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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 7

Sarah's POV

When Niall came back into the room, he looked extremely nervous and slightly worried. I sat up straight.

"Niall. What is it?"

"They...uh..they..um they want to meet you."


"Management. On Wednesday at 11 am sharp."

"Wednesday? This Wednesday?"

He nodded.

"Shit! Niall! I can't just drop everything and go! Why do they want to see me?"

"To make sure you ain't gonna use me for fame or for my money." he replied timidly.

"Niall. I would NEVER do that! That is the reason why i'm so broken! Someone did that to me when my brother died..." I broke off and clasped my hand to my mouth realizing I had just told Niall about the one thing I promised my parents I wouldn't tell anyone but Beth.

"Sarah? You had a brother?"

Niall's POV

"Sarah? You had a brother?"

Oh god. I seen tears begin to fill her eyes. I rushed over to her and wrapped my arms around her just as she began to sob.

I let her cry for about half an hour before I tried to talk to her.


When I spoke the tears began to flow again.

Sarah's POV

I cried for at least an hour before I could actually tell Niall what had happened to Thomas.

"Thomas." I said, my voice was broken and weak.

"Was he your brother?"

I nodded and took Niall's hand.

"When I was 16, I was in a relationship with a guy called Kyle. I thought he loved me for who I was not for how much money my parents have. One night Kyle was at my house and my parents were out so I had to look after Thomas." I cleared my throat and wiped away the tears that were clouding my vision. "Kyle and I started making out when Thomas was in his bedroom watching movies and he started getting too rough with me." I started crying again at this point. Niall picked up my legs holding my ankle gently and placed them over his lap pulling me closer.

I continued, "I tried to stop him but he was too heavy. He.. he.. raped me Niall. And Thomas walked into my room when he heard me screaming. Kyle got angry with Thomas and started beating him up. Kyle left Thomas bleeding on the floor."

"Oh god Sarah. I'm so sorry."

"Thomas was 5 years old. 5 years old. He died because of me" I started to sob loudly against Niall's chest.

Niall's POV

While Sarah was telling me about what had happened to her all I could seem to think was 'is this bastard who destroyed Sarah and killed her little brother is jail?' but i couldn't ask her the question.

She started crying really badly so I decided to just hold her tight and tell her that things would get better soon. Every now and then I'd place a kiss on the top of her head. I continued doing this for about 3 hours until she fell asleep in my arms.

I picked up my phone and called Liam.

"Hey Liam" I whispered. "Sarah's asleep. I need your help"


What do you think Niall needs Liam's help with? Comment what you think Niall is planning.

Hey everyone :) How are you's doing? You are so quiet, I find it so horrible that no-one is commenting it makes me think whether this is any good or not hah x


Plz update and I hope u r ok with the police business n stuff any who updat when u can love the story!!!

Chloeloves1D Chloeloves1D

Love this.

Delilah Smith Delilah Smith

Love this.

Delilah Smith Delilah Smith

awww thank god harry's alive :) phew !

Rose- Rose-

I love this

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