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Back For You


If you haven't read Another High School Love Story you better because this is the sequel the boys just got back from their Take Me Home Tour. Will Niall get Breanne back or will she just stay away? Just read to find out!


Andrea Summers

Andrea Summers

Is one of Breanne's BFF's and is also her hip hop dance partner. Andrea has fallen for Louis, but she doesn't know if he feels the same. She hasn't told Breanne about her and Louis , but will anyone know?

Ashleigh Strand

Ashleigh Strand

Yes this is Grand Slam Strand, she and the girls and may I boys have became close after there little incident at the resturaunt. She has taken a liking to one of the boys. Which one? Well you have to read to figure it out

Breanne Thomson

Breanne Thomson

Has changed a lot since Niall broke up with her but she tries to be the same old Breanne.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik

4/5 direction. Harry is the same cheeky curly hair boy that he was before becoming famous he is close to Breanne and has helped her through rough times, also he is still in love Natalie. Liam is too very close to Breanne after hanging out with Ashleigh a couple times he starts to like her. Will they ever have a relationship? Louis is probably the only person Breanne tells everything too, yeah sure maybe Natalie but she trust Louis more, he loves Breanne in a brother sister way and will protect her from anything that would hurt her. Zayn is also very close to Breanne but he gets close to a certain girl while the group hung out Zayn would sneak out to see her. They have been talking but will they make it official?

Monique Suarez

Monique Suarez

The girl that played laser tag with the boys and Gemma. But the boys didn't realize that Breanne and Monique knew each other. Monique was one of the many people to be there through the heart break. That meant she got closer with the boys, well besides Niall but she falls for one of the boys but who is it?

Natalie Barry

Natalie Barry

Is one of Breanne's BFF's. She always worries about Breanne because she realizes all the pain she goes through just by looking at her. Will there ever be a time where Natalie doesn't have to worry anymore

Niall Horan.

Niall Horan.

1/5 direction, the Irish cutie that girls love but there is only one girl he wants to be with. Will he be able to get his girl?


  1. Chapter One.

    Never ever look back again.

  2. Chapter Two

    Explanation? Am I ready?

  3. Chapter Three

    I'm glad you are safe now

  4. Chapter Four

    Something I regret saying..

  5. Chapter Five

    Wish he was here with me still

  6. Chapter Six

    The talk

  7. Chapter Seven

    Who is behind me?

  8. Chapter Eight

    Where do we stand?

  9. Chapter Nine

    They know now...

  10. Chapter Ten

    That alone feeling..

  11. Chapter Eleven

    The dream...

  12. Chapter Tweleve

    Wake up calls.

  13. Chapter Thirteen

    The love in his eyes

  14. Chapter Fourteen

    That's it!

  15. Chapter Fifteen

    Who could've done this to you?

  16. Chapter Sixteen

    The Victoria thing

  17. Chapter Seventeen

    Niall, listen to me.

  18. Chapter Eighteen

  19. Chapter Nineteen

    Why me?!

  20. Chapter Twenty

    Telling Louis...

  21. Chapter Twenty-One

    Flaws are perfection

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two

    Memories loved and cherished here.

  23. Chapter Twenty-Theee

    She actually did it...

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four

    What happened??

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six

    He is making something special for you.i

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

    How Bree met Zayn.

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eighth

    Bree meets Liam.

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Bree meets Louis.

  30. Chapter Thirty

    Bree meets Harry.


here's the link to the story!!!! Btw the link leads to the chapter after bree meets Harry, soooo the next chapter.


I really hope you guys read the comments because this is Breanne.... Or as you know me as Bree_Horan13 . I had to make a new account so I'm going to repost this story onto this account so don't be confused when you see another story like this one.. Anyways I hope you guys actually do read this.
OfficiallyBreee OfficiallyBreee
Seriously! And AWESOME :D
Haha I know right?! It's like 'da fuck?! You are just pissing me off saying I'm pissed. Maybe I'm not?! Huh!! Do you think that!?" Lmao xD ps I'm almost done writing the next chapter!(:
Bree_Horan13 Bree_Horan13

AWWWW SHEIIIIIIITTTTT I get so pissed when people ask what's wrong with me, like BITCH, PLEASE! ain't nothing wrong with me, what's wrong with you?