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Fin. - Comments

Okay :)

@Nialls girl 0913
I update weekly, but I could try to get this one done early if I can finish my other stories tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.
And thanks for commenting! :) :) :) :) :)

QueenDes QueenDes

Update plz I love it


Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan


Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

@Makenzie Horan
You should. My stepsister really ones to read one, but she won't let me try at all because I'd ruin it. I'm not a fan of the '50s, but I like the '20s. Woman were more free in the '20s (flappers). (Note: I'm sexist, so... yeah.)
I'm thinking of working on that on the side and only put it up when I get enough chapters ahead. I've never written from another time period, so I want to do some more research. I actually checked out some soccer books for Fin.
And I love that you love that I comment back. I'm a silent reader, but I don't like being a silent writer.

QueenDes QueenDes

@ QueenDes

I love how you comment back. And how their long. Also, your welcome! That 1920's idea sounds so cool!!! I have always loved the 1920's and the 1950's. I've always wanted to write a story based in the 50's.

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

@The Renegade
I actually do have a twitter. I don't normally use it. Well, I use it to read Jack Barakat's tweets, but my mom is the one that loves twitter. I have a hard time with the limit when I actually do tweet because I really like having good grammar. I end up having to rewrite the thing with poor grammar and take stuff out. Although a couple of times, I've given my phone to my mom. "Mom, would you make this short for me?" I swear she is addicted to that website which is sad because I'm the eighteen-year-old! LLN.
It's going to annoying one of these days. If my stories became popular enough, I wanted to have a twitter and instagram for them. When the day comes, it's going to be a nightmare! :)

I appreciate that you comment back, and I'm glad you like my comments since between the two of us we're writing as much in the comments as in the story itself (mostly you, but I take credit for prompting your thoughts ;P).
On a related note, I'm curious to know if you've ever had a twitter, and if so how you manage to deal with the 140 character limit.
Haha, anyway, sleep well and dream happy thoughts of Niall's laughter :D

@The Renegade
I hate it when the internet makes me double post. Normally it does that with stories though. Yeah, I am going to be writing ten. I have a bad attention span, and writing a lot of stories keeps me interesting. Although, writing 1D stories is really helping me. All I ever write are All Time Low ones since they are my favorite band. When I started writing Another World, it made me want to write again. Luckily, all of my ideas are different. The only thing that is ever close is at least one character is like me. Besides that, they are too different to fuse on accident.
I started the bunch of stories last week, and I got to all of them but four of them. Although, I went to concerts on Friday and Saturday, so I didn't get to write those days. Otherwise, they would have been updated. It takes me an hour to two to update. As long as I'm focused and switch between them. I should be fine.
I wrote a lot again... Dang it. Thanks for commenting though. It does mean a lot to me, and I don't like lying, so you know I'm telling the trust. Hope you have fun on my creative journey though my stories! (And I am going with the new one I came up with. The prologue is already done. It's pretty different though) :) :) :) :) :)
Oh, and I always comment back. I feel like it's my duty to communicate with the readers, so that's where all of this is coming from.
I'm going to stop writing now. It's past my bedtime kind of even though I shouldn't have one. LLN. Thanks though! :)

(edited) Oops, looks like my net crapped out on me and did a double post >.>

"When I get talking, I can't stop." heh. Indeed :P - as I said, Master of Description!

"I'm already stretching myself thin with just ten stories" - yeah, okay, wow. All or nothing I suppose :P. It's great that you have lots and lots of ideas, as long as you can manage to keep all of them separate and with enough motivation to finish all or most of them. :)

"If you read all of this, thank you a lot" Of course I read all of it, and you're most welcome.

@Makenzie Horan
Thanks! It really means a lot to me. I know what the next story is going to be. I'm just trying to decide if I should put it in first person, so you don't know what's going on in Niall's head or putting it in third and just focusing more on the main girl character. Then the last one is probably going to be the one that I was working on today. The other idea that will come after I finish one of my ATL ones because it takes place in the 20s, so I feel like I should research just a tad more before I start it.
Writing different things is always my goal, and I'm happy that you like it along with everyone else that tells me they like it. It really does mean a lot.
Oh, and the reason why my stories are always weekly is because I'm too creative for my own good, and I'm working on ten stories at the same time since I'm bringing three of my stories back. My other stories are All Time Low ones.
Anyway, sorry this is long, and thanks again! :) :) :)

@The Renegade
Thank you very much. I always prefer reading in third person because you get a little bit of everything. Plus, it allows me to describe everything. I only have one story that is in first person on another website, but I did that because I don't want anyone to know the secrets. That's why it's just the one characters P.O.V. and will not change ever.
I'm really happy to be called that. It means a lot. Thank you so much.
I'm actually debating on making the next story I put on here in 1st or 3rd. I don't really want to get into Niall's head in it, but it would be interesting if I did. My sister, stepsister, and friend all hate 3rd, so I can't really ask them for advice.
There will be one more story up after that. I'm either going to write the idea that I've been wanting to write or this one that I really like. I just feel like the one that I like is going to be hard right now because I need to do more research. (It takes place in the 20s.) When I finish my one ATL one, I think I'll put it up.
Sorry, this is so long. When I get talking, I can't stop. It's just that I always get ideas in my head. I want to write them all, but I'm already stretching myself thin with just ten stories.
Anyway, thank you again. If you read all of this, thank you a lot. I really need to learn to not write and talk so much.

I love your stories! They are always so good and different!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

More stories from @QueenDes, master of description! :D
I would also like to say that your writing in third person is a refreshing change from just about every other author on here :)