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Bethany Hamilton: The real Soul surfer (Louis+Liam love story)

The Junior Competition

i took a deep breath. the horn sounded and i ran out with other contestants. i knew how to surf with one arm now. I paddled har and took a decent looking wave and caught a flip and a tube. I surfed back into shore for brreak. i ran over to Lou. "You did great." He handed me some chips. as i ate them i saw Ron. he passed us. "Be right back."
i chased after ron. "Ron!" he turned and smiled. the horn sounded. "gotra go!" i jumped on my board. Malina Birch took a wave. then a wave dunked me. forgot i was in the Impact Zone. As i got up another wave pummeled me.
Lou pov
As i watched a wave slammed Bethany down. Zayn told me its normal and sheel be alive still by the end of the competition. I hope so. Another wave pummeled her. And another. I was freakimg out so bad i was shaking so bad. The horn sounded. i shot up and sat back down to shoot up again. Paige came over and shook her brown hair. I hughed her. Everything was fine.


another chappie. so imma update more tonight.


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