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Chapter 5: The Argument at Lunch

The next day at school, Phin seems kind of down. Kati, being the great and nosey friend that she is, comes over to her in order to ask her what is wrong, but she stops dead in her tracks when she sees him. He is talking to Phin now. He is getting her to laugh. He is cheering her up. Why does it have to be him? When he finally gets smile on her friend’s face, he starts walking over in Kati’s direction.
“Hey Kati,” he smiles at her before going over to his seat and starts talking to everyone around him.
Kati quickly goes over to her friend and sits down next to her. She keeps her head straight. She looks behind her only for a second before her cheeks become even more pink than what they already were. The short teen hears her friend laugh at her, but she can’t help the way that she’s acting. He just said spoke to her.
“Earth to Kati,” Phin chuckles. “Don’t worry. Tate isn’t even paying attention to us.”
Kati quickly turns her head towards her. “Don’t say his name.” She looks behind them for a second. “He may hear and start paying attention.”
“Damn. Kati, you are becoming crazy. It’s like you’re some kind of fangirl.”
“You know how I get about certain guys that I really like.”
“Are you like this when you meet band members?”
“No. I mean, I’m a bit shy, but I can asked Kellin Quinn for a hug. It’s all cool.”
“You really need to ask him out though.”
“No, you need to.”
“Can we change subject? OK?”
“Um, have you talked to douchebag yet?”
Phin sighs. “No, I’m not sure how I’m going to either. I mean, I’m really mad at him, but this is the first time that he’s done this.”
“It’s the first time for a game, but it’s not the first time that he’s put himself before you. When was the last time that you went on a date with him?”
“I mean an actual date.”
“I don’t know... Two months ago?”
“OMGG! You need to tell that boy how it is. He can’t just put himself before you like that!”
“I put soccer before him!”
“But you’re a girl. My sexist ways are OK with it.”
“Of course.”
“You need to tell him that you want to go on a date. That just isn’t right. Or...”
“Or what?”
“Actually, he was on my mind too...”
“Yeah, but it’s nothing. I need to just talk to Clark.”
“And you need to talk to Tate.”
“Yep. Wait. What? No!”
“The day when I go right up to him and ask him out out of nowhere will be the day that you break up with Clark.”
“Damn it.”
“Will you at least continue thinking about it?”
When lunch comes, Phin knows that she’s going to have to talk to Clark and it’s about to happen. Now, of course they have add some disagreements, but she never starts them. For some reason when she’s with him, she changes. She becomes more like that girl that just does whatever her boyfriend says. She hates it, but she just can’t seem to stop.
The group all sit down at the table. It’s rather quiet and uncomfortable. The reason is that Phin just doesn’t really know how to start the conversation. While trying to think of how to start it, she finds her eyes just scanning the cafeteria. They stop on a certain blond that is sitting alone. Phin doesn’t know why she’s looking at him. It might have to do with the fact that she became even more curious after seeing how he acted yesterday. Her view of him ends when a hand waves itself in front of her brown eyes over and over again.
“What are you looking at?” Clark asks as if nothing is wrong.
“It didn’t look like nothing. It almost looks like you’re looking at that weirdo when you should be looking at me.”
“He’s not a weirdo.”
“So you were looking at him. Um, yeah, he’s a weirdo. He tried to watch us practice the other day, so we all asked him what he wanted. When he didn’t answer, we grabbed him and threw him in the dumpster. It was perfect. You should have seen the look on his face while he was completely covered in trash.”
“You shouldn’t be such a dick!”
Clark is completely taken back. Phin has never lashed out at him before. “What?”
“I said that you shouldn’t be such a dick. You know nothing about him.”
“Well, you don’t either.”
“Yeah, but I’m not being a complete bitch to him.”
“What’s wrong with you? You’re never like this!”
“Exactly! I wish that I was! I may put soccer before you, but I still make time for you!”
“Is this about yesterday?”
“Yes, and it’s about everything! You've been putting yourself in front of everything! I don’t even get a little bit of attention! Yes, we made an agreement, an understanding, that soccer came before all, but this is still a relationship!”
“Well, I’m sorry that my dad is preparing me for college!”
“You’re always blaming your dad too! I never blame my dad when he takes time away from us! I never blame anyone!”
Clark starts to say something, but he looks around them and then quietly says, “Will you please calm down? You’re making a scene.”
“I don’t care that I’m making a scene! You need to figure out what we are! I’m willing to wait until you apologize because I care, but I will not stand this until you do!”
Phin walks away. She can’t believe that she actually did that. She actually walked away from him. Everyone is whispering about what had just happened between the school’s perfect couple, but the soccer player could care less. It’s not like she asked for the popularity. She didn’t ask for any of this. She just wanted to play soccer and win.
The teen makes her way to the other side of the cafeteria. She has no idea where she is going, but she wants to just get away from her normal table. Phin finds herself standing next to the blond’s table. She’s not sure what brought her over here, but she isn’t complaining. She’s just not sure if he’ll let her sit with him. He isn’t really the friendly type.
“Do you might if I sit here?” she gently asks. He doesn’t say anything. He just motions for her to sit there while he continues to eat his lunch. The thought of that makes her remember that she didn’t grab her’s. She was in too much of a hurry to grab it. Almost like the blond is reading her mind, he places his apple in front of her. She looks at it and then back at him. Did he really just give her his apple? “Um, thanks.” Phin says as she takes it.
Maybe he isn’t such a bad guy after all. He is letting her sit there and he gave her his apple. Her mind goes back to what Clark had said. He told her that they threw him in the dumpster... Well, that would explain why he was watching the girls practice instead of the guys. He probably just likes soccer and wanted to see a practice, but the guys were all dicks, so he decided to watch the girls instead. It makes sense. He’s not a weirdo. Plus, that would explain why he lashed out so much when she grabbed his wrist. Maybe he thought she was going to do the same thing to him. It all makes perfect sense. Well, almost all of it does. She still has no idea why he is just plain like this anyway and why he acted the way that he did yesterday after the game. She might never find out, but she still wants to try.
Since he’s still being nice to her right now, she decides to apologize for her... boyfriend? Is he still her boyfriend? If he doesn’t apologize to her, they’re through. She never thought about breaking up with him before. Is she really willing to take him back? Yes, everything hasn’t been perfect, but he could change, and it’s not like he’s done anything completely bad. He’s faithful, and he’s never insulted her before. Phin will have to think it over, but right now, she’s going to go ahead and do what she was going to do.
“Um, I’m sorry about what Clark and his teammates did to you.” Niall just shrugs. “You’re welcome to watch the girls practice anytime. It’s just that you’re a guy and you were watching the girls practice. I never thought... So, I’m just sorry for all of that.” Niall continues to not say anything. “Thank you for letting me sit here though. I’m having relationship troubles, but you already knew that. Everyone probably heard us.”
The blond doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything, so Phin just shuts up. She doesn’t want to annoy him when he’s actually being nice to her. Surprisingly, he does say one sentence after that, and it’s the only thing that he says that entire time.
“Guys like that don’t deserve girls like you.”


You go Phin! Tell that boy how it is!
Um, Kati is based on me after all... (Yes, I did hug Kellin Quinn and other musicians that I like. They give beautiful guys. *Dreamy expression*)
Well, now we know that Kati has a crush on a really nice and cute guy named Tate. Clark is an even bigger douche than we thought he was. (Who could do that to Niall?) Niall just wanted to watch some soccer and not be thrown in the trash. (I still don't see how someone could do that.) Finally, he seems alright with Phin.
Anyway, I hope that you liked the chapter!


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I update weekly, but I could try to get this one done early if I can finish my other stories tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.
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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan