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My Leukaemia Savior {Liam Payne}


Elena Hazel is a 21 year old with dark brown hair, most innocent brown eyes and tanned skin, but what happens when she finds out that she is falling for one of the most famous guys that is a part of the world's biggest pop star band and he feels the same way? Will she tell him that they can't be together because she will just end up hurting him? Or will she be with him for as long as she can before her time is up?

Liam Payne is in the most popular band, has great fans, great 4 best friends and a great life. what happens when he has to shoot a video in a hospital and meets somebody that is terribly ill? will he fall for her, will he help her? is she the one that makes him feel complete and has been waiting for?


Elena Hazel

Elena Hazel

very ill, wants to live her life like a 21 year old before her life ends, wants to be different, doesn't have any friends...never has, wants to know what love feels like

Liam James Payne

Liam James Payne

in a world wide famous band, likes to help people and make them feel happy, loves his job and 4 best friends and family...wouldn't have any other job in the world, wouldn't trade his life for any other



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