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Over Again

Chapter One

*Three Years Later*
Melissa was at the park with her two years old son. They had brought their dog, Samson, along. It was a beautiful September Saturday. Not too many people were at the park it wasn’t one of the more popular ones.
“No, Samson, no.” James fussed as the dog licked his face. “Ugh, gross. Look mummy.” He wiped his face and extended his hand towards Melissa.
She laughed, “Oh that’s nasty.” She grabbed a wipe out of the small backpack they had brought with them. “Here wipe your face.” She handed the smart toddler the wipe. “Go play James.” Melissa urged him. The brown haired boy nodded before running off towards the jungle gym. He quickly climbed the ladder before running to the slide and going down. He repeated the ritual three times before moving on. Kids were happy with such simple things.
Minutes later Melissa waited at the end of the tunnel slide as James slid down. She grabbed a hold of him lifting him in the air. They both laughed as she hitched him on her hip. He was perfectly capable of walking, but she liked to baby him while she still could. They headed to her black Volkswagen Bug. It took over five minutes for them to reach their flat. After securing Samson inside, they went back to the car.
“Where we go mummy?” James asked from his car seat in the backseat. Melissa looked in the review mirror.
“We’re going to the supermarket.” Melissa informed James with a smile as his eyes widened.
“I GET COOKIES!” he yelled excitedly. She laughed nodding.
“Yes you’ll get cookies.” The little boy was content with her answer. Eventually they arrived at Tesco. Melissa parked and cut the engine. She held the set back as James climbed out of his car seat with small steps. They gripped hands walking across the parking lot to the entrance. Grabbing a push buggy they went from aisle to aisle grabbing the needed things.
“Cookies!” James squealed pointing the familiar boxes excitedly.
Melissa rolled her eyes reaching for a box, “I’ve never known someone to get so excited by cookies. They’re just cookies. You eat them and that’s it.” She tossed the box in the aisle rounding the corner when her buggy collided with another.
“Oh my gosh,” the curly haired biracial girl covered her mouth with wide eyes. “I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”
Melissa shook her head, “It’s fine really. I think I’m actually the one who ran into you.” The girl was about to protest, but was cut off by James waving at her with a smile.
“Hi,” he wore a wide smile. The girl turned to him and smiled as well. She bent forward placing her hands on her knees so that they were near eye level.
“Oh you’re so handsome.” She gushed. “What’s your name?”
“James,” the two years old answered rocking side to side. Melissa smiled at her son. He was so adorable.
“Oh that’s a nice name. I know someone named James.” She continued the conversation as a guy with quaffed brown hair rounded the corner holding a large bag of crisps.
“Oh here you are Danielle. I was looking for you.” The all too familiar voice announced. Melissa looked up and felt her eyes widen. Oh dear God no! She mentally pleading, but it was no use. Liam Payne had definitely seen her. “Melissa?” he asked in disbelief.
“Hi,” she greeted him awkwardly. All she really wanted to do was grab James and run the other way, but that would be suspicious. It’s always suspicious when you see someone running in a supermarket.
“You two know each other?” Danielle asked straightening her stance. Liam nodded turning his attention to his girlfriend.
“We were a couple before his XFactor days,” Melissa offered an explanation. Danielle nodded understanding. An awkward silence followed. Melissa cleared her throat glancing at her son, “Well we should go. Come on James.” She walked around them with the little boy holding her hand.
“Oh cool shirt mate,” Liam called to James who was wearing a Toy Story t-shirt with khaki pants. “Do you like Toy Story?” he asked as Melissa stopped her steps. She was trying to not be rude. This was the most time James would ever get with his dad and he didn’t ask too often. Whenever he did she would quickly change the subject and being the two years old that he was, James usually forgot.
James nodded, “Buzz’s my favorite.” He pointed to the character on his shirt with a proud smile.
Liam feigned shock, “Really? I like Buzz too. He’s cool.” Danielle smiled watching the scene. She glanced at Melissa who was smiling as well. Momentarily their glances met. In that short second Melissa’s smile faltered. She waited as Liam wrapped up the conversation with James. He offered the boy a high five. “Bye James.”
“Bye bye Liam,” James waved as Melissa held her hand out towards him.
“It was nice to meet you Melissa,” Danielle called with a genuine smile.
“You too,” the secretive girl responded. “Nice seeing you again Liam.” She added politely.
“Yeah, you too.” He nodded turning to walk away. Melissa looked back to Danielle who still had a glint in her eyes. She knew. Melissa didn’t know how she had figured it out, but Danielle knew.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

please update and make a sequeeel!! xxxx
JulienneJames JulienneJames
I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
EmmaPayne EmmaPayne