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Bethany Hamilton: The real Soul surfer (Louis+Liam love story)

The kiss

Bethany pov
As i just dreamed i felt like i was being watched. I opened my eyes. He was staring at muly lips like he wanted to kiss me. But he cant. Not with my brother always around me. But hes not here now...I was sleeping now. Or so he thought. He quietly walked over and kissed my lips. I woke up. "Sorry." "im not." We kissed again. Our toungues started to touch then a nurse with Liam came in. "Sorry. Liam was going to sign papers so you can leave." Ron just said bye and left. Great. Now hes mo friend of mine now.
I was irratated (dont know how to spell it). I hot up and changed with the help of Justeen the nurse. (and she was a girl at Papa Murphys when i was walking with no coat or shoes. she gave me shoes and a sweater.) She helped me put on my crop top and we walked out. Liam wolf whistled. I pushed him. He laughed.
When we got home Ron was just walking away. I called him but he didnt turn. I stormed indlside and flop on my bed. Tears were flowing like a mini river. Lou just cast away a friend for the (what felt like) 100th time. Lou came and knocked on my door. I didnt want to be talked to right now. Lou came in and said, "Im sorry. I didnt know he was THAT special to you. Forgive me?" I nodded and hugged him.


Hey so i updayed. its 8:25. i missed the bus and mom made me stay home.

peace. -Paige Tomlinson. (i know what it says at the top. i dont know how to change it.)


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