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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 6

Niall's POV

I woke up with Sarah in my arms. What the hell happened last night?
I don't remember anything after we had danced on the floor for about an hour or so. Then we both got completely hammered.

I looked down. We were both fully clothed. Good. I didn't do anything crazy with her that we might both regret. I nudged her arm softly to get her to wake up. She shrugged my hand off her shoulder and leaned in closer to my chest. That was when she jumped off the sofa and ended up on the floor as she still had the very high heels on.

Sarah's POV

Whoever is nudging my arm better stop. I attempted to roll over only to feel a body. I opened my eyes and jumped off the bed...not a bed...sofa? I landed on my ankle then fell to the ground after going over my ankle. I looked up with tears in my eyes to see Niall.


I was sleeping in Niall's arms.

Why the hell am I in Niall's hotel room? How did I get here? What the hell did I do last night?

"Niall. What happened last night?" My voice sounded weak. Like I had slept a whole day. "What time is it?"

"Uh I can't remember what happened last night. And I honestly don't know what time it is. I'll go check for ya and I'll also get some ice."

"Okay and thank you Niall."

"No problem." Niall got up and walked to the kitchen area. He got ice first and put it in a plastic bag and handed it to me. He then checked his phone and told me it was not long after noon.

I stood up on one foot and hopped over to the chair closest to the coffee table. I took off the heels and place the ice on my right foot which was beginning to swell up. It wasn't looking to good.

Where did Niall go? He's just disappeared from my sight. Honestly.

I waited a few minutes then I decided it was probably a good time for me to leave. I noticed my work clothes where I left them. On the other armchair draped over the back. My shoes down on the floor beside the chair. I got up gingerly and hobbled to the seat I collected my things and opened and closed the door quietly. Once I got into the lift, my phone began to ring, I answered it.


"Sarah? Where are you?"

"I'm in the lift. I'm gonna go home."

"Okay. But Sarah, I just turned on the E! News. They are talking about me leaving a nightclub and arriving at this hotel with a mystery blonde girl."


"Yeah...I think maybe you should come back up here. While I talk to my managers cause I have a feeling they are gonna be calling me very soon."

"Oh god. Niall. I'm sorry."

"No don't be sorry it's not your fault. I'll see you in a few."

He hung up the phone and I pressed the button to go back up to their floor. Once the doors opened, Niall was waiting at the lift for me. He noticed my ankle had swollen up again.

"Stay." he said while he came closer to me. he place one arm under my knees and one around my shoulders and picked me up bridal style as if i weighed nothing.

I placed my stuff on my stomach and put an arm around his neck.

"How is your ankle?"

"Really sore. I heard a little crack when i went over my ankle"

"Hmm we should get it checked out. Just in case. Right Sarah go into my back left pocket and pull out the key for me"

I leaned my arm back and took out the key and unlocked the door. Niall carried me in and placed me gently on the sofa and put a couple of cushions under my ankle to support it. He went and got more ice.He was about to sit down when his phone began to ring.

Niall's POV

When my phone began to ring. I panicked a little when i seen that it was management calling. Shit.


"Niall, we need to talk about this girl that you were seen with last night."

"Yeah. About that..." I was about to explain but they cut me off

"Niall! I don't give two shits about her just get rid of her. She is a no-body. Whatever happened between you and Barbara? Now that was a couple we did like"

There was murmurs of agreement in the backround.

"I just didn't feel any love-y kinda feelings towards Barbara. She's like a sister to me. It's just weird. I like Sarah. I like her a lot. And she's not a no-body. She's an amazing girl you just don't know her."

"Niall. Are you thinking about asking her out you've got to make her come and see us first."

"I will. I will. I promise. When do you want to meet her?"

"Next Wednesday. In the office at 11 am sharp."

Then they hung up. Oh god. What have I started.

I went to go tell Sarah.


Okay so this chapter has a lot of things happening. What do you think Sarah's reaction to meeting management gonna be like?

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Plz update and I hope u r ok with the police business n stuff any who updat when u can love the story!!!

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