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Over Again

Chapter Two

Liam went back to his flat with faints thoughts about seeing Melissa. She looked different, more mature.

There was something in her eyes too that hadn’t been there before. The girl he had seen was definitely
Melissa, but she was older. Liam shook his head realizing how stupid that thought was. Of course she was older. They hadn’t seen each other in two years. Even when he went home he hadn’t ran into her, but he did see Megan once. Although she had hardly spoken to him, which was rare for her. Megan use to always ramble on when he was dating Melissa.

Speaking of Melissa, she had hardly spoken to him as well. She avoided looking at him at all costs. She couldn’t possibly be angry about their breakup. It was a mutual decision that she initiated. Yet it had been an icy wall between them. Granted he didn’t expect her to run to him with open arms. That would have been interesting to explain to Danielle.

“Melissa’s son was soooo cute,” Danielle gushed as she sat down beside Liam on the sofa. She snuggled into his side and sighed contently.

Liam chuckled, “He was a cool kid, but that wasn’t her son. Melissa doesn’t have any kids.”

Danielle pulled back looking up at him, “Then who’s little boy was that?” She asked confused.

He shrugged, “I’m guessing it was her nephew. She has an older sister.” Danielle shrugged as well snuggling back into place. “Let’s see what’s on the tele.” He grabbed the remote from the side table and began to flip through the channels.


It was the Monday afterwards when Liam was on Twitter replying to as many fans as he could. Danielle had rehearsal and he was free since they the Take Me Home world tour ended last week. As he took a glance at his timeline something caught his attention.

@MelWright: Classes and work today… Shoot me now.

She had been the one to introduce him to Twitter. She used to say it was great and the people were so cool. When he finally made his account he made sure to follow her. Curiosity got the best of Liam. He clicked on her profile and the twatching commenced.
Melissa Wright
Age: 18
DOB: 10/21/94
I’m just a single mother working my way through college.
James Hunter Payne-Wright is the light of my world.
Liam felt his eyes widen. Payne-Wright? Payne-Wright? PAYNE-WRIGHT?! He tried to hold back the panic as he looked at her tweets. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Payne was a common last name.

@MelWright: James ceases to meet a stranger. This kid is too friendly.

@MelWright: Oh my gooooosh Samson chewed up my teddy bear pic.twitter.com/p/pH87t

@MelWright: NEED to study for physics. @MegRWright come get your nephew!

@MelWright: Me: James did you have fun with @HandsomeMike ? James: Yep. Me: What did you do? James: Eat. That’s so much fun babe…

@MelWright: RT @MegRWright: @MelWright Your son said his dad is Batman.

@MelWright: Going home for the weekend. Home cooked meal must be waiting on me.

He realized that Melissa tweeted twice a day at the most and majority was about James. He had calmed down some when he read her tweet referring to him as a stranger, but then he saw what Megan said and the panic began all over again. Liam didn’t have time to hyperventilate before there was a knock on his door. In a daze he went and opened it. The blond Irish boy stood there in a white t-shirt and jean shorts.

“Ay mate!” he stepped inside without waiting to be invited in. “What are you doing?”

“Uh, nothing.” Liam answered in a cracked voice. He cleared his throat sitting back on the couch. Niall sat in the matching chair. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing really,” Niall answered with a shrug. “Zayn went to his parent’s, Louis is with Eleanor, and Harry is missing in action so I figured I’d come here.”

“So glad to be your fourth choice mate.” Liam joked. Niall coming over unannounced was a good thing. He was forced to forget about what he read.

They talked, ate, and watched the tele easily. When Danielle came home Niall left with talk about his brother. In all honesty he didn’t want to be the third wheel. Liam didn’t blame him for that.

“How was rehearsal?” he asked his girlfriend as she unwound.

“Tiring,” Danielle huffed. “The routines are really fun.”

“Ah, routines, I miss those. Perfectly timed steps.” Liam sighed and looked up aimlessly. Danielle laughed knowing he was referring to the group’s choreography on tour.

“I’m going to shower,” she kissed his cheek. “Try not to dance too much.”

“I can’t make any promises!” he called after as she disappeared down the corridor. Liam waited until he heard the shower running before pulling out his cell phone and going back to his Twitter app. He knew what he to do.


Melissa sat on her cream suede couch with her feet folded underneath her. She recorded James as he sang and danced along to the music streaming from the television. She had two hours before she had to be at work. Carmen was coming over to babysit. After thirty second she stopped recording deciding to upload the video. Her three hundred Twitter followers probably cared nothing about her son, but she continued to mention him endlessly anyways.

When the app loaded there was a blue light under the “Me” button. Melissa clicked on it to find a new direct message. She decided to read it although it was most likely spam.

Real_Liam_Payne: How have you been?

She froze staring at the screen. Her fingers hovered over the keyboard until someone knocked on her locked door. She set down the phone and went to answer. Her gorgeous best friend Carmen sauntered inside wearing a peach knot-tie backed shirt and denim skinnies. The shirt complimented her milk chocolate skin perfectly.

“Sorry I’m late,” Carmen apologized. “I was talking to a classmate and lost track of time.” She sat on the couch and sighed. “Where’s James?” she questioned looking around the small living room.

“He went to his room,” Melissa answered gathering her things. She worked as a receptionist at a medical clinic. That meant that she spent six hours sitting behind a counter getting paid to study at least four times a week.

Carmen nodded glancing at the round, wooden, coffee table where Melissa’s phone sat. She leaned forward to get a better view of the screen. She wasn’t trying to be sneaky at all.

“Why is Liam sending you direct messages?” Carmen questioned in a calm voice. Her occupied friend stopped her bustling to look at her.

“I ran into him yesterday at Tesco with James.” Carmen gasped, but Melissa shook her head. “I didn’t tell him and he didn’t ask. Honestly I don’t think it clicked in his head. Although his girlfriend was giving me a weird look.”

“He has a girlfriend?”

“Apparently. She’s pretty. Reminds me a lot of Leona Lewis.” Melissa felt herself getting sidetracked.

“Anyways I didn’t really talk to him, but he and James got on well. He’s probably just writing to catch up.”

“Well, why haven’t you replied?” Carmen asked as James entered. “Hey little man!” she opened her arms for the boy not forgetting that she still hadn’t gotten an answer. “You’re scared Mel. If you don’t respond and his girlfriend did somehow manage to figure it out then you’ll only make things more suspicious. Respond to him and if he does figure it out what’s the worst that could happen?”

“He could get super angry. His fans could find out and try to hurt James. It could hurt his career and that’s only naming a few things.” Melissa counted off on her fingers.

Carmen rolled her eyes, “You could realize that breaking up with him was a mistake.” She added in a sure tone. Melissa rolled her eyes kissing her son on the forehead and walking to the door. “Don’t ignore this Melissa!”

“Bye!” and she was gone. Carmen pursed her lips and looked down at James.

“Your mom has a serious complex.” She stated blankly. James shrugged climbing off her lap and onto to the couch. There was now a children’s network showing on the screen. “You have no clue what you’re missing out on kid.” Carmen sighed propping her legs on the table. She knew Melissa would never listen to her, but it was worth a try.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

please update and make a sequeeel!! xxxx
JulienneJames JulienneJames
I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
EmmaPayne EmmaPayne