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Over Again

Chapter Sixteen

Liam came home to quiet sounds of Loki and Brit. Warily he stepped inside instantly going to the living room and finding it empty. He made his way down the hallway stopping at the bedroom that James was occupying and opening the door. It was empty. As Liam began to wonder he heard the sound of the door opening. He made his way to the front of the flat and watched as Danielle and James entered.

“Daddy’s home,” James cheered as he attempted to take off his thick jacket.

Liam went to him kneeling down, “Keep it on. We’re going to go see your mum.”

“Now?” Danielle asked as she hung her jacket on the coat rack.

“I promised Megan that I would bring him to see Melissa every day.” Liam explained standing to his full height. “Plus his grandparents aren’t too fond of him being with me so I’m hoping that this will help ease the tension.” Danielle nodded walking toward the carpeted hallway. Liam turned to James, “Alright, are you ready to go?” James nodded in response. “We’ll be back for dinner.” He promised kissing his girlfriend’s cheek before leaving out of the door.


When they arrived at the hospital they learned that Melissa had been moved to a private room on the fourth level. Liam pulled James to the lift pressing the round button with the number four and waiting patiently. The doors slid open only seconds later and he pulled his son to the fifth room. Inside he found Melissa laying peacefully in the single hospital bed with her sister sitting on the foot of the bed watching her with a sadden expression. Megan’s head turned at the sound of someone entering the room. She gave a small smile to Liam before turning her attention to James.

“Hey buddy,” she smiled widely reaching down to pick him up. “Did you have fun today?” She asked walking to a chair and taking a seat.

“I had lots of fun with Dani, Zayn and Harry.” James answered in an excited voice. He turned away from his aunt. “Is Mummy napping? He asked suddenly. The room got quiet.

Liam forcefully cleared his throat, “Your mum is...” he trailed off not sure how to explain it.

“She’s really tired.” Megan pitched receiving a grateful smile from Liam. James nodded climbing onto the
bed and touching his mother’s hand gently. Megan sighed turning to Liam, “My parents drove back to Wolverhampton this morning and Mike is at work.” She informed him. He nodded watching James carefully as he moved about on the bed. “Did you have any trouble with him?”

“Uh, well I had to record so he was with my girlfriend for most of the day, but she said he wasn’t any trouble.” He answered quickly adding the last bit when Megan’s face hardened.

The protective aunt nodded, “Will you be leaving him with your girlfriend tomorrow?” She emphasized the word as if it was a foreign concept.

Liam shook his head, “She has rehearsals. I’ll probably take him with me to the studio. I can leave later.”

“Oh that’s right, she’s a professional dancer. I read that somewhere.” Megan rubbed her hands together absentmindedly, “I can take him. I don’t have to work tomorrow and James loves my dogs Coco and Maxi.” She offered with an expectant smile.

“No offense, but I really want to keep him with me.” Liam declined her offer respectfully. “It’s really no problem if I bring him with me. I’ve even taken my dogs before.” Liam informed her, “Not that James is like a dog.” He quickly added shaking his head.

Megan snickered, “I know what you mean. I only meant to say that if you want I can watch him while you work.” Megan rephrased her offer, “You can get him when you leave the studio for the night.”

Liam pondered, “That sounds like a great idea actually. I really don’t want to burden Danielle with my responsibility again. Although she did offer...” He lowered his voice in thought. A clearing of someone’s throat caused Liam and Megan to turn to the door. The dark haired doctor entered the room to check on Melissa.

“How is she doing?” Megan probed as he check the print out from one of the many machines her baby sister was hooked to.

“Her vitals are normal and we did not detect any abnormalities on the scans.” Dr. Foreman answered her.

“When will she wake up?” Liam found himself asking without a second thought.

“Possibly by the end of the week. There are positive signs of brain response.” The doctor sighed when he saw that his answer did not ease the strain in the room. “The best thing for you to do is to be normal. Talk to her, touch and act as if she is just silently spectating. The stimulation could be just the trigger to pull her to the surface. I’m sorry, but that’s all the advice I can offer.” Megan and Liam nodded as James cuddled into Melissa’s side. Dr. Foreman turned to leave the room.

“Is my mummy going to be okay?” James’s words stopped him in his tracks. The boy spoke in a low sad voice with his head on his mother’s cold shoulder.

“She’s going to be just fine.” Dr. Foreman smiled looking directly at James.


“I promise.” He stood stiffly leaving the room. Megan stood as well retrieving her cell phone which had started ringing. She answered the call and moved into the hallway. Liam checked the time on his mobile phone.

“James it’s time to go.” He spoke standing to his feet as well.

“I don’t want to go.” James whined refusing to leave.

“We’ll come back tomorrow.” Liam promised trying to coax his son. James shook his head. “James we have to go.” He reminded the smart toddler. James shook his head once again. “Let’s go.” Liam spoke sternly. His voice was intimidating and James obeyed immediately. He kissed Melissa’s cheek before slowly jumping off of the bed with Liam’s help. He walked to the door where Megan stood with a small smile. As they said their goodbyes Liam turned to Melissa. With a heavy sigh he leaned forehead placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. He missed her.


“My performance is tonight and you promised that you would come watch it.” Danielle reminded Liam. It was three days later on a Saturday. She had watched all week as he left for the studio with James and came home from the hospital with him. She bit her tongue and kept from saying anything despite everything in her.

“I know and I’m sorry babe, but we’re going to the hospital.” Liam informed her as he sat at the kitchen table in chinos and a primarily blue flannel button down.

Danielle folded her arms, “You can take James to Megan and she’ll l take him to the hospital. You promised that he would see Melissa every day, not you.” She pressed the issue. Liam sighed prepared to defend himself, but Danielle shook her head. “No, no Liam I understand that you are trying to be a good father and be there for your son, but at what point do you cross the line between being there for James and being there for your ex-girlfriend?” She demanded as frustration rushed through her body.

Liam stood crossing the room to stand directly in front of Danielle, “Let’s not do this.” He urged aware of James in the next room over.

“We have to.” Danielle countered placing her hands on her hips. Liam sighed throwing his head back staring at the ceiling. He was feeling overwhelmed a lot these days. “Did you kiss her?” Danielle’s question caused him to snap his head down and look at her directly. “Did you kiss Melissa?” It was soundless. Liam’s eyes clouded with guilt, but he said nothing. It was enough. Danielle shook her head as disbelief washed over her features.

“Dani…” Liam reached for her and she hastily moved out of his grasp. “I’m sorry.” He spoke in a low voice filled with shame.

“Are you sorry for kissing her or for me finding out?” Once again her question went unanswered. She pulled her lips into a tight line. “I hope you’re happy. We’re done.” She walked off towards the bedroom. Liam huffed out a breath going into the living room to get James. He helped the boy into his jacket, grabbed his bag and led him out of the flat. He didn’t want to be there while she packed.


The news of the latest “Payzer split” was everywhere. It was two days later and Liam was at the hospital as usual. Megan had taken James to the cafeteria for ice cream while he sat in the room with Melissa. Her parents had recently left and Mike was talking to someone. Liam pulled the chair he was occupying closer to the bed reaching for Melissa’s hand and stroking it absentmindedly. When she began to return the motion it slipped his mind. He was deep in thought. It wasn’t until he could feel the shifting of the thin mattress. Liam slowly turned to look at Melissa. Her closed eyelids fluttered as if she was struggling to open her eyes.

“Mel?” he questioned and got no response. “Mel if you can hear me squeeze my hand.” She squeezed it tightly as her eyes continued to flutter. Liam stood suddenly pressing the call button on the side of the bed, “We need a nurse or the doctor quick. I think she’s trying to wake up.” He voice was urgent.

“What’s going on?” Nurse Markesan questioned as she entered the room.

Liam turned to her, “She responded to me. I told her to squeeze my hand and she did.”

The nurse shook her head, “It could have been a subconscious reaction.” She dismissed the theory moving further into the room. Liam opened his mouth to protest but a sound cut him off. He turned back in time to see Melissa open her eyes.

“Liam?” her voice croaked.


I'm so sorry it took me so long to update. The story isn't finish yet and I'm stil lset on not writing a sequel. I really appreciate all of your comments and interest so I'll make you a deal. If by the end of the story you all can give me legit reasons as to why I should write a sequel then I will.

ALSO! Please check out my other stories. I would really appreciate it!


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