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A Month In Sin

11. Meeting the Group

Niall’s POV
We landed in London slower than I would prefer. I hate airplanes, which is understandable as much time as I have to spend on them with my job.

Stepping out, I stopped and took a deep breathe, the crisp London air filling my nostrils. London had a unique smell, but it was home.

“Ah. I missed this place,” I sighed.

Ori was silent as she took in the beautiful scene around her. It was around Christmas time, so London was lit up even more so than usual.

We kept walking towards the airport entrance, everyone around us catching eye of who had just landed. The security guard rushed us outside, where it seemed everyone was waiting.

“Niall! Is this your new wife?” a pap asked.

Obviously, dumbass.

“What is your name love?” another asked.

Ori Horan.

The press section wasn’t what I was really worried about because it wasn’t that big. It was the screaming fans that had started as soon as the press ended.

“Niall! Can I get a picture?”

“Niall! Why did you marry such an ugly girl?”

“Ew. You’re such a whore.”

I tuned out the rest, not even wanting to hear the awful things they were saying.

Ori was silent for the ride home, which was understandable with the terrible things she just had heard.

As soon as the SUV was pulling into my driveway, I saw the boys’ sleek cars and hoped my Range Rover was okay. I was nervous about coming home, as was Ori.

What would they think of us? Of her?

I didn’t know what would be running through their minds.

I opened the door after taking a deep breath, ready to face the news that had to happen one day.

“Niall!” Liam yelled once he saw me enter the familiar home.

“Hey, Li, where is Cheryl and Bear?” I asked, noticing they weren’t around.

“She’s changing him.”

I nodded and Ori stepped in, making everyone quieten. The only sound was the television playing and Cheryl entering the room once again with Bear in her arms.

“Um. Lads, this is Ori, my um wife, I guess.”

Ori smiled softly. It wasn’t her usual bright smile.

“Hi,” she said so quietly where you could barely hear her.

Everyone looked confused and worried. I’m curious where the outspoken and controlling Ori went, because this is most definitely not her.

Ori suddenly walked away, me following her.

“Niall, where is my room?” Ori asked once we reached the hallway.


I pointed to the first door that I knew was a guest room. She opened the door and walked in, about to close it in my face before I stuck my foot in the way. I stepped in and then closed the door behind me.

There was an awkward silence between us and the room was full of tension.

“Ori, what’s wrong with you?” I finally spoke up.

“Nothing. Why would anything be wrong?” she asked, lying through her teeth.

“Ori, we’ve been over this.”

She stopped unpacking and turned on her heels where she was facing me.

“Oh. We have, Niall? No. We haven’t. We’ve discussed that you can read me easily. We haven’t talked about how I left the only support I have for this and she’s across the entire world. We haven’t talked about how I packed up everything and took off for you,” she yelled.

My body froze, but it clicked in my mind immediately who she was talking about.

“You miss Eris.”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“It’s not like she’s my sister. Of course I do. We shared a room until we were ten. We’ve done everything together. Hell, Niall, we got married together! Do you think I’m gonna be able to just leave her behind easily?” she asked.

“I did,” I whispered.

She looked at me with narrow eyes, until it clicked that I wasn’t talking about Eris. When she came to this realization, her mouth parted slightly in disbelief.

“Are you seriously saying that you leaving for the X-Factor and me leaving for this is the same thing?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yes. You left your family, as did I, Liam, Harry, and Louis.”

“Niall, are you even serious right now?”

I was getting angry. They are the same exact fucking thing.

“They are the same thing, Ori,” I yelled, voicing my thoughts.

“No they aren’t, Niall!”

I wasn’t expecting her to yell back, so I was stunned for a second, which she used to her advantage.

“You know what the difference is Niall?”

There was a small pause, and I’m sure the boys would be listening as they could hear this from the living room.

“You all left your home to follow your dream. I left so my sister could finally have her happily ever after. I left because I see how real Eris’s smile is with Luke instead of that fake one she used to pull every single damn day. I left because I had to. You had a choice. I did not.”

There was not a sound in the house, not even the television downstairs.

I didn’t respond, because I honestly didn’t know how to. I just walked out of her room and back to where everyone else was.

As I entered, I saw everyone look at me.

“Do not judge her based on today’s actions. I promise ya will like her soon. Let her get over the separation and she will be normal. Well, she’ll be as normal for her,” I whispered.

No one moved or said a word.

I sat down, grabbed the remote, and turned on the Derby game that was being played. Ori would come around soon and get used to the separation from Eris. She just needs a little bit more time, which is understandable.

I just hope the guys and my family will like her in the end, because she is a beautiful lassie.

Who knows?

I might just start liking this kill-joy, control freak of a girl.


:) Hello, my lovelies!!
I know that it's been two years, and we both apologize. @CaptainHawkeye had a precious little boy who is now a year old. She didn't really edit or write when she was pregnant because she was either busy or was sick.
Don't worry though. With him being a year old, he isn't as clingy (I said AS @CaptainHawkeye) lol. Now, he's just a mess who wants to play tag with us. Lol. So, we both have more time for writing!
Love you guys! We are both so excited to be writing this story again!!


I’m so happy you finally updated! And I’m so sad for her!!!

Congratulations on your niece :)

Ughh why did Luke just leave her wtffffff?!

Please update! This is so good, I’m on the edge of my seat!

Oh snap! Go get it, Luke!!

I can’t believe this is heading to it’s ending!! But I am excited for Ellen show lol