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My Leukaemia Savior {Liam Payne}

Chapter 1

Elena's P.O.V.

Doctor appointment after doctor appointment after doctor appointment that's all my life has been, I HATE hospitals, yet I have to go to one every day in the morning and to a last check up in the afternoon.
My name is Elena Hazel….that's it, no last name or anything, I chose it to be like that because I'm adopted, nobody knows because nobody hangs out with me, nobody WANTS to hang out with me because….I'm not "like" them. I just want a normal life….i want to be like everybody else and not have to go to the blimmen hospital every day!
Liam's P.O.V.

"LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Louis and harry are being mean to me again!!!" I chuckled from the hotel rooms living room at Niall whining at me again. I rolled my eyes when I heard Niall chasing them both through the hotel room.
I got up off the comfortable couch and walked toward were niall had them both trapped.
"Louis, harry, leave the poor boy alone" Louis and harry looked up at me with an amused smirk on their faces.
"yea- hey! I'm not a boy! I'm a man thank you very much, boys are like babies and I'm an adult" Louis, harry and I looked at each other than at niall who had his chest puffed out trying to prove his point, we than burst out laughing. We were all laughing that hard we were leant over clutching our stomachs.
After we had calmed down again we looked at niall and he had a confused look.
"what's so funny?"
"no offence Nialler but you acted like a boy not long ago, whining to me that these pair of ninnies" I said and pointed to the now annoyed glares of Louis and harry.
"were annoying you" I finished.
All three boys were glaring at me now and walking toward me. I stopped smiling and turned on my heel and bolted for the living room, I could hear the boys' footsteps following me.
'nearly there nearly there nearly there'
"hmmpfh" I fell to the floor after somebody tackled me. I looked behind me and seen harry smirking. I glared at him and rolled over so I was on my back. Not long after Louis and niall caught up and helped harry.
We were now all rolling around and wrestling each other. We were screaming at each other to get off and accusing each other of who was the biggest "boy" in the house.
"BOYS!! ENOUGH!!" we all froze in our positions and seen Paul standing by the door with his arms folded across his chest and his face showing a stern glare.
"PAUL!!!" I shot up and ran toward him, I tackled him to the ground and hugged him, I felt weight on my back and I knew that the boys had joined.
"okay boys get off of me" we all groaned but got off Paul.
"where's Zayn?" Paul asked, he's eye brows were furrowed a little showing his confusion and worry
"guess" Niall answered
Paul seemed to think about it for a little bit until he seemed to be able to place what we meant.
"he's with Perrie again, isn't he?" he seemed more relaxed now
We all nodded
Zayn and Perrie are inseparable, they are the most cutest couple I had ever seen, I want something like their love for each other, don't get me wrong, I loved Sophia but…I felt as if something was missing, I didn’t feel…complete? Yes that’s the word. But when Perrie and Zayn are with each other, I can see in their eyes that they ARE complete, they are 110% in love with each other.
'I just have to wait for the right person' I thought
"Liam?...Liiiiiiaaaaaaaammmmm….LIAM!!!!" I jumped in shock and put my hand over were my now accelerated heart was.
"hmmm?" I looked up and seen Zayn standing in front of me….wait Zayn? I thought he was out with Perrie? Huh…weird.
"did you get what we were saying?"
I furrowed my eye brows together. All the boys and even Paul sighed and rolled their eyes.
"he zoned out….again" harry said, obviously annoyed
"I did not zone out! And what do you mean by 'again'?" I started to get annoyed because the boys had said I wasn’t paying as much attention to anything anymore because of my break up with Sophia, I didn’t tweet as much anymore, I didn’t talk to anyone as much, I hardly spoke in interviews unless I was spoken to and apparently I get angry easier now…and that's not normal for me if that’s the case.
"never mind, just explain it again for him Lou" I looked at Paul to see him quiet annoyed with me. I than adverted my eyes to were Louis was leaning against the living room wall.
"Simon and the rest of his management team think it would be a good idea to do a cover of a song for the sick kids and older people in hospital which suffer from diseases that can't be cured, they think it would be nice also to go and visit them and even shoot our video there….with the people" I felt my confusion wash away when i noticed the words; hospital, sick, can't be cured and diseases.
I felt so sorry for the people in that hospital or any hospital for that matter.
"Li? What do you think of it?" I looked around at all the boys' faces and I can see that they really want to do this. I nodded my head.
"I'm in"



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