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Stole My Heart


Danielle's POV

am excited and glad that I get to go surprise Liam and the boys on tour. Jessica and Alison came to me with the idea of me to come on tour with them and surprise them all, Liam especially. Since they left for tour about a month and a half ago, I’ve missed him terribly. I am actually surprised that I am able to go due to my many dance classes and school of course.

The boys, especially Liam are in for a big surprise. I know Liam is going to flip at me for not telling him, but that’s what they call it a surprise for. The girls have recently updated me and told me that they had just got to Boston for the next show and that they would be picking me up at the airport while the boys are at the venue doing their sound check before the show.

I was currently seated on the plane using the in-flight wifi. I glance out the window and notice the plane is slowly touching down on the runway. I was here, I can’t wait to see Liam and jump straight in to his arms. He was going to be shocked and I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.

I clasp my seatbelt in place as the flight attendant comes over the intercom telling us to buckle up as we are touching down on the runway. Before I know it, the plane finally comes to a stop. Soon after, a flight attendant comes over the intercom yet again and tells us we can begin to slowly depart off the plane.

I grab all of my belongings and put my carryon bag on my shoulder and stuff my iPhone in to the back pocket of my jeans. I get up and stand in the aisle as I wait for the people to start to make their way off the plane and in to the airport.

As I walk down the long passage way that led in to the Boston air port, I pull out my phone and send Jessica a quick text, telling her I just got in. She responds back saying that her and Alison were already there waiting for me by the baggage claim or close to anyway.

As I make it closer to the baggage claim, I begin to look around for the two girls I was super glad to call my best friends.

“Danielle!” I hear a super familiar voice and turn to see Alison and Jessica standing there, both with wide smiles on their faces as I turn to look at them.

“Oh my gosh – hey girls!” I say as I run forward and pull them both in a big embrace.

“We all missed you – especially Liam!” Jessica says with a smile as we part from the hug.

“I’ve missed you too – Liam the most,” I say with a small smile as I look at the girls who stood before me. These girls were two of my best friends and I was glad to have them along with Liam.

“Let’s go get your bags, drop them off at the hotel and then get some food before we head to the venue to surprise your man,” she says with a smirk and links her arm through mine.

“Sounds good to me,” I reply as we go over to the baggage claim and wait for the red light to go off before the bags start to come around on the conveyer belt.

After we retrieved my bags, we head out and hail a cab. I put my sunglasses over my eyes as the three of us get out and grab my bags from the back of the cab before we head in to the lobby of the hotel. The lobby was clear of anyone, surprisingly since it was the middle of the day. Most of the crazy fans were probably lined up at the venue waiting for Liam and the boys to come out and have a good time.

We get into the lift and head up to the floor they were all staying on. Thankfully, we have the entire floor to ourselves so none of the crazy fan girls can bother us. It can totally get hectic that’s for sure.

“You can just put your things in my room until we all get back, because I’m sure you’ll be sharing the room with Liam,” she says and wiggles her eyebrows, a small smirk on her face.

I laugh a bit and smile at her. “I’m sure I will be, I missed him so much,” I state with a small smile as Alison goes over and slips her key card in the slot. She pushes the door open and holds it open for me. I thank her as I carry my bags inside and drop them on the floor.

“He misses you too, Dani,” Jess tells me with a smile as we head back out of the room and out to the hall way.

“I’m sure he does; he tells me every single night when we talk on the phone,” I smile at her as we head back down to the lobby and get another cab so we can go get something to eat before we head to the venue.

We go to this sandwich place called Figalo’s Subs and get each of us a good sandwich and a drink. It was actually really good, I liked it. After we stop for some food, we head on to the venue. I am so happy that I am so close to being with Liam. I have a feeling it is going to be great.

Once we arrive at the venue, Jessica calls Paul to let him know that we just got back. He says he will come get us and escort us back inside so we won’t get mobbed by all the crazy fans.

We disguise ourselves as good as we can while we wait for Paul to come and escort us to the boy’s dressing room. He soon comes and escorts each of us to their dressing room. We walk up to the boy’s dressing room a few minutes later.

“Dani, you stay here. I’ll be right back,” Jessica states in a sing-song voice and smiles my way.

“Alright, Jess,” I respond back as I stand in the hall way and wait. She goes forward in to the room and shuts the door. I can hear the sound of the boys chatting through the crack of the door. I smile as I hear Liam talk.

“Jess, what is it?” he says as I hear the shuffling of feet coming toward the door.

“You’ll see, Liam,” she tells him. The door swings open and the two of them walk out, Liam with a wide grin on his lips as soon as he spotted me standing there.

“Danielle!!” he shouts and runs toward me and picks me up in his arms and twirls me around. “I missed you, love,” he says and kisses me on the lips. I peck his lips. He wraps an arm around my waist as we head inside the boys dressing room. It was messy and there was tons of stuff everywhere. Typical boys, you can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

“Dani!” Harry says loudly and pulls me in to a hug.

“Hi Harry!” I say with a laugh as I hug him.

“Hi, love!” Niall walks up and pulls me in a tight embrace. I hug him back just as tightly; I always love getting a hug from him.

“Danielle! How are you, love?” Louis smiles and pulls me in a hug.

“I’m good, Lou, thanks. Yourself?” I smile as we pull away.

“I’m great, looking forward to my big day with Jess here,” he grabs Jessica by the waist and gives her a kiss on the cheek. I smile at the two of them, they were too cute. I feel Liam wrap his arms around my waist and give me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Love you babe, we have to get ready for the show, see you after, love,” he says and kisses my forehead before the boys head to go start getting ready for the show. The girls and I sit and talk about a bunch of random things as we sit on the couch in the lounge area watching the TV screen as the boys came on the screen and started their next show in Boston.


Next chapter!

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Thanks! I will update soon, next chapter is already in progress :D
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Pls update soon! It's awesome
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@blown away;
Ur welcome
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I'm glad haha (: I'll try and update again soon!
light me up. light me up.
Nice story I love louis! So I'm like this story...a lot!
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