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Mr.Veronica A/U

» »Chapter Two« «

Zayn's eyes opened slowly but then quickly scrunched back shut once the light hit them. His head began throbbing dully and his mouth tasted like shit. It was blatantly obvious he was hungover.

He tried to grab his white duvet and pull it over his head but was surprised and, frankly, a bit freaked out to find that he couldn't. Most of it was wrapped around Ramona Saxes.

His new co-worker at Cebson.

Cursing under his breath, Zayn checked himself to see if he was still dressed. Thankfully he was wearing lady pajamas. But he also had a prominent "morning wood" tenting the pjs.

Ramona groaned and turned over in his bed, making his heart leap out of his chest. He couldn't help but imagine her waking up and seeing him like this and the thoughts were enough to quickly urge him out of the bed and into the joint bathroom.

Raking his hands through his wig in a quiet panic, Zayn went over all the health textbooks he had to endure in high school and began pacing, remembering that getting blood flowing to the rest of his body was key.

He mumbled curses to himself as he went over the blurry details of the day before, despite the pain it caused him. Ramona had been pissy all day, slamming books and folders and glaring at Mr.Hanson's room like she wanted to melt it with him inside. He recalled the loud discussion she had been having with Mr.Hanson before he had interrupted.

After work, she had invited Zayn to go to a bar with her as an apology for her behavior. The night got wild sometime around 8. A lot earlier than he was used to. Ramona was all over the place and him, slurring and dancing and drinking some more. He had a couple drinks himself, just enough to get loose and happy and vaguely remembered sharing a wet smooch with the extremely attractive curly-haired girl.

Zayn cursed and slammed his palm into his forehead despite his better judgement. He had to get her out of his head if he was going to get out of his early morning prickly situation.

Ramona woke slowly from the dream where she was drunk off her ass and had passionstely kissed the new intern. Groaning loudly, she felt like she was aching all over. The lights were too bright and her head was being pounded inward.

She pulled the soft white covers over her head and- wait white? Her comforter was deep blue. Ramona pulled everything together at that moment.

She was experiencing an awful hangover. She was in a room that wasn't hers. She had been drunk off her ass last night. And that also meant she had made out with Veronica.

Oh for fuck's sake!

The door to her right slowly opened and Ramona slowly peeked her face out of the duvet and pursed her lips when she saw Veronica, staring at her through the doorway to the bathroom.

"Hey." Veronica said shyly. She obviously remembered what had transpired between the two of them.



Tiny and awful but I have a lot to do today and it's snowing again so I'm on a tight schedule. Sorry there was no update last week. Had things to do. Basically February was awful.

Hello March!!!

Love y'all!!! I might update next week to compensate but definitely updating BTB next week



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Aww thank you :)

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I love it so far .

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