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Over Again

Chapter Fourteen

Melissa held onto James’s hand tightly as they walked through the campus the massive parking lot. She was finish with classes for the day and had recently gotten James from the campus daycare. They were now headed to her car, but not with ease. People were watching, staring and pointing. Every sense One Direction’s interview aired things had gotten worse attention wise. Melissa went from tweeting about James every day to not tweeting at all. She didn’t like all of the attention and her son didn’t either.

It had been exactly two weeks since Halloween. Melissa hadn’t talked to nor seen Liam since the day afterwards when he came over. James asked about him every day. She would say he was busy and quickly change the subject. It only satisfies his curiosity for a little while. Melissa kept promising herself that if they didn’t talk to Liam she would call him. She always chickened out. Her thumb would hover over the green call button and she would sadly shake her head and lock the smartphone. Even know she made the mental commitment to herself, but she knew that she would break it. She was sure of it as she held the door open for her son. James climbed into the backseat and in his safety seat. Melissa leaned down to buckle him in. As she got into the car herself, James began to talk. Melissa was hardly listening.

“Will you mummy?” James asked under the false pretense that his mother had been listening.

“Hmm?” Melissa looked in the rearview mirror preparing to back out of the parking spot.

“Call daddy,” James requested causing Melissa to look back at him. His eyes held a pleading light to them. Melissa reached for her cell phone finding Liam’s number and hit dial. She placed the call on speaker and handed the phone to James. It rung and rung and yet he never answered. She ended the call tossing the phone in the passenger seat. “I wanna talk to daddy.” James whined as Melissa pulled into traffic.

“He didn’t answer the call.” Melissa explained to her son hoping that he would let it go. To her surprise James chose to act out. Melissa was stunned as he kicked his feet rapidly crying large tears demanding to talk to his dad. She tried to calm him down and focus on the road, but he was getting more and more unruly by the second. Stopping at a traffic light Melissa looked back at her son. “Hey!” Her raised voice got his attention. “He did not answer the call. We will try again when we get home. Calm down.” She spoke sternly. As she turned back around James reached out and struck her. Melissa gasped in surprise looking back at him. Her foot slipped off the brake accelerating into the oncoming traffic. A truck was speeding through the intersection. Melissa turned forward in time for it to strike them. Her eyes widened with fear as her car spun out of control.


Liam ignored the call without looking at his phone. He was meeting Danielle for lunch. She had rehearsals all day and he was in the studio with the lads. After they finished eating and parted ways, Liam pulled out his mobile phone and checked the missed call. It was from Melissa and she didn’t leave a voicemail. He sighed deciding to call her back. He hadn’t seen James in weeks nor had he spent time with him.

The phone rang several times before the call was accepted, “Hello?” An unfamiliar voice answered causing Liam to pause and check to make sure he had dialed the right number.

“Um, hello, who is this?” he asked in clear confusion.

“This is Nurse Beatrice. May I ask who is calling?” The woman explained. She was given Melissa’s belongings and told to find a next-to-kin person to contact. When the mobile received a call the nurse was advised to answer it.

“Did you say nurse?” Liam questioned ignoring the question. “Is Melissa around?” He was still confused. He didn’t understand why Melissa hadn’t answered her own call. She typically kept her phone on her.

The nurse sighed, “I am a nurse at St. Bernard’s Hospital. There was an accident. The person you are looking for was struck while driving. She is currently being examined.” She explained hoping that the person she talked to was the family member they needed.

“Was there someone in the car with her?” Liam questioned stopping once again as he entered the studio. Harry approached him and Liam turned his back focusing on the call. He couldn’t afford to be distracted right now.

“There was a toddler age two. That’s all the information I can give you over the phone sir.” The nurse explained. “Only family members are given full information. You can come to the hospital if you like.” The nurse spoke kindly trying to offer some comfort.

Liam nodded stiffly, “Thank you.” He ended the call walking back out of the door. He had to go now.

Harry followed after him, “Where are you going Liam?” He called. They were supposed to continue recording.

“I have to go!” Liam called back not offering an actual explanation. He didn’t have time for that. Melissa was in trouble. James was in trouble. He had to get to the hospital. He had to know that they were both okay. The only way he could was if he was there. Liam had to be there for them.

“Liam! Liam we have work to do!” Harry started to follow him, but decided against it. He looked after his friend in disbelief. “Liam!” He tried again to get his attention, but it was pointless. He turned to find Niall looking out of the large glass windows curiously.

“Where is he going?” he inquired. Watching as Liam drove away.

Harry shrugged, “I don’t know. All he said was that he has to go.” He started towards the studio room they were using for that day.

“He has to go where?” Niall asked as he followed. Harry threw up his hands. They entered the room. Louis and Zayn turned to look at them.

“Where’s Liam?” Louis questioned looking behind them and seeing nothing but an empty hallway.

“He left,” Niall answered.

“What?” Zayn asked as his eyebrows knitted together. Louis looked prepared for an explanation, but neither boy offered him one. He folded his arms taking a seat with a large sigh of exasperation. “Well fuck.” Zayn muttered rubbing a hand across his chin.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

please update and make a sequeeel!! xxxx
JulienneJames JulienneJames
I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
EmmaPayne EmmaPayne