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Mr.Veronica A/U

» »Chapter One« «

"Are you serious, Colt?" Ramona screamed at her boss. Yes, her boss. She had perks as an ex-girlfriend. Usually it'd work as the opposite but with a past as tangled as Colt and Ramona had, the terms were very different.

Especially since Colt was constantly trying to relight their old fire.

"I don't know what you expect me to do! You walk in here with an outfit like that and you want me to keep my hands to myself?" He laughed incredulously. Ramona's jaw clenched and she narrowed her eyes into tiny slits.

"When dogs can't control their sexual urges we cut off their balls. If you want to find some help with your case of blue-balls then I suggest you find a porn site and fix it yourself." She spat out. Placing her arms on her hips she looked like a huge ball of angry energy but on the inside she was falling apart.

Colt hissed, his eyes losing their fire, but remained eye contact.

"Listen I don't want to fight like this. This is ridiculous-"

"No! What's ridiculous is the fact that you think you can throw me away one minute and then expect me to come running back to you when you want me again. That's bull!" Ramona interrupted him and smirked when she saw his eyes narrow.

Rama was losing her shit. Every time Colt touched her she was emotionally triggered. She couldn't stop herself from remembering every time he had before. Back when she had wanted him to. Back when she craved him.

Those days were gone and the pain was supposed to have gone with them. But it was still there, a twisted knife in her body every time she looked into that idiot's eyes.

He didn't deserve someone like her. She was the kind of girl you don't fuck around with. She knew that. It had been drilled into her since birth. She was enigmatic and perfect in every way. From every curl on her head to the tips of toes.

And Colt had taken advantage of her. That was unforgivable.

"So should I just come back later, or..." A pretty feminine voice rang out behind them and Ramona whirled her head around to see the slender girl simply standing there, waiting for them to tear apart the whole office.

Immediately, regret filled Ramona to the brink and she began making her way over to the intern that was set to come in today.

Bickering with your boss is no way to represent Cebson, Rama! And of all the days...

She silently scolded herself as she spoke to the new intern.

"Hi, I'm Ramona Saxes. I'm another personal intern here at Cebson Inc.... Mr. Hanson will be right with you." It took all the restraint in Ramona's body to say Colt's name without snarling.

"I'm Veronica Timmon. Thank you so much. I assume that you'll be the one showing me the ropes around here?" The new intern said, licking her lips and pushing her glasses up slightly. Ramona smiled as graciously as she could and nodded.

Veronica smiled back and walked confidently over to Colt and followed him into his office.

Ramona used the time to collect her thoughts, making the emotions of the moment fresh again. And before Veronica could even come back out she was slamming her work all over the place and thinking of a bar that she could get shit-faced in.

When work was over and the new intern was packing up her stuff, Ramona, being just a tad unsociable, did something unexpected.

She said "do you wanna come to the bar with me?"


So yeah this is the first installation to Mr.Veronica!! woohoo Thursday! Expect updates every other Saturday because I'm also working on Becoming The Badass (hint hint, nudge nudge). But yeah. What do you guess wanna see?

Should the chapters be longer? Shorter?
How do you like the contrasting characters of Zayn and Rama?
What's your opinion of Colt?



Little.things Little.things

Aww thank you :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

I love it so far .

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