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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 8

Liam's POV

Ring. Ring. Ring
I looked at the screen. Niall.

"Hey Ni. What's up?"

"Hey Liam. Sarah's asleep. I need your help"

Why was he whispering? Why did he need my help?

"Okay. What do you need help with?"

"Hold on. I'm gonna move Sarah off my legs and then i'll talk to you properly."

"Okay bud"

I waited a few minutes and my hotel door opened and Harry walked in.

"Hey Liam."

"Hey Haz. I'm on the phone to Niall. He needs my help with something."

"Put him on loud speaker maybe we can help him together."

I did as Harry suggested just as Niall's voice (normal voice) came through the speaker.

"I'm back."

"Harry's here. He wants to help."

"Oh hey Harry. Yeah you guys could both help me out."

"What's the problem?" Harry asked.

"Management wants to meet Sarah. I know their gonna ask a shitload of questions about her background and she just told me something horrible that she has only told Beth."

At the mention of Beth I noticed Harry's head lifted up and he began to blush. Strange.

Harry's POV

"Management wants to meet Sarah. I know their gonna ask a shitload of questions about her background and she just told me something horrible that she has only told Beth."

Beth. Should I mention that fact that I had been talking to Beth for the past couple of hours solid? No. Harry don't be selfish this is obviously something really serious to do with Sarah. Not Beth.
Snap out of it!

"What happened to her?" Liam asked sounding really concerned.

"She...I don't know if I should tell you guys...shit...if she finds out she'll kill me so don't go mentioning it around her...she's only just went to sleep after crying for like 4 hours..." Niall sounded extremely upset and as if he were about to cry.

"Niall bud tell us we promise we won't tell a soul." I told Niall.

"Okay. Long story short: she got raped by her ex-boyfriend and then when her 5 year old brother heard her screaming he went to check on her and then the ex beat up the brother until he died." Niall said in one breath. I then heard a little sob from Niall and that was when I realized that Niall really cared for Sarah. Even though he had only met her.

"Oh shit." was all i could say.

"Niall. You are gonna have to help her get through this. Call management and tell them that they cannot ask any questions about family matters. I'm gonna call Sophia and ask if she has any advice on how to talk to someone that's been badly treated in a relationship." Liam said trying to sooth Niall.

"Thanks Liam. Harry?" Niall sniffed at the end of his sentence.

"Yeah Ni?"

"Could you come over? While Sarah's sleeping?"

"Yeah of course. Right now?"

"Yeah I'll wait beside the door so just tap the door when your outside it. Don't knock. You might wake Sarah up."

"Okay" I hung up the phone for Liam, and said a quick see you later to him before crossing the corridor to Niall's room.

I tapped on the door and a red eyed Niall opened the door.

Shit. I never expected him to be this bad.

Niall's POV

I had started crying the second Harry asked what the problem was.

I couldn't stop myself. I just couldn't believe that an innocent and kind girl like Sarah could have something like that happen to her. I stood beside the door waiting for a tap.

Tap. Tap

I opened the door to see a very concerned looking Harry. I attacked him with a hug and broke down into tears. I know it wasn't very manly but every guy at one point needs a shoulder to cry on this just happened to be this point.

I cried for about 10 minutes while Harry just rubbed my back.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to start crying."

"No, Niall don't be sorry. Your upset and I suppose angry as well because of what happened to her."

Harry was always understanding, that was one of the best things about him. He always knew what to say when someone was upset or going through a troubling time. Maybe he could talk to Sarah.

"Niall?!" I heard Sarah shouting from the living room in my hotel room.
I got up from the floor of the corridor and ran to her.

"I'm here. I'm here Sarah. I'll never leave you." I said while sitting down next to her and wrapping my arms around her. Even when her eyes were red and sore looking she was still beautiful.

Harry walked in silently and nodded at me. Agreeing with me that she was in a terrible state.

Sarah moved slightly when she heard Harry sitting down on one of the armchairs.

"Harry?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah. It's me." He replied. He got up and knelt down beside me and her. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head and said "I don't think I can ever go back home to the place where it happened. Niall did you tell him?"

"Yeah. I did and I'm sorry if you didn't want him to know" I replied being worried of her reaction.

"No. It's okay. It saves me having to explain all over again." she spoke quietly.

Thank god. I didn't want her to be mad at me for telling Harry. And Liam.

"What you gonna do about your home?" Harry asked

"I don't know. I could ask Beth if I could live with her for a little bit." She looked at me questioning my face. I guess I must have been doing a very solemn face or something.

"It's up to you babe" I said back to her in my most soothing and comforting voice

Sarah's POV

I couldn't go back home. Going there was like torture. I slept in the same room as where I got raped. Where Thomas got murdered by Kyle. Lucky for me I knew Kyle was never coming back for me as he had died in a car crash. But I was still scared of going home.

I looked at Niall and seen him looking very worried and upset.

Did he actually care for me or was he just being friendly and pretending to care?

I was scared to know the answer. At the moment. Well, the past 2 years I have been scared. Living in fear of what was round the next corner. I just hid it until now.


Double update for you lot :)


Plz update and I hope u r ok with the police business n stuff any who updat when u can love the story!!!

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