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Over Again


The dark brunette caramel skin girl held on to the boy with brown hair in a floppy cut and brown eyes that could capture a soul. It was their last night together. He was leaving tomorrow to try out for the XFactor for the second time and there was a sense that this was it. The two sixteen year olds had agreed to stay friends, stay in contact, but they both agreed to put their relationship aside.
“This is so hard,” Melissa breathed in between stolen passionate kisses.
Liam nodded in agreement, “I know.” He sighed. They were wrapped in each other arms in the dark bedroom. They had spent the whole day together, but as the hours passed it got harder and harder to let go. Eventually they knew that he would have to push away the covers, get dressed, and go home. Only it wasn’t like the times before. There would be no seeing each other the next day. This was it.
“I’m going to miss you.” She told him in a quiet voice as he pushed a fallen strand of her hair behind her ear.
“You know I’ll call you as often as possible babe.” Liam assured her before stealing another kiss. With a sigh he got out of the bed grabbing his clothes and quickly getting dressed. Melissa laid back and sighed heavily. “Watch I’ll come back and everything will be the same.” Liam assured her once again with a wink before leaving. He made careful not to wake her sleeping parents or siblings.
But it wasn’t the same. Not that Melissa expected it to be. She knew things were over. The day Liam was placed in his group she found out she was pregnant. 23 March 2011 Melissa Wright gave birth to her son James Hunter Payne-Wright. She graduated high school and got accepted into university with her parent’s support. Using the money she saved form her part-time job she found an apartment in London close to the University. Her parents helped her with the bills.
Melissa never told Liam about James, although they kept in contact for a while. Slowly they started talking less and less and eventually they didn’t talk at all. Melissa’s best friend, Carmen, pushed her to tell him, but she chose to build a protective wall around her son. When One Direction’s first album “Up All Night” was released in November 2011 it became apparent just how far Melissa’s high school boyfriend had gotten. She knew it was best to keep her seven month old son away from the madness.
It all worked fine. Melissa studied to receive her nursing degree. Her parents, older sister Megan, and brother Michael helped. Most weekends she and James would go back to Wolverhampton, but not always. It was one of the weekends that they didn’t when the wall began to crumble.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

please update and make a sequeeel!! xxxx
JulienneJames JulienneJames
I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
EmmaPayne EmmaPayne