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Mr.Veronica A/U

» »Prologue« «

Zayn wasn't quite sure what attracted him to the role of Veronica Timmon in The Best Day Ever, a comedy due to come out in early 2016. Maybe it was her ability to make any situation better with just a few words. Or maybe it was her loud personality, such a contrast to his own reserved persona. Or perhaps it was simply the fact that the producers and directors wanted the role to go to a male.

Whatever it was, it was sure biting him in the arse now. He was currently in his new apartment's bathroom trying to fathom how he had gotten himself in such a predicament. All he wanted was a break. Not an internship at Cebson. Not an upscale apartment. Not a fool-proof disguise. Definitely not a freaking bra.

A break. Plain and simple.

Zayn silently cursed Shelby as he rolled his shoulders around, trying to get used to the straps that constricted him in various places on his chest. If this was what a regular bra felt like he was afraid of lingerie. He sympathized with the female race. No wonder they fought so hard against sexism.

After a few more moments of grumbling Zayn finally began doing his makeup. He wasn't exactly a genius in this field but at least he wasn't completely hopeless. He wasn't about to make his cheeks extra red and his eyelids blue.

He was going subtle with low-key eyeliner and mascara (which was a lot harder than he expected) and pale pink lips. Once he was done stabbing out his eyes a few times he had to give himself some props, he actually looked pretty hot.

He sighed and reached up to take away the bobby pins that held up his realistic wig. Immediately the hair fell in soft curls that framed his face and tickled his back. He grabbed one of the many new bottles on his vanity and opened the cap, letting the cool oil form a small puddle in his hand. Zayn pressed it into his hair, scrunching it up a few times to spread it faster and get more volume like his stylist had taught him.

Now came the fun part. He grabbed the salmon-colored shirt, no, blouse, that he had casually tossed on his towel rack and slipped it over his tattoo-littered arms, buttoning it over his torso and hiding the offensive mechanism on his chest. He grabbed a dark blue skirt next and slipped it on over his newly-shaven legs (luckily he got to keep his boxers) and tucking the blouse in it.

Next, he took a string of pearls and clasped it around his neck, arranging it so that the went under his collar flaps and rested against his open skin. He narrowed his eyes slightly to accurately put his new black studs in his ears. Behind him, Zayn saw the heels that he had been forced to wear for his first day. He grimaced at them.

Even though he had practiced in heels for weeks now he still felt shamefully gawky in them, especially since they added to his height. Still, he sucked his disapproval up and strapped the death-traps on.

Slowly walking into his bedroom, Zayn gave himself a good look in the mirror. He had to admit, he was sexy as a girl. But that was to be expected. He had big eyes and long eyelashes, pouty-looking lips and soft caramel-colored skin. Hell, even as a man he was sure girls were envious of him. Those who weren't lusting after him, that is.

Zayn's phone buzzed on the other side and Zayn strode toward it , his steps slow and calculating so that he wouldn't fall and break his neck. When he reached his device he quickly let it scan his thumb print so that he could get to the message. What he saw made his jaw clench angrily.

Shelby a.k.a The Devil:
Hurry up Veronica. Don't wanna be late for your first day.

Zayn rolled his eyes in agitation and hastily replied. In his opinion she was enjoying his anguish way too much.


It was probably his weakest response ever but one-one-worded answers that didn't give anything away were his only immediate defense against her upper hand.

He just needed to figure out how to spin this back on her.


So this is really different than anything I've ever seen or done before so yeah hope it's not a bust. It'll be a little weird and awkward at moments but hopefully also really wonderful and cute. <-- my specialty. ;)

Enjoy the ride. - That_Pizza_Life



Little.things Little.things

Aww thank you :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life

I love it so far .

elasticheart. elasticheart.