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Stole My Heart

Day Off; Six Flags here we come!

The boys, girls and I arrived in New Jersey last night. We got here a bit early though; the boys’ show isn’t for two days so we have the next two days off to relax and do whatever we wanted. I was glad that we could finally have some time for ourselves before the boys’ next show. We were all hanging out in Zayn and Niall’s room. It was mid-morning and we were all trying to think of what to do since the boys had the day off.

“Let’s do something fun!” Alison exclaims loudly.

All of our eyes shift to Alison who was sitting on the chair by the window. Louis and I were sitting on the couch, while Liam and Danielle were sitting on the bench at the end of the bed. That left Niall, Harry and Zayn, who were sitting on the floor.

“Like what?” Liam asks looking at my sister.

Niall pipes up and looks at us, “I saw a sign for Six Flags when we were heading here last night – it was dark but I swear to you I saw roller coasters!” he says and pumps his fist up in the air.

“Hell yeah! We should go!!” Louis blurts out. I push Louis in the arm and smirk at him. He just smirks back at me and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. I smile as he presses a kiss to my forehead.

“I hope we don’t get trampled in the park by crazy fans…” Harry trails off and looks over at Louis and I.

“We won’t if we get the park to ourselves for the day, Haz,” Louis says and pulls out his phone.

I give him a questioning look and couldn’t help but wonder who he was going to call. Most likely Paul, the boys’ manager, to ask if he can call the park and get them to shut the park down for us so we can enjoy our day together.

“Babe, who are you calling?” I ask as Louis puts the phone up to his ear. He holds up a finger signaling me to hold on a moment. I give him a nod in response. For the next few minutes, he asks whoever he’s talking to, most likely Paul, if he could give Six Flags a ring and see if we can rent the park out.

“Alright, thanks Paul! You’re the best! Bye!” Louis says before he ends the call. He puts his phone away after typing a few things in. he looks at me as he puts it in his pocket. We are all silent for the next few minutes until Louis opens his mouth to speak again.

“Looks like we have Six Flags all to ourselves today!” Louis states a bit loudly. We all cheer loudly as Louis told us the news that we get to spend the day at Six Flags. It was going to be a great day with some awesome people, I can already tell.

“Well, what are we all waitin’ for? Let’s get going to Six Flags!” Niall says and jumps out of his seat in excitement.

“Alright Nialler, let us girls grab our bags so we can get going before you go crazy, lad,” I tell him with a laugh as I stand up and put my hand on his shoulder to try and get him to stop jumping up and down from excitement.

He finally calms down a few minutes later. We all laugh at his expression. Louis stands up beside me and wraps his arms around my small frame as I grab my purse and swing it over my shoulder. We were all dressed and ready to go. I was in a pair of jean-shorts that stopped a bit above my mid-thigh and a simple t-shirt with the Superman logo on it. At least they covered my bum so I wasn’t showing off too much.


All of us were excited since we were almost to Six Flags. The rides were slowly coming into view. It was going to be one awesome day.

“SIX FLAGS!” Niall shouts a bit loudly. Liam hits him in the arm and laughs. Once we get to the entrance of the park, Paul unlocks the doors of the van so we can all get out. We all pile out and thank him again for letting us have the park to ourselves. It was going to be awesome–roller coasters, here we come! Louis wraps one of his arms around my waist as we walk toward the entrance, excited and ready to have some fun.

About a few minutes later, we finally get in to the park. We all stood at the front of the park.

“In a few hours, we’ll meet back up here, mates. We all have our phones on us, correct?” Zayn asks looking at each of us. We nod in response.

“Well, let’s have some fun, mates!” he shouts as he and Niall head in the direction of one of the roller coasters. Louis and I went off together just like Liam and Danielle who went off in a different direction, which left me standing there with Louis. Alison was standing there with Harry who had a look of terror on his face. Louis and I turn to look back at the curly-haired boy.

“Harry, what’s wrong, mate? You look like you saw a ghost,” Louis says as he stops walking. I turn and look at him, a warm smile on my face.

“N-nothing,” he mutters. “I’m fine,” he finishes as I notice his green eyes shift to the pavement.

“Hazza, I know it’s not just nothing – something’s bugging you – tell us mate. What is it? We won’t laugh at you!” Louis questions his curly-headed best mate.

“I-I’m scared of heights and-God, Lou, you’re never gonna let me hear the end of this-but I’m scared of roller coasters. They make me nauseous even looking at them,” he states and crosses his arms over his chest as he looks up at us.

“I’m sorry Haz, I won’t; we all have our fears and that just so happens to yours. I have a strange fear of birds, but with yours, I know you’ll overcome it some time, right mate?” he asks looking at Harry who was staring back at us.

“Come on, go with us, Harry! It won’t be as fun without you!” Alison tells him and rests her hand on his shoulder. After a few minutes of persuading him, he agrees to go.

“I guess!” he says as we head toward one of the roller coasters called Kingda Ka.

We get through the line and make our way to the front. Once we get to the front, the guy who controlled the ride lifted the lap bars up so we could get in. After we sat down and pulled our lap bars down, we begin to move forward. Louis and I were in the front so we glance behind us to see a scared look on Harry’s face as we come to a stop before they shoot us forward. I turn back and smile as we head up quickly.

Before we know it, we are zooming through a ton of twists and turns. We get back to the station after a few more jerking turns and get off the ride. As we head toward the exit, Harry looks at us.

“That was awesome!! Let’s go on another one!” he pipes up loudly as we go toward another ride. It was funny how Harry was acting. I guess he got over his fear of heights and roller coasters, thanks to us.

For the next few hours, we go on some more rides and have a great time. Louis and I even got one of those caricatures done of us. We meet up with the rest of them and go on some of the rides together. We have a great time at the amusement park.

Later, when we finally arrive back at the hotel after a fun day at Six Flags, Niall suddenly has the urge to go swimming in the pool. It was practically dark outside.

“Are you crazy, Niall?!” Zayn asks looking at the blond boy with dark roots showing through. “It’s like-” Zayn looks at his silver Rolex on his wrist before looking up at the Irish boy who stood a few feet in front of us. “Almost nine-fifteen,” he says.

“And?” the Irish boy questions, looking at each of us who were staring back at him with wide eyes. After a few minutes of standing in the lobby of the hotel, we decide to go swimming a bit, after we go change in to our swim suits of course. Lou and I caught a glimpse of the sign and it was open until ten.

“Come on, love,” Louis laces his fingers with mine as we head to the lift to take us to our room that was on the third floor like everyone else.

In my other hand, I held the caricature in the envelope they gave us to put it in to keep it nice. Louis pulls me closer to him as we step in to the lift. He presses the button for the third floor before turning to face me and gives me a soft kiss on the lips. I smile against his lips and kiss him again, our lips moving slowly against each others. We were thankful that we were the only ones in the lift because I’m sure we’d disturb people.

The ding goes off signaling we made it to our floor. We pull away from the kiss and head down the hall to our room so we could change in to our suits. After Louis stuck the key card in the door, I go straight over to my suitcase and pull out my striped string bikini that I knew was Louis’ favorite.

It takes us about five to ten minutes to get some of our things together, like towels and stuff. Soon after, we head down to the pool area to find the rest of them waiting for us.

“Niall, I’m blaming you if we get caught!” I look at the Irish boy and chuckle a bit as I slip out of my denim shorts.

“We won’t love,” he says as he jumps in the water, it splashing everywhere as he goes in.

He ended up getting us all wet as we stood off to the side. I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my torso and lift me up, carrying me over to the edge of the pool. I turn to see Louis with a big grin across his lips.

“In you go, babe,” Louis says and playfully nibbles the side of my neck.

I just laugh and let out a scream as he tosses me in the pool. I come back up a few minutes later and smile as I look at Louis who stood on the side, his feet right the edge. Looking over, I notice Harry sneak up behind him and look at me, holding a finger up to his lips so I wouldn’t slip and say anything to Louis.

“What th-” he mutters loudly as he falls in the pool, water spraying everywhere. As Louis came up, he swam over to me and pulls me in his arms.

“Harry, I know that was you, why else would you be chuckling?” Louis glares playfully at the curly-haired boy who stood there in black swim trunks without a shirt, his inked up chest in full display, and a huge, wide grin on his face.

For the next hour or so, we hang out by the pool and have a great time before Louis and I, particularly Louis, decide to call it a night for us claiming he was “tired” but I know there’s more in store. I mean, it’s Louis Tomlinson, we’re talking about, my fiancé, there’s always more to the story with him since he’s always planning something. Today was sure long but it was fun. I had a great time with my fiancé and friends. I don’t think I could ever ask for anyone greater than them.

Louis and I get out of the pool and are hit by a breeze of cool air. It sent a shiver up my spine as we make our way over to collect our things.

“We’re heading up, mates,” Louis tells them as we finish drying our bodies off with the two towels from the room we brought down with us.

After we finish drying off, we grab our things before we tell them all we’d see them in the morning. They wave to us as we head back in through the doors and to the lift to take us up to our floor. After we get in the lift, he sets the bag on the floor and pulls me closer to him once he pressed the button to our floor.

“Love you, Jess,” he mumbles against my skin as he presses a kiss to my forehead. I smile in response as I wrap my arms around his torso and pull him a bit tighter against me.

“Love you too Louis,” I tell him softly as he leans forward and captures my lips in a sweet kiss.

Our lips move perfectly in sync until we get interrupted by the ding from the elevator, which signaled we were on our floor. We pull apart and grab our things before making our way off and down the hall way to our room.

Louis unlocks the door and grabs me by the hand, pulling me inside with him, along with the bag I held that we took down to the pool with us. He takes the do not disturb sign and pulls the door open to put on the door so no one will bother us. The door slams shut as I walk forward and look at him, the bag still tight in my grip.

He sets the bag down and grabs me by the waist and lifts me up in his arms. I wrap my legs firmly around his waist as he backs me up against the door, kissing me deeply. He was in nothing but his swim trunks as was I in my string bikini that was soaking wet from swimming earlier. I move my hands up to his hair as he begins to trail kisses down my neck from my lips. A moan escapes my parted lips.

“I think this needs to come off,” he says with a smirk as his hands begin to mess with the string on my top.

I nod my head in response with a smirk as he pulls on the wet fabric that clung to my body. He pulls it off and throws it behind him to the floor. Next thing I know, we are finally on the bed our mouths moving together with one another and hands intertwined as things begin to heat up once more. Louis grabs my hips and pulls me closer.

“My god, you look hot as hell right now,” Louis whispers in my ear as he looks at me, nothing but love in his eyes.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” I tell him with a slight chuckle.

I was now resting my head on Louis’ now sweaty bare chest from what we just did.

“I love you,” he turns to me and presses a sweet kiss to my lips. I smile and mumble an “I love you too” against his lips. We pull away and I look over at him.

“Something wrong, babe?” he asks, worry in his eyes.

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just looking at you,” I tell him with a smile. “Think I’m gonna go take a shower and wash the chlorine out of my hair, because I feel dirty,” I tell him with a smirk.

“I could help you with that, maybe it could speed things up if I helped,” he sits up and looks at me, a playful smirk on his lips.

I just smile and nod before I get up and make my way into the bathroom so I could take my shower. After my shower, that Louis interrupted, I slip on some clean underwear and then grab his shirt from the floor before slipping it over my bare frame and crawling in to bed, Louis cuddling with me. I soon fall asleep with my head on his chest as he puts his fingers through my hair which evens out my breathing as I fall asleep to the steady beating of his heart.


So, next chapter! Thoughts? Comment and rate for more. Any kind of feedback would be awesome! <3



Thanks! I will update soon, next chapter is already in progress :D
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Pls update soon! It's awesome
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@blown away;
Ur welcome
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I'm glad haha (: I'll try and update again soon!
light me up. light me up.
Nice story I love louis! So I'm like this story...a lot!
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