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His or Mine?

Setting up

Unknowns POV

Michelle Williams, a beautiful, optimistic, independent, 17 year old girl from Florida. She had moved up north when she was 15. She hated the idea of leaving all her friends and family of 15 years in the place she had grown up in. But when Michelle and her family left for Canada, she felt something change. She no longer felt sad, she almost felt...happy. It's like she could feel what was going to happen in "The Great White North" well that's what people call Canada. Michelle was getting more and more anxious the closer & closer they got to the boarder. To everybody else on this road trip, it was pure 22 hours of hell. Traveling cross country to Canada from Florida in a PT cruiser with 3 other people's luggage plus there "carry ons" wasn't ideal. But Michelle made the most of it, she plugged in her ear-buds to her iPhone and blasted music into her ears and just left herself thinking of what could be "calling" her to Canada so dearly.

Liam Payne, a handsome, smart, optimistic and mature 18 year old boy from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. His mom got a job in Canada that offered more money & benefits. Of course she took because she wanted to support her family through thick & thin, even if it meant moving to Canada. The Payne family packed up their things and moved to the "Frozen Tundra" Which is what Liam liked to call Canada. He didn't want to move at all, leaving all his childhood, memories, friends & family behind was not what Liam wanted to do. But what was to do, at the time he was just a 16 year old boy, who had no say in what was going to happen. It was primarily the parent’s choice, the kids had little to NO say in what was to happen. Liam was on the plane when, He started to sing a different tune, he had a little more spring in his step, Liam was actually going to give Canada a chance, he was thinking of all the positive things that could happen in Canada.


*Flashback to past (2012)*

Michelle’s POV

“Chelle! Get your ass down here, and help with the unpacking!” I heard my mom call me from downstairs. I groan loudly and get off my computer, and walk down stairs. My sister Skylar is helping my dad in the kitchen, my mom is in the living room unpacking the pictures, throw pillows, and blankets. I walk across the living room and start to help put the pictures on the mantle.

“Hey mom. Where do you want this one?” I hold up a photo of my whole family. All the cousins, aunts, uncles, when I mean whole family I mean everyone.

“Um. Put that one in the middle sweetie.” My mom says. I gently place the photo in the middle of the other photos that were already up there.

“Okay that’s the last box for the living room!” My mom says as she throws the last pillow on the couch. The living room was finished, to the left a beautiful bay door with the sheer white curtains flowing in the fall breeze, we have a beautiful slate grey couch with the black & white accent pillows and blankets. We have a charcoal black love seat sitting next to the grey couch, and a snow white oversized chair. The sitting places are placed in like a u shape, directly in front the couch, well a little way forward. Was the mantle with the TV mounted above it. Our house was coming together, finally.

“Let’s go see if Skylar and dad need help in the kitchen.” My mom suggest, I nod and we walk across the tiled floor to the kitchen. We walk in to the Red, and silver kitchen. All the appliances were stainless steel. The toaster, tea kettle, blender, food processor, and the tassimo were all red. The towels and such were black. There was one box on the island that had contained the dishes, the box was now empty. So I’m assuming that they were done in here as well. I mean we have been here for 24 hours now, and were almost done. The movers had come and placed all the furniture, all we had to do was unpack the boxes. The only room left was, Mine, Skylar’s, the dining room & the bathrooms. We also have to hang all the photos we have. My parents had set up there room the day we got here.

“Hey! We came to see if you needed help?” my mom asked my dad.

“Hey honey. I think were just about done here. Right Sky?” My dad directs towards Skylar.

“Yup! Were done in here Mom.” Sky says to our mom.

“Okay, girls why don’t you go finish unpacking your rooms, while dad and I make lunch, okay?” my mom says to us.

“Okay mom. Call us when lunch in ready!” I shout as my sister and I run up the stairs.

“Mich! Will you help me unpack my room please? I’m no good at organization, you know that.” My sister asks me. My sister and I are super close, we tell each other everything, no secrets.

“Sky...I have to unpack my room too.” I whine to her.

“Come on, you know you want too.” She says with those damn irresistible puppy dog eyes. She knows I can’t resist them. Ever since we were little.

“Damn it Sky! Fine let’s go.” I say as I grab her wrist and pull her to her room, which is directly across from mine.

“Skylar! Have you done any unpacking?” I say as I look around her room and see nothing but boxes.

“Yeah! I unpacked my pillow and blanket.” She says with a smile.

“So you’ve unpacked a third of one box, you have 4-5 boxes in here!” I say to her, with a laugh at the end.

“Yeah, so we have 5 and 2/3 boxes left to unpack! Let’s hustle sis!” Sky says as she grabs a box and plops it on her bed. We spend about a good 30 minutes unpacking boxes, we have 1 box left. The time flew by, we had music on, and we were singing and dancing around as we unpacked.

“LUNCH!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs. We turn off the music and push the last box we have in the middle of the room and we go down stairs to the dining room to eat.

“Tuna salad on buns with potatoes chips.” My mom announced as she puts the plates down in front of us.

“Thanks mom!” Sky and I both say at the same time. We eat in silence but it’s not that awkward silence, it’s a comfortable silence. We finish eating and we all take our plates to the kitchen and place them in the sink, my dad volunteers to do the dishes so we shall continue to finish unpacking Skylar’s room and then mine. As were walking past the door, there was a knock.

“I’ll get it!” I announce as I walk over to the door and open it. Before me there this beautiful older women, next to her I see an older gentleman about the same age as the women, and in front I see this beautiful boy, about my age maybe a year or two older, he is damn fine though.

“Hello!” I chirp to the family standing there.

“Hi there! Well, were your neighbors across the street. We just moved in as well. We’re the Payne family, I’m Karen, this is Geoff my husband, and this is our son Liam, we also have two daughters but there out right now. We baked you some cookies.” Karen says with a big smile, there all actually smiling and Liam has a perfect one.

“Well come on in! I’m Michelle just by the way. Were just finishing up unpacking, but were almost done.” I say as I step to the side to let them in. They walk in and look around the parts of the house they can see.

“Mom, Dad! Skylar! Come here please!” I yell throughout the house, they all come into sight not long later.

“This is the Karen, Geoff, and Liam. They live across the street from us. They just moved in too!” I say as my parents and sister walk over to them as introduce themselves.

“Well, Karen! Let’s to enjoy these cookies and some tea, yeah?” My mom says.

“Of course!” Karen chirps as she follows my mom in the kitchen, not long later we hear laughing, I’m assuming they hit it off. My dad and Geoff have gone to the living room and they started talking send laughing. So now it’s Me, Liam, & Skylar standing there awkwardly.

“Well. It was nice to meet you Liam, but I have to finish unpacking. I’ll see you later.” Skylar says as she bolts up the stairs and leaves me with Liam.

“Well Liam. Wanna go outside?” I ask him.

“Yeah! It’s beautiful out there today.” Liam says as we walk outside. We sit in the rocking chairs on my front porch and we just sit there for a couple of minutes rocking and just enjoying the weather.

“So Michelle. What’s your story?” Liam asks me.


So heres my new story! I hope you all enjoy it! I deleted Midnight Memories, it really sucked. I'm not the best author but, I'm trying. Jamal says hey! As much of you know, Jamal is my boyfriend! We're home sick, it sucks but we're together! We are just about over the cold. Yay! But anyways! Comment, Rate, & Subscribe please! I love you all!


You're welcome!

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Okay cool! Your suggestion is taken into account! Thanks!

You're welcome! I think you should do a flashback to show how she met Chance.

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Any ideas as to what you think about the flashbacks again?


Damn autocorrect! Thanks for telling me! And thanks for the compliment! Muah!!