sorry. So, what you are saying is that she didn’t want this? That she isn’t some girl who just wants the fame and money.”

“She hates fame and is doing just fine without my money. You really think I would agree to this if I thought that’s what she wanted? Great to know you have zero faith in my judgement,” I spit.

“Niall, that’s not what I was saying-”

“Sounded like it to me.”

“Look, just bring her to Christmas. We’ll all make our opinion on her then.”

“Sounds good. I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.”

“Oh, and Niall?”


“To answer your question, you just kind of… know. It sounds cliché and stupid, but you do,” he said.

“Thanks, love you.”

“Yeah, love you too.”

We then hung up, I set the guitar down, and decided to go home a little early. To be honest, Ori and I haven’t even started packing yet and it needs to be done.

I hopped in my Range Rover and drove off.

With One Direction being on break, the press kind of died off of me a little bit. They were focused on other people, and people eventually got bored of me playing golf so they stopped following me around where I could sneak into the studio unnoticed, except when I randomly dropped This Town a couple of months ago.

When I arrived home, I was shocked at the sight that my eyes had set on.

Dancing around to a song I immediately recognized as Act My Age, was Ori wearing short pajama shorts, a white button-up shirt, and Christmas socks. She was holding a hairbrush and was belting out the lyrics as she skipped around with a smile on her face and her ponytail keeping her hair out of her face.

I leaned against the doorframe with a smile on my face.

This is why you ended up in a chapel. You saw the carelessness in the careful girl.

The song changed into a slower one, so she pretended to slow dance. She obviously hadn’t seen me yet. I stopped what I was doing and joined into her arms- as cliché as I could make it.

“Oh my goodness! How long have you been home?” she gasped, laughing.

“Not too long. Nice dance moves. We should definitely do that when we come back,” I said, laughing.

She started laughing and we continued to dance to this slow song. It was goofy and nowhere near perfect, but as I looked in her eyes, I saw everything I wanted in a girl.

I saw carefree girl who loved to laugh… she just needed someone to make her ditch the plans and laugh.


Hello, everyone!
You all probably know what song/artist the description is. :)
Niall and Ori are about to go to Ireland. :D
Well, let me know what you all think!!


I’m so happy you finally updated! And I’m so sad for her!!!

Congratulations on your niece :)

Ughh why did Luke just leave her wtffffff?!

Please update! This is so good, I’m on the edge of my seat!

Oh snap! Go get it, Luke!!

I can’t believe this is heading to it’s ending!! But I am excited for Ellen show lol