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Over Again

Chapter Three

Melissa had been at work for an hour when she finally remembered the direct message. Girls all over the world would kill to be you right now and you’re avoiding him at all costs. She thought to herself as she typed out her simple reply.
MelWright: I’ve been good. How have you been? How is life treating you?
“There,” she said to herself. “That wasn’t so bad.” She placed her phone on the desk and peeped out of the sliding glass window that separated the waiting lobby from the receptionist office.
“What wasn’t so bad?” her blonde co-worker, Emily, asked as she took her seat. Emily was an administrative nurse. That meant that her job required mostly paperwork. If it was for her the clinic would be out of whack.
“Nothing,” Melissa answered looking down at her textbook and starting on her homework. She had answered the first question when her phone vibrated. She had a notification from Twitter. Subtly she checked it knowing it was a direct message.
Real_Liam_Payne: Life’s good although I could use a few more hours of sleep.
She silently laughed reading the message. He had the same sense of humor, but at least now she could relax. He just wanted to have a normal chat. She could do that without revealing too much.
MelWright: I think we all could use more sleep. I seriously underestimated the power of a nap when I was younger.
Real_Liam_Payne: Even when I met you in grade six your mom was still trying to convince you to nap every day.
MelWright: She’s a wise woman! I should have listened lol.
Melissa sighed as the remembrance of when she first met Liam came to her. It seemed so long ago and felt like yesterday at the same time.
A twelve –year-old girl stood in the arcade beside her old brother. She wore a vintage black Beetle t-shirt with blue jean shorts. Her arms were folded across her chest as she watched with an unpleasant expression.
“You don’t like this do you?” an unfamiliar boy around her age asked. She turned to look at him.
“I just wanted a pretzel. Not to stand in this arcade.” She responded. “I’m Melissa by the way.”
“Hi Melissa. I’m Liam.” He smiled at her and she couldn’t help but to smile back. “It’s not so bad if you actually playa game.” Liam motioned his head in an inquiring fashion. Melissa shrugged and followed him to one of the gaming machines. He fed the machine two tokens and placed her hand on the controls. “Like this,” he showed her how to play the game.
“This isn’t so bad,” Melissa agreed. It was ten minutes later and they pre-teens were enjoying themselves. Melissa laughed as Liam made a face of concentration because he couldn’t past a level.
“Mel, Mikey says we’re about to go. He has to get the car back to Mum.” Megan, Melissa’s sister who was two years older, informed her. Melissa pouted slightly and nodded. Megan shot a glance at the kid she didn’t recognize before shrugging and walking away.
“It was nice meeting you Liam,” Melissa took a step away from the game.
“Nice meeting you to Melissa. Maybe I’ll see you around.” They parted ways not seeing each other until two weeks later at the mall. They exchanged numbers then. Eventually they ended up at the same school when Melissa’s family moved into a new house. From that moment on her and Liam were best friends. They were fourteen when they became a couple. Two years they had put into their relationship before everything changed.
Melissa snapped back to the present as a potential patient approached the window. She greeted the elderly man with a smile waiting on him to speak. Once she had helped him and sent him on his way, Melissa checked her Twitter. There was a new message from Liam.
Real_Liam_Payne: It was nice seeing you Saturday. You look different.
MelWright: Thanks (I think). That’s what two years does to you. You didn’t look too bad either. Much more of heartthrob now.
Real_Liam_Payne: That’s what a stylist does to you. James was a cool kid. Is he your nephew?
Melissa froze with wide eyes. The conversation had shifted. Her son had been brought mentioned. It was too late for her to ignore Liam, but she was frightened of what else he might ask.
“Are you alright?” Emily asked her with a concerned expression. “Your breathing spiked. Is it James? Is he okay?” Everyone at the clinic was in love with her son. They thought he was the most adorable thing they had ever seen. Of course they didn’t have to deal with him on a daily basis.
Melissa quickly nodded, “I’m fine.” She lied forcing a smile onto her lips. She had to get it together. Liam was most likely just curious. She couldn’t exactly blame him.
MelWright: Thank you. He’s actually my son.
Real_Liam_Payne: Oh. Danielle said that but I thought she was wrong. How old is he?
MelWright: He turned two in March. Ever since then it’s been all downhill.
Real_Liam_Payne: Lol :) I need to ask you something, but I much rather do it in person. Are you free any time soon?
MelWright: I don’t work Wednesday and James will be with Megan. Does that work?
Real_Liam_Payne: Yes. Can we meet at one at Marcy’s?
MelWright: I’ll see you there. :)
Melissa sighed. She had two days to get it together. What does he want to ask me? She wondered for the rest of her shift. It was out of the blue really. How man y girls could say they ran into their ex-boyfriend after two years and he asked to meet up at Marcy’s? The fact that he suggested Marcy’s of all places had Melissa thinking as well. Marcy’s was a small vintage style burger joint. There weren’t many locations, but Melissa loved the placed. She dragged Liam there several times a month when they were together. Maybe he remembered that small bit of information. She wasn’t sure, but one thing was for certain. Melissa Wright was nervous.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

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I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
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