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A Month In Sin

12. What's To Come

“Day three, I’m wondering if she should’ve married Michael.”

At the sound of Luke’s grumbling, I rolled my eyes and sat up right, looking directly into the camera at the future viewers.

“Just because I enjoy playing video games doesn’t mean I should marry him,” I informed them. “I mean, it’s not unnatural for a woman to enjoy games, right?” I looked back to Luke with a smirk. “And you may say that now, but what was it you were saying this morning?
Before Michael and I bonded over Infinite Warfare? Oh yeah. Right. You were happy.

“That was before you spent the entire day having more fun with Michael than me.”

I rolled my eyes. “You know, I didn’t realize I would have to be the man of this relationship.” I looked back to the camera. “He says this, but deep down, he knows we have way more fun when they leave to eat, call home, or whatever it is those fucks do while they’re out.”

Luke leaned forward. “We are not doing this for sex.”

I looked back up at him with a wry grin. “It does seem that way, doesn’t it?”

He shrugged. “Mom still isn’t convinced.”

“I promise, Liz, your son makes me happy,” I said, although I was getting a bit tired of trying to defend myself to Liz. She hadn’t seen these yet, and just like we hoped it would show the fans why we chose to do this if there was a good outcome to all of this, we hoped she would see, too.

For the sake of Luke’s life, we weren’t gonna show these to my dad.

“Yes, Mum,” Luke agreed, and he put his elbow on my shoulder. “I do. As does Michael.”

I rolled my eyes. “You know it’s unhealthy to only have one person in your life that makes you happy? You don’t see me getting upset that the guys make you happy.”

“They’re my brothers,” he reminded me. “It’s different.”

“Isn’t marriage about becoming one?” I asked, and he looked confused, which only made me smirk. “Right, so wouldn’t that mean they’re my brothers, too?”

“Alright, I see where this is going,” he said, and he sighed. “You’re right. I don’t know. This is all so . . . crazy. I’ve had relationships before, but this is different.”

“Well, when you skip the year or so of dating, things tend to be a bit overwhelming,” I said, and despite the fact that I knew she was gonna see this later, I smirked back at the camera and started talking to Ori. “Especially if you’re a control freak. Hi, Ori!”

That made Luke laugh. “Should you really be antagonizing her? I just got a text from Louis, and it isn’t going well over there.”

I glared at the camera. “Ori, we talked about this! Behave yourself! Let yourself loose and have fun.”

“Babe, she’s not gonna see this until after the thirty days,” he reminded me, and I had known that, but it was easy to forget. “Shouldn’t you call her?”

I shook my head. “I can’t. I’ve never been away from her like this, and if I call her . . . I don’t know. I feel like I’m gonna get off this tour bus and fly out to London to see her.”

“Lucky for you, it requires a passport to do that, and since your name has legally changed, you’d have to get a new one with your new name, and that’s a long process in itself,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “You have no idea. But I guess you’re right. Calling her won’t hurt anything since I can’t go see her.”

We were both surprised by the knock on the door. Luke seemed surprised whoever was out there bothered to knock at all, but I didn’t know who might be out there.

When Michael poked his head in, he gave us both a huge grin. “Alright you two sluts. Ash and I are going to pick up some food before the show tonight. Calum is talking to his sister outside, so you’ve got about thirty minutes.”

“Thanks, Mikey,” I murmured, and I smirked back at the camera. “Well, guys, I guess that’s all for today.”

Luke leaned over my shoulder with an equally huge grin. “Gotta take every chance you can on a tour bus full of guys.”

“You’re the worst.” I paused the camera and shut the laptop, looking back up at Michael, who was still standing in the doorway. “What are you getting for food? I’m starving.”

“There’s a McDonald’s a few miles from here,” he said. “We were planning on eating while we drove around the city some. You guys wanna stay here or come with?”

“I’m staying here,” Luke snorted, and from the way he grabbed onto my waist, it was a bit hard to disagree.

One thing I had been looking forward to when realizing I was going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer was all the new places I was going to get to see. All of my life, I had lived in Vegas, and despite having money, we didn’t get to travel much with all the fears growing up.

So this was the first time Ori or I had been out of the city.

Still, being with Luke in this intimate way made me feel more loved and special than I ever had. If we only had thirty days, which would only be the case if he really got to know me and changed his mind, I wanted to spend my thirty days feeling good as much as I could.

Michael rolled his eyes and stepped back out, not giving me a chance to say anything. “You two are the worst!”

I wanted to say some smartass comment back, as those were my specialty, but Luke started ripping my shirt over my head before I got the chance. After that, I didn’t care about being a smartass.

My focus was on something much better.
*** They were gone longer than thirty minutes, but that ended up being a good thing. We were barely finished and getting dressed when they came back, yelling, “Alright, sluts! Time’s up!”

I rolled my eyes and opened the bedroom door, looking at a smirking Calum with a glare. “Is there food? I’m starving.”

“I’m sure you are,” he snorted. “We were gonna make you go out and get your own food, but then Michael reminded us you might not make it back, and he didn’t wanna lose his gaming buddy.”

Luke glared at his friends. “Right. No one was concerned that I might lose my wife?”

“Priorities, Luke,” Ashton teased, and while it made us all laugh, Luke wasn’t as amused.

I understood why, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t laugh about it with the others. This was overwhelming in a lot of ways, for both of us, but we were taking it a day at a time, and not too seriously.

That was the plan anyways. He wasn’t really finding this funny, even though it was all just a joke. He didn’t say anything mean, but he didn’t laugh and instead took the food Ashton was holding out for us.

Everyone could see he was ready for a subject change, so while he took my fries out and handed them to me, Calum cleared his throat and gave us just that.

“We’ve gotta get out there for sound check in less than an hour.”

Luke put a few fries in his mouth and nodded. “Right. Has Adam said anything about what we’re supposed to say or do?”

Michael shrugged. “I think he said something about talking to us after sound check? If anyone asks, yes, you fuck a lot.”

“Pretty sure that’s the opposite of what he’s gonna say,” Ashton said, looking over to Michael now with a frown. “You know how much he hates her.”

I nodded. “I get the feeling he’s not the only one.”

“Oh hell no!” Calum exclaimed, and he began laughing, rather hysterically. “You should’ve seen the people that approached us when we were getting food! They had so many questions about you! A lot of them were . . . less than nice.”

Of course I knew this was coming, but that didn’t make me feel any better about hearing it. Especially since they blew it off like it was nothing. On a daily basis, they had people saying all kinds of shit about them, either as a band or personally, and somehow, they were able to overcome it.

But was it as bad as what I was gonna get? What Ori was gonna get? What each One Direction girlfriend got on a daily basis?

It was something I was gonna have to get used to, just like they had. If there was any way this was gonna work, I would have to get over it.

First, I had to see some of it for myself, to get a good idea of what it was really going to be like.


Hello, everyone!
So, it's still xXFluffy_GruXx here, but my sister wrote this chapter, she just asked me to update it for her. Lol.
The description is from Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne.
Okay! So, my sister and I have both talked about it and we have decided that in order for us to know if people are actually still reading this, somebody has to comment and let us know. We will not be updating another chapter until somebody comments. This will be how it is for the rest of the story. It's not that we are desperate for comments, it's just we both appreciate feedback and it's been two years since we updated, so we aren't entirely sure if people are still reading this.
Thank you for understanding and we both REALLY hope that people are still reading this, just for the sheer fact that we both have MASSIVE plans for this story and we love writing this story together.
I hope to give y'all Chapter 13 soon! Love you guys!


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