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Bethany Hamilton: The real Soul surfer (Louis+Liam love story)

The attack

"Hurry up!" My good friend Alana Blanchard screamed at me. i laughed and grabbed a RipCurl surfboard. Me, her dad Rolf and nrother Byron were going to surf Tunnels Beach.
I changed quickly and went downstairs. Skip car ride...
When we got in the water we started surfing. I was laying on my side when a shark ripped my left arm off. Alana screamed and Rolf and Byron dragged me to shore. I tried to stay awake as i was lifted into the ambulance and i just went blank. "Shes going into hypervolemic shock!"
As i sat in my room i heard the creak of a chair. I pened my eyes. A boy with red hair sat in a chair. He held out his hand. "Hi. Im Ronald Willchester. "Bethany Hamilton." i said back. this boys HOT! but my brother wont let me date. Im 15! So what. Lou came in and Ron left.
"How are tou?" Zayn asked. Harry Niall Liam Lou and Zayn were all here. "Drowsy." I said. He gave me some papers. Release forms. i signed my name and we got outta there.


Sorry. im really tired. i just took my night pills. im really drowsy. its 8:23 pm here. bye. ill try updating without falling asleep.


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