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Stole My Heart - Comments


Thanks! I will update soon, next chapter is already in progress :D
light me up. light me up.
Pls update soon! It's awesome
Madzises Madzises
@blown away;
Ur welcome
Louis_lover_127 Louis_lover_127
I'm glad haha (: I'll try and update again soon!
light me up. light me up.
Nice story I love louis! So I'm like this story...a lot!
Louis_lover_127 Louis_lover_127
haha no problem! thanks for reading - means a lot <3
yes,thats what i mean tank you (: now ill go to read the rest (:
I don't really understand what you mean...i'm kind of confused with what you're asking. the 4 months ago is only in the first chapter when he proposed to her...and then it goes back to present day for the rest of it. Are you just talking about the first chapter when he proposes or what? Thanks!
hmm i dont realy understand, the all chapter is 4 monthe ago in the propos? , and the next chapter, its in present? or 4 months ago too? Anyway , everything perfect and lovely (:
Thanks!(: I will!
omg so good! update @blown away;
it will be coming up soon.
@blown away;
omg this is really good!! when is their big day coming up!??!
Thanks! Means a lot.

this is an amazing fanfic i love it! anyone mind taking a look at my fanfic? :) its called nobody compares to you! you won't regret it!!! :) suscribe, comment, and rate! it would mean the WORLD to me!! thanks loves!! xx

Really good
Thanks for pointing that out...what links are you talking about? the ones on the summary work fine and go straight to the link I want it to..
I just started the story and it's lovely, and I'm pleased with your spelling and grammar and punctuation which says something because I'm kind of a snot but I thought I'd point out that Brighton doesn't really have sand. The entire beach is like.... smooth rocks a little smaller than the palm of your hand.
Also. All of your links lead to the mibba version and not to the polyvore sets (or pictures or whatever) that I'm sure they're meant to go to.
Nice haha (: I'm really glad you like it. There is still more to come(: