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His or Mine?

Making Friends

Authors note. Still a flashback to when Michelle and Liam met Chance. This is about a month after Liam and Michelle moved.


Michelle's POV

"Liam! I cannot watch that again! Please don't make me!" I whined with my famous pouty lip look.

"You’re lucky that look works on me. If it was ANYONE else, I wouldn't give in like this." Liam finally gave up. I just couldn't watch toy story for the 100th time today. It was movie day since my sister was at her friend’s house for the night and my parents left for a little getaway. It was about 5 in the evening and we were getting kinda hungry.

"Liam. Are you feeling hungry? Cause I'm starving!" I exclaimed

"Damn girl! We just ate like an hour ago. How the hell are you hungry again?" Liam asked with a look of astonishment of how I'm hungry again.

"Leave me alone. Goodness. I didn't ask how I'm hungry again. I asked you are you ready for some dinner. Are you feeling like pizza?" I asked

"Sure. What the hell!" Liam shouted

"K! I'll order just now! Be right back!" I yelled as I ran into the kitchen to grab my menu and the house phone. I dialed on the number and ordered an extra-large three meat pizza. I waited for the guy to tell me the total and then hung up, put the menu and phone away and ran back into the living room.

"They said about 15 minutes." I said

"K. Cool," Liam responded

About 8-10 minutes later we heard a knock. Assuming it was the pizza I grabbed the money from the counter and answered the door

"That was fas--" I stated with "oh hey there!" I said to the cute blonde girl standing before me with her family behind and beside her.

"Hi! I'm Chance, this is Jack my brother, Leah my sister, my mom Kendall, and my dad Jake. We just moved in right next store, so we thought we would say hi!" Chance exclaimed, they all smiled and waved.

"Hi! I'm Michelle and this is my friend --- Liam! I yelled. "One second." I smiled.

"Not enough money love?" Liam questioned before he saw who was at the door. "Oh hello." Liam says.

"Liam. This is Chance, Jack, Leah, Kendall, and Jake our new neighbors! They just moved in right next store. This my best friend Liam and he lives across the way. Come in, come in!" I say as I move to the side to let them in.

"My family isn't here right now. My parents are on a getaway and my sister is at a friend’s house for the night. So Liam and I are having a movie day." I smiled

"That’s fine. We just wanted to say hello and introduce ourselves. You have a beautiful home!" Kendall exclaimed.

"Thank you very much. So do you!" I complemented.

"Well. We will let you get back to movie day, we will come back another time to meet your family. It was a pleasure meeting both of you." Kendall says.

"Cool! My family will be so happy we have new neighbors! And the pleasure was ours. So um, Chance. Would you like to stay here with us? You seem around our age, we just ordered a pizza and were just chilling here, we can be your first friends in the neighborhood!" I offered Chance.

"You should stay sweetie! Met some new people. It'll be good for you!" Kendall says as she gently pushes Chance towards us. Chance looked at her mom with this "mom seriously" look.

"Sure...okay. It could be fun!" Chance says.

"Awesome! Well, were just a walk away if you need anything. Thanks for coming over to introduce yourselves! See you soon! Bye! I smiled and waved.

"Bye guys! Have fun!" Jake says. The rest of the family waves and leaves closing the door behind them. Chance, Liam and I walk back into the living room Chance on the love-seat and Liam and I on the bigger couch. Not even 2 minutes later the doorbell rings and I sent Liam to go get the pizza. Seeing that Chance looked shy and awkward, which seems weird because she was the one who introduced herself and her family, but none the less, I decided to make conversation.

"So Chance! Where'd you move from? I moved from Florida and Liam moved from England," I ask

"I moved from Nevada. You both moved from so far away! That's cool!" Chance says excitingly.

"I've never been to Nevada! How's it there?" I ask her

"Hot! But good. I loved it but my mom and dad had a "calling" to Canada. They like started seeing and hearing the word Canada all over so yeah. My parents both have good jobs, so I guess its okay. I mean, I miss my friends and family in the states, but we can always visit each other so it's fine." Chance explained. Liam had walked into the living room with the pizza. We sat down on the floor in a circle with the box in the middle of us.

"I think we should play like 21 questions. So we can get to know you better, and you can get to know us better. What do you think Chance?" Liam questioned. Chance nodded "yes" as she took a bite of pizza. We all sat around playing 21 questions and having a good time. We've learned quite a bit about Chance. She's a really nice & funny girl. She seems super cool!

"Wait wait wait. So you stuck your hand in the toilet? Why would you do such a thing?!" Chance said as she laughed uncontrollably.

"I was 5! I didn't know any better!" Liam laughed while trying not to spit out his pizza. It was about 11:45 and were still just talking away, and having a really great time.

"Chance. Would you like to stay the night? Liam is too. You can sleep in my bed with me and Liam can have the couch in my room." I asked

"Um sure! Cool!" Chance responds

"But Chelle's! I always get the bed." Liam pouted.

"Well. Since we have a guest, I will not let her sleep on the couch." I responded back to Liam.

"Fine! I'll sleep on the couch." Liam said as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Okay cool! Let's go to bed. I'm exhausted! I have pjs that will fit you Chance." I say

"K! Awesome! Thanks Chelle!" Chance replied. We all head up the stairs and walk into my room.

"Your rooms so beautiful!" Chance exclaims.

"Thanks doll!" I say back. My room is painted this really beautiful purple with my shimmer hint to it. In the middle of the back wall I have a queen size bed, with a purple and silver sheet set and matching comforter. Beside it I have my bedside table with my silver lamp on it. Also on it, I have my purple alarm clock and purple iPhone Dock. On the other side of my bed I have a standing purple mirror. In front of my bed I have a bench with a purple seat and sliver railings. To the left I have a balcony door covered with sheer silver curtains. To the right, I have huge bay window draped with sheer purple curtains. My dresser is located inside my walk-in closet which is just beside the balcony door. My en-suite bathroom is beside my actually door to enter my room, just a little to the right of it. Everything in there is purple and silver. I walk into my closet and grab some pjs for myself and Chance, and I grab sweats and tank from Liam's drawer in my dresser. I toss the sweats and tank at Liam as he walks into the bathroom to change and brush up. I go into the closet to change and chance changes in the room beside my bed. When were all done changing, we all get settled in ours beds and talk until we all fall asleep.

The next morning I woke up to Chance sleeping at my feet and Liam sleeping on the floor by my side of the bed. I grab my phone checking the time and seeing that it was only 10:46 am. I clicked it locked and put it back on my bedside table. I quirky get and go to the bathroom, I pee and quickly brush my teeth and pull my hair back into a high pony tail. When I walk out, Liam is back on the couch scrolling through his phone. He sees my walk out of the bathroom, waves hi, and gets up to hug me good morning and he walks into the bathroom. I grab my phone, and walk downstairs to the kitchen. I start up the coffee maker and shortly after Liam joins me, we both sit at the kitchen table waiting for our coffee.

"Hey babe, how was your sleep?" Liam questioned

"Fine, it was like any other." I responded. We continued to make small talk until the coffee maker beeped signaling that it was done. I get up grab two coffee cups from the cabinet and make up our coffee. I joined Liam back at the table as we drank our coffee, once again making small talk. About 10 minutes after, Chance walked into the kitchen and sat at the table.

"Good morning Chance." Liam and I both said simultaneously.

"Morning guys! Michelle I forgot to thank you for letting me join in with you guys and letting me stay the night." Chance says.

"It's not a problem at all! Your welcome all the time doll! Would you like some coffee?" I asked

"Yes please! 2 sugars please." Chance replied. I nod and get up to make her coffee. I hear Liam and her talking about something or another. I finish making the coffee and set the cup down in front of her. She thanks me and takes a sip.

"So what do you want for breakfast?" I ask them.

"Denny's!!" Liam replies excitingly

"Is that okay with you Chance?" I questioned.

"Yeah sure! Sounds great! I'll just go home, shower and get ready and met you both back here? Is that good?" Chance asked

"Sounds like a plan just let yourself in and make yourself at home!" I say as she gets up to put her cup in the sink. She hugs us bye, and says she'll be back in about 20 minutes. We agree as she walks out the door closing it behind her. Liam and I walk upstairs, I take a shower and get ready and go downstairs, while li takes a shower and gets himself ready. I decided on wearing just high waisted shorts with a pink shirt that's says "oh so chic" with my grey vans. I put my hair in a fishtail with mascara and some Eos lip balm. Liam had just started to walk down the stairs as Chance walked in all fresh and clean.

"Ready?" I ask. Liam and Chance both said yes and with that I grabbed my bag, making sure I have my phone and car keys. We all walk out the door, I close it behind us and lock up, before walking over to my Kia optima. Liam in the back as Chance called shot gun, "fancy" by Iggy azalea came on, I blasted it and pulled out of the drive way on our way to breakfast with our new friend Chance.


I have an update!!! Yeah! Finally! I'm so sorry guys, I've been stressed out lately, I got some news that I didn't want to hear, Jamal's arm is in a sling, my sister from Florida is coming to visit, and its the first time there meeting in person, Jamal's birthday is coming up soon, and yeah. But I updated loll. This is still a flashback to when Li and Michelle met Chance. Chance and her family moved about a month after Liam and Michelle. I love you all! Also, remember one direction is not famous in this story. And comment comment comment!!!! The next chapter will not be a flashback. It will be a present time thing, where everyone is the age it says in the characters summary!! What should happen next? Muaaah!!!!!


You're welcome!

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Okay cool! Your suggestion is taken into account! Thanks!

You're welcome! I think you should do a flashback to show how she met Chance.

Or Nah...Zayn Or Nah...Zayn


Any ideas as to what you think about the flashbacks again?


Damn autocorrect! Thanks for telling me! And thanks for the compliment! Muah!!