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Bethany Hamilton: The real Soul surfer (Louis+Liam love story)

No! Thats not it!

i raged and cried all that day. But at least i forgave my brother. I was sitting by the shore and this boy comes over. Hes got Black hair and clothes. Hes got a Gauge in both ears. My brother would not approve of me talking to him.
"Hi. Im Nathan Young. You must be Paige." Over the weeks i became famous. But only because of my arm. "Thats me." He got up and as i saw my brother watching us i took his hand. Then he ruined it. "Paige come here. Its moms birthday!" I sighed. "Meet me tonight at....11:30?" i nodded.
11:30 pm
i grabbed my little 1D bag and stuffed food in there. I was hungry. I grabbed a coat shoes and a flashlight. As i made my way across the sand i heard coughing. i froze. No one came out. I turned the light on and continued walking until i saw Ron and Nathan. Nathan looked at me. He waved me over. I cautiously aproached them. Ron just walked away. Nathan was leaning forward. Our lips met. Ron came back and stopped.
His eyes started to water up. "No it wasnt-" "Save it." A figure appeared at the door of our home. I just fell. Niall ran over. "Are you okay?" "He hates me."



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