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His or Mine?

Getting Comfortable

Authors note. This is still the flashback to 2012
Liam's POV

"So what's your story?" I asked Michelle as we sit outside on the rocking chairs enjoying the beautiful weather. That surprisingly was nice considering were in Canada, and in Canada during fall time it could snow.

"What do mean?" She responded back with a giggle at the end.

"I mean...like how'd you and your family decide to move here? Childhood? Your life story I guess, let's just get to know each other...neighbor." I replied nudging her arm with my elbow.

"Well. Okay. My name is Michelle Williams. My sister is Skylar Williams My dad's name is David and my mom's name is Marina. I was born in Orlando, Florida & I have grown up there for 15 years. I moved up here a little before my 16th birthday, at first I hated the fact of leaving my family and friends but when we got in the road, my feelings changed. So yeah, my favorite color is Purple, my favorite animal is a dog, my favorite food is froot loops, my favorite number is 6, my favorite hot drink is tea with 3 sugars and my favorite cold drink is water. So yeah, anything else?" Michelle smiled.

"No. Well at least not for now." I replied, still trying to take in all of what she just said.

"Okay! What about you?" Michelle questioned.

"Well. My name is Liam Payne, my mom’s is Karen, my dad's name is Geoff, and I have two older sisters Ruth and Nicola. I was born is the U.K and I moved here two years ago as well. My favorite color is Red, my favorite number is 27, and my favorite animal is a dog too. My favorite hot drink is a tea with a splash of milk and 3 sugar. My favorite cold drink is water. And yeah. Anything else?" I asked her.

"No. For now I'm good. So why did you move to Canada?" Michelle asked me.

"My mom got a better job offering so of course she only wants what is best for us, and what is best for us is moving to Canada. I absolutely hated the idea of moving, but something changed when we were coming up here. And now I see why." I say as I look into Michelle's eyes. She's wearing a nice shade of blush if I do say so myself and I do.

"Okay...that was sweet." Michelle says smiling while looking down.

"Liam, you’re staying for dinner. Our parents really hit it off. And by the look of Chelle's face...I can tell you two hit it off quite nicely." Skylar says to me. She looks over at Michelle, throws her a wink and goes back in the house.

"Okay then....your sister seems nice." I say to Michelle

"Yeah. She's a couple months younger than me so we get along really well, we are really close!" Michelle exclaims.

Michelle & I talk for a while longer, laughing and having a really gray time. Skylar comes back out to tell us that dinner was ready. Michelle and I got up and went and sat at the dinner table along with the others. We had the two men at the head of the table. Next to them their wives. Then I sat across from Michelle and Skylar.

"So. Skylar told us that you and Michelle were talking up a storm out there." Michelle's mom says to me.

"Um. Yeah. We were just getting to know one other." I respond back with a polite smile.

"Well that's just great! I'm so happy that Michelle has made a new friend!" Marina, Michelle’s mom exclaims.

“Same for Liam! I’m so happy Liam made a new friend!” My mom says.

“Moomm… I have plenty of friends. I have Louis, Zayn, Niall & Harry. Remember them? Best friend since forever ago?” I ask my mother, clearly embarrassed by the things she is saying.

“Yeah! But this is a….. Girl!” My mom says excitedly.

“Moommm, come on. Stop embarrassing me!” I say clearly annoyed, but I add a little chuckle at the end to make it seem like I was joking.

“Liam! Stop talking to your mother that way. Mrs. Payne continue on embarrassing Liam over there.” Michelle with a huge grin on her face enjoying the embarrassing stories my mother is telling. My mother continues to tell embarrassing stories about my childhood, and Michelle is way beyond enjoying it. But at the end of the night, we have all enjoyed ourselves and we all had a good time getting to know each other.

"Michelle please! Call me Karen. Mrs. Payne is my mother" my mom says smiling.

“Well! It was nice to meet you all! I’m glad we did this! We will defiantly do this again, and this time at my house.” My mom says while hugging Marina, Michelle, Skylar, & David.

“Deal! I had a great time! It was lovely.” Marina says while hugging me, & Geoff. We all said our goodbyes and with that my family walked back to our house, heading to bed. That night I went to bed thinking of Michelle, and how much more we could be than friends.


Hey guys!! Its been a MONTH! OMFG! I'm so sorry. It was so hard writing this chapter. But here it is! I hope you enjoy it. Now if your confused about the story, (because I am) I'll explain it here. So the first chapter (and this one) are both flashbacks to when they both moved to Canada. I think I might do one more flashbacks with Chance in it? Like about how I met her? What do you guys think? Let me know. Another flashback chapter, or nah? Please comment below!! Thanks guys!!

Also, what do YOU think should happen next? COMMENT!! RATE! SUBSCRIBE! I love you all! Muaahh!!


You're welcome!

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Okay cool! Your suggestion is taken into account! Thanks!

You're welcome! I think you should do a flashback to show how she met Chance.

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Any ideas as to what you think about the flashbacks again?


Damn autocorrect! Thanks for telling me! And thanks for the compliment! Muah!!