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Over Again

Chapter Fifteen

Liam reached the hospital in record time. He parked in the emergency room parking lot and rushed inside. There was a receptionist talking to someone when he entered. He tried to patiently wait tapping his foot rapidly and glancing periodically at the clock. The receptionist noticed his impatience and waved him forward.

“May I help you sir?” she asked smiling politely hoping to calm Liam down.

“I’m Liam Payne; I’m here for Melissa Wright and James Payne-Wright. They were in an accident.” He informed her in a rush of words.

“Are you family?” the strawberry blonde woman questioned.

“No,” Liam answered before quickly shaking his head. “I mean yes. I’m James’s father.” He ran a hand through his short hair. “Look I just want to see them. Are they okay?”

“Please have a seat over there sir.” She motioned to the chairs of the waiting room. Frustrated Liam took a seat. His foot bounced uncontrollable. As he waited his mobile vibrated in his pocket. Quickly he pulled the phone out seeing that it was Danielle calling. “I can’t talk now Danielle. I’m at the hospital.” He paused looking at the entrance as Megan and Mike arrived. “I have to go.” Liam ended the call standing. “Megan,” he called out starting towards her. He ignored the cold eyes of Melissa’s older brother.

"Liam,” Megan turned suddenly. “What are you doing here? Where are James and Melissa?” She asked frantically.

Liam shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Are they okay?” Megan asked with frightened eyes.

“I don’t know.” Liam answered once again.

“Do you know anything?” Mike demanded folding his arms and glaring at the boy who had left his baby sister to raise her son on her own.

“They won’t tell me anything,” Liam responded his own bitterness seeping out. Megan stepped in between them.

“Let’s just wait until they tell us something.” She advised before turning to Liam. “Our parents are on their way Liam so you can go now.”

Liam shook his head looking away from Mike, “No offense Megan, but I’m staying. My son is back there too.” Mike scuffed but he was ignored. Liam took a seat trying to stay calm. On the inside he was panicking. He knew Megan. She was a careful driver, especially when James was in the car with her.


It was two hours later when a nurse finally came into the waiting room. She stopped at the receptionist desk being directed to the people she searched for. The receptionist pointed and the nurse followed her finger.

“Is this the family of Melissa Wright and James Payne-Wright?” The nurse asked. Everyone quickly stood.

“We’re her parents.” Mr. Wright informed the nurse as his wife clutched onto his arm.

“I’m Nurse Markesan, I assisted Dr. Foreman. You daughter sustained moderate head trauma and a couple of factures from the accident.”

“Is she going to be okay?” Mrs. Wright questioned in a rush. Nurse Markesan nodded.

“What about James?” Liam asked finally able to get a word in. Melissa’s family seemed to have forgotten he was there.

Nurse Markesan turned to him with a smile, “He is fine and waiting to be taken home.”

“We’ll take him after we see Melissa.” Mrs. Wright spoke decisively.

“No, I can take him.” Liam cut in.

Mike snarled, “You barely know him.” The two glared at each other until Nurse Markesan stepped in.

“Legally the father has primary rights.” She informed the hostile party.

“You cannot be serious.” Mr. Wright protested as Liam sighed in relief.

“If you all will follow me you will be able to see Melissa and take James home.” She led the way through double doors and to the hospital room. When they entered Melissa was lying still asleep with monitors and an IV connected to her. Beside her bed James was curled up asleep in a chair. Liam started towards him pausing to look at Melissa. Mike cleared his throat loudly causing Liam to move out of the way so that Melissa’s family could crowd around her. He picked up James gingerly. “You can come to the desk to sign the release papers.” Nurse Markesan informed him.

“I’ll be right back.” Megan spoke softly following them out of the room. “Liam,” she called after him. Liam stopped turning back to look at her. “He has to have a night light to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night crying. He’ll tell you he can wash himself up, but he’ll only splash water and jump out of the tub. And Thursdays are free days so he’ll want all the sweets he can have.”

“Uh, thanks Megan.” Liam shifted James in his arms offering Megan a one arm hug. “I’ll bring him by tomorrow to see her.” Megan nodded stretching up to kiss James’s forehead. She pushed his hair back affectionately before smiling sympathetically and heading back to the hospital room.

Liam signed the paperwork thanking the kind nurse and carried James to his car. He had gotten a safety seat for him some time ago and buckled the sleeping boy in it. He drove home carefully his head full of thoughts. He felt better having James with him, but he still worried about Melissa. He wondered if someone would stay with her in case she woke up. Liam thought the whole time he drove. When he reached his home he lifted James once again easing his way inside. Danielle was sitting on the couch. Immediately she noticed the sleeping James.

“Hey, is he staying for the night?’ she asked following Liam to the extra bedroom they had. Liam laid James on the bed softly.

“Yeah, there was an accident. Melissa is still in the hospital.” He informed his girlfriend while never taking his eyes off of his son.

Danielle gasped, “Oh my, is she okay?” Liam nodded. “Well, Niall called and you have to be at the studio in the morning. I don’t have rehearsal so I can stay here with him.”

Liam sighed standing, “Thank you.” He kissed her cheek before walking out of the bedroom.

“You’re welcome,” Danielle muttered looking back at James. She sighed pulling the door slightly close and walking out of the room. She would have to wait to say what she wanted to say.


Liam woke up in the morning in a grog. He showered and dressed making sure not to wake Danielle or James. Before leaving he stopped peeping into the bedroom to see James still sleeping peacefully. He folded his arms in thought. They were expecting him at the studio, but he wasn’t sure he should go. It was his first time having James overnight and now he had to leave. Danielle offered to take care of James of the day, but Liam didn’t want to put his responsibility on her. With a shake of his head he turned back to the bedroom they shared. Gently he sat on the edge of the bed beside Danielle and woke her. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him.

“I’m about to go,” Liam informed her and she nodded. “Are you sure you’re going to be alright with him? I could take him with me possibly or just not go.” He offered.

Danielle sat up leaning against the headboard, “No, it’ll be fine. We’re going to have fun.” She assured him as their dog, Loki, padded into the room and jumped on the bed. Liam frowned slightly, but quickly hid it. A part of him hoped that Danielle would change her mind. He could see now that she wasn’t going to. He kissed her forehead leaving Danielle alone. She looked at the clock on the night table and sighed. There was no point in her trying to go back to sleep. She pushed the covers off of her body and got out of the bed. Making her way to the bathroom she stopped to check on James. He was sleeping still.

Danielle showered and got dressed. She made her way to the kitchen and began to fix breakfast. Minutes later the sound of soft cries caught her attention. Warily she walked into the spare bedroom to find James sitting in the bed looking around in confusion. Tears streamed down his face as he tried to frantically figure out where he was. Danielle sighed entering the bedroom and going to him.

“James,” she called softly gaining his attention. He looked slightly relieved to see a familiar face. “What’s wrong?” she asked carefully pulling him into her comforting arms.

“I want mummy,” the boy sobbed into her chest. Danielle rubbed his back soothingly. She wasn’t sure what to say. Liam hadn’t told her rather or not James was aware of Melissa’s current condition. “I want mummy and mummy hurt.” James continued to cry. Danielle pulled away looking down at him in shock, but he was still burying his face. “I hurt mummy.”

“No you didn’t.” Danielle shook her head making sure James was looking at her. “You did not hurt you mum James. She’s going to be okay.” She smiled warmly, “Okay?” James nodded. “Let’s wipe those tears.” She wiped his tear stained cheeks. “Do you want some breakfast?” Danielle asked.

James nodded, “I want eggs.” He decided jumping off of Danielle’s lap and running out of the room. She followed with a small smile.


Liam entered the flat to find Danielle and James sitting in the carpeted floor of the living room coloring. They both looked up when he entered. James jumped to his feet and ran to him.

“Daddy,” he exclaimed jumping into Liam’s open arms.

“Hey are you having fun?” Liam asked bouncing James slightly with an expectant smile.

James nodded, “Dani help me color and we eat eggs.”

Liam’s wore a mock surprised expression, “Wow that sounds great. If you put away your stuff we can go get ice cream.” He promised setting James down and watching as he grabbed the coloring book before quickly running off. Liam turned to Danielle, “Was he any trouble? I’ve got some time for lunch, but I can just stay.”

Danielle shook her head, “Nope, we had loads of fun.” She straightened up the living room. “Are you taking James out for lunch?”

“Uh, yeah, Harry and Zayn are waiting outside. You should join us.”

“No, I’ll probably call Eleanor. Just let me know when you have to get back to the studio.”

“Are you sure?” She nodded answering his question silently. James came back into the living room. Liam turned to him, “Where’s your jacket?” he asked. James grabbed it from the couch. “Alright, let’s go,” He stated after helping his son into the jacket. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Liam asked Danielle one last time.

“I’m sure.” She nodded holding the small unfolded blanket in her arms. He gave her a small smile as he pulled the door close behind him. Danielle sighed tossing the blanket on the couch and looking for her mobile phone. She found it and scrolled through her contacts until she reached Eleanor’s number. She needed to talk to her best friend.


“Ah man he’s going to make a mess with that.” Liam groaned as Harry handed James a large ice cream cone with a wicked smile. “Thanks a lot mate.”

“Everyone loves ice cream,” Harry defended himself. He looked back at James as a glop of the creamy treat dropped on the boy’s shirt.

“That’s going to stain.” Zayn nodded looking up.

“When Melissa wakes up she’s going to kill me.” Liam spoke in a sure voice.

“When Melissa wakes up James’s shirt will be the least of your problems.” Zayn reminded him. Harry nodded in agreement. “You’ve got to tell Danielle about-” he was cut off by Liam shushing him and nodding towards James who seemed occupied with his frozen treat.

Harry fought his laugh turning to James, “Are you enjoying that ice cream?” he asked easily interacting with the child.

“It’s good.” James informed him with a pleased smiled.

“Oh man, I should have gotten me some.” He stated pulling out a bag of gummy worms, “But I got these instead.” James’s eye lit up.

“Harry,” Liam warned peeking in the review mirror as he drove.

“Do you want some?” Harry offered the little boy the candy.

“I’ll take some.” Zayn turned looking into the backseat. Harry rolled his eyes staying focus on James who was about to toss his ice cream to the floor in exchange for the candy. “Whoa!” Zayn said in a rush as he quickly grabbed the cone. “That would have been bad.” He commented holding the cone unsure of what to do with it.

“I’ve never seen someone corrupt a child as fast as Harry Styles.” Liam shook his head in disbelief parking outside of his home. “You ready to go James?”

“No,” the boy answered stubbornly causing Harry and Zayn to laugh. Liam rolled his eyes opening the door and getting out. He walked around to the back passenger door and opened it unbuckling James’s safety seat.

“This is really damaging my swag.” He joked as his son slowly climbed out of the car. James stopped turning around to wave.

“Bye,” he smiled.

“Bye,” both boys called back to him. James was satisfied and turned forward. Liam closed the door following after him. They entered the flat to find Danielle and Eleanor.

“Harry gave him ice cream and candy so I apologize in advance.” Liam informed his girlfriend. “Hello El.” He smiled giving the girl a quick hug. “I have to go.” He looked around spotting James as he shed his jacket revealing his ice cream stained shirt. “I’ll be back, okay?” He knelt down to get eye level with his son.
James nodded, “I play with Dani now.” He smiled. Liam nodded once standing up. He said goodbye to Eleanor and kissed Danielle quickly. “Bye Daddy.” James waved as Liam walked out of the door.

“He is so cute.” Eleanor cooed. “He looks a lot like Liam.”

“Yeah I know. It’s adorable.” Danielle smiled as James played alone. She turned to her friend, “I just wish I knew why Liam has been so distant lately.” She sighed.

“Liam my daddy.” James cut in. Danielle and Eleanor nodded placating him before continuing their conversation.

“He’s under a lot of stress what with them working on the new music and James.” Eleanor reminded Danielle. “He’ll snap back soon.” Danielle rolled her eyes, but agreed. She knew Eleanor would continue to make that argument and she didn’t want to discuss it in front of James. “I have to go, but I’ll talk to you later.” Eleanor gave her friend a hug and ruffled James’s hair. When she was gone Danielle turned to James.

“Do you want help playing?” she asked sliding off of the couch to sit beside James at the coffee table. He nodded causing her to smile. “Did you have fun with your dad?” she asked filling the silence.

“We ate burgers and chips. And Harry gave me ice cream.” James spoke with glazed eyes. Danielle fought her laugh. “Do you like Daddy?” James asked suddenly.

“Yes,” Danielle answered reaching for a yellow Lego.

“Do daddy like you?” James continued. His curiosity had chosen to kick in. Danielle nodded as she randomly connected Legos. “Do Daddy like my mummy?”

“I don’t know.” Danielle admitted slightly bothered by the question. “You ask a lot of questions.” She teased playfully tickling the boy. Relief flooded through her body when she realized that she had successfully diverted him for the time being. They continued to build with the Legos. Eventually James began to yawn. Danielle looked at the time and figured he could take a short nap without it messing with his sleep at night. As she tucked him into the bed his eyes began to flutter close. “Have a nice nap.” She smiled standing to leave the room.

“Daddy kissed Mummy,” James mumbled before falling asleep. Danielle stood stunned. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open. She asked James to repeat himself, but he was long gone.


So I have a timeline of completion for this story and my other one (C'mon C'mon). Within the next two weeks I plan to have them both completed. There are about four chapters (give or take) left for this story and as of now there will NOT be a sequel.

Anyways!!! Let me know oyu guys think! I REALLY appreciate your comments.


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