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Chapter 4: The First Game of the Season

Phin finishes her ice cream and sits there for a little bit. She looks at her clock and waits. When she thinks that it’s about time to leave, she gets up and starts to exit, but something stops her. Actually, it’s someone. The new boy is still sitting there, looking out the window. She doesn’t know if he wants to, but he might. He did already. She makes her way over to him. He doesn’t seem to notice her since he is still looking out the window.
“Um, we’re having practice before the game. I don’t really know if you want to come. It’s just that you were there yesterday. I don’t know if that’s just your thing, but I thought that I’d tell you. You can walk with me if you want.” He doesn’t say anything. He just continues to sit there. “Or not.”
Phin shrugs and exits the building. He makes her way to the field and finds Kati and Coach Smith there. She goes over to them and greets them. Coach says hi, but Kati seems preoccupied with something else. Phin has an idea of what it could be, but she doesn’t go and question it. Instead, she takes this as a chance to sneak up on her best friend that is sitting down on the bench. She goes up behind her quietly and then roars loudly in her ear. Kati jumps up and falls down with wide eyes. When she sees that it’s just her friend, who is now laughing, she smirks.
“Dang it. You got me.”
“That I did.”
“Well, you better watch out. I’m going to have to get some payback.”
“That’s understandable.” They both sit down on the bench. “So, were you thinking about him?”
Kati blushes. “No.”
“You liar.”
“OK, I was thinking about him.”
“You need to ask that boy out already. You’ve liked him for how long?”
“I can’t just ask him out. What if he says no? What if he doesn’t like me?”
“You’re such a pessimist.”
“Yeah, and I’ll never change.”
“Well, he’s single now. I can do it for you.”
“I don’t know. That makes me seem kind of pathetic.”
“Then you should do it yourself.”
“You’ll have to do it eventually.”
“I know. I’ll... I’ll think about it.”
Phin hears some cars and turns around to see that her other teammates are there. It took them long enough. Actually, they are on time, but Phin just likes to think that they are all lazy and need to be pushed until they are as good as her and Kati. The taller brunette really wants them to win every game. If they are, they have to toughen up. She doesn’t need some weaklings on her team. Yes, that does sound rather rude and selfish, but soccer is everything to her. She lives and breathes the sport.
The two brunettes go ahead and start their workout. The others all greet before they start as well. After a bit of time, Phin sees something out of the corner of her eye. Luckily, the next part is some jumping jacks. She looks over in the direction of where she thinks she saw someone. It turns out that she did see someone. Niall is standing next to the bleachers and is watching them. He’s partly hidden just in case he has to hide. Well, it looks like that boy did want to watch their practices after all.
“Phin,” Kati whispers. “Phin, he’s watching us again.”
“I told him that we had practice beforehand.”
“When did you tell him that?”
“He was in the ice cream place down the road. I told him before I left. Of course, he was only there because I told him about that place too. Some jerks told him that the game was sooner.”
“Oh really?” Then out of nowhere, Kati starts smirking. “Why were you all nice to him? Do you like him?”
“What? No. Besides, I have a boyfriend.”
“That I hate.”
“I don’t know why you hate him so much.”
“He’s a douchebag. I hope he jumps off a cliff and die. I just want to beat the crap out of him.”
“You know that the only violent part of me is my tongue.”
“Yeah, but that is my boyfriend.”
“Eh. Well, I think that I can talk about him however I want because I’m your bestfriend, and I was here first.”
“Well... You’re right on that. Just don’t do it too much.”
“Yes! Kati wins! So, do you know anything about that guy?”
“Yeah, his name is Niall Horan.”
“Is he the son of-”
“Yep. He won’t talk to anyone, and he lashes out at anyone that tries talking to him.”
“He didn’t to you.”
“He did after you left yesterday. He just didn’t earlier. It’s probably just because I was being nice. There are already some jerks that were being mean to him.”
“Aww. You’re such a nice person.”
“Kati, I don’t like him.”
“I know, but you would be so cute with him. I’m just saying.”
“Well, that’s all that it will ever be.”
“I know.”
The two of them continue their warm ups until the game starts. The game goes by just like Phin wants. The team that they are facing completely suck. They are up by three, and it just hit halftime. They go over to the benches for the break that they get. Phin drinks some water and turns around to look in the stands. Her chestnut eyes scan through the people in search of her boyfriend. Surprisingly, he isn’t there. Where could he be? He’s never missed a game before, and it’s not like the boys have a game today. Where could he be? She looks at everyone again just to make sure that she didn’t miss him. She didn’t. He really isn’t there. Phin turns around and sighs.
“What’s wrong?” Kati asks.
“He’s not here,” Phin answers quietly.
“Douchebag isn’t here? Really? He hasn’t missed one of your games before? Are the boys having practice? No, that can’t be. We’re on the field... Did he say that he had to do something?”
“No, he acted like he was going to come. He didn’t even hint that he couldn’t make it. I have no idea where he could be.”
“Do you want me to break his neck?” Kati smirks.
Phin chuckles at her friend for trying to make her feel better. “No, and I know that you wouldn’t do that anyway.”
“You’re right, but I did get you to laugh.”
“Actually, that was more like a chuckle.”
“Yeah, I guess it was. If I was writing a story about you, I would write that as a chuckle.”
“You better not write a story about me.”
“Yeah, I am definitely going to go home and write some smut about you and Niall. No, that would be just weird. It gives me the shivers.”
“Well, I’m glad that it does.”
“No, I’m going to go home and write some Jalex smut because that stuff is hot!”
“You are such a pervert.”
“I know, right?”
The two of them talk a little bit longer before the game continues. The opposing team is doing a little bit better, but they still suck. The games ends with the Sea Monsters have five points and the other team having none. The teams tell each other good game, and then they go off to their families. Phin goes over to her mom and dad, who are both smiling at her. She looks over at Niall as she walks over to them. It looks like he’s going to come over to her and say something, but then he spots her parents. They tell her that they are proud of her, but she isn’t looking at them. She’s looking at the Irish boy. His face that had no expression on now drops for some reason. He turns around and walks off. Phin watches him walk off. Why did he act that way? What is up with him? Now she wants to know what is up with him even more.


Well, I'm back and staying. I didn't want to write my last month of school because of all the school stuff that I was doing. I'm no longer a high school student now though, and I'll be updating weekly again.
Who does Kati like? Why wasn't Clark there? What's up with Niall?
Well, two of those will be answered next week.
That sounded like a TV show commercial or something...
Well, I hope that you liked it!


Okay :)

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I update weekly, but I could try to get this one done early if I can finish my other stories tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.
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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan