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Chapter 3: Ice Cream Place Down the Road

“Thanks. Now, here’s what I found out. His name is Niall Horan, and he does go to our school. He’s in my grade, and we even have English together. There isn’t a lot of information that I could get. What I found out is that he’s the son of that Irish guy that moved here a couple of years ago.”
“I remember him.”
“Well, he’s living with his dad for some reason now. No one knows why. He’s also very quiet. I haven’t heard him say a word, but I guess that he snapped at a couple of slutty girls that were trying to make a move on him because he’s rather cute. I also heard that he might start getting targeted by the bullies. They think he’s an easy target. I have one question. Why did you want me to get info on him?”
“Well, Kati noticed it first, but he was watching us practice yesterday. She told me that I should see what his deal was because she couldn’t do it. I questioned him, and he told me off before running away. If he gets bullied, he has a good chance of running away. That boy is fast.”
“Faster than you?”
Phin looks away and crosses her arms. “I was rather tired from practice. That’s the only reason he outran me.”
“Sure... Anyway, if I hear anything else about him, I’ll let you know. Good luck with the game tonight!”
“Thanks.” Phin gives her a smile before finally leaving the school building.
Her legs start taking her in the direction of the soccer field which isn’t all that far from the school. It is a little bit annoying that the field isn’t behind the school like the baseball and football field, but it is also nice that it is by the park. It makes the games even more of a town get-together than it normally would. Mothers can take any younger children to the park before or after the game if they want. Plus, there is an indoor ice cream place just up the road as well. The sweet treat becomes even sweeter after a win. The team does that every once in a while. Mostly, it’s just when they beat one of the other tough schools. Although, it’s pretty good when you’re waiting for a game to start. That’s actually what she’s going to do right now. She could use a cookie dough cone right now.
Phin puts her hands into the pockets of her green jacket and enjoys the peacefulness of walking. She just happens to glance over at the other side of the road. It almost makes her stop dead in her tracks. There he is. That blond boy is literally just across the street. She is about to cross the street and face him again, but the brunette decides not to. He probably won’t say anything to her unless he’s telling her off again. If she’s going to talk to him, it’s going to have to be under a different circumstance. Phin doesn’t know what that is going to be, but it’s going to be different. Maybe she’ll try talking to him after the game. Winning a game might be a good reason to start talking to someone. Yes, that might just be her new plan.
Her brown eyes keep following him as she makes her way towards the field and the ice cream place. It’s a good thing that she decided to go for a snack before the game and have her dad bring her stuff. One thing that she has learned over the years of playing soccer is that her dad goes crazy before a game. Now that she is old enough to walk around on her own, she doesn’t have to deal with his craziness. Plus, she gets to watch this boy as well. He isn’t even paying attention to her. It looks like he’s listening to music. That’s good because she doesn’t want him to see her as a stalker even if she is being one right now.
Phin starts to pass the field and watches as the boy goes over to it and sits down behind the bleachers. What is he doing? Phin sighs. Fuck the plan she had. If he’s going to watch the game, he’s going to be sitting there for a couple of hours. If she did that without doing something, she’d probably go crazy. The brunette slowly makes her way over to him. When she gets close enough, he finally notices her and takes one of his ear pieces out. He looks up at her with a frown on his face. He obviously doesn’t want anything to do with her just like the day before.
“This isn’t about yesterday,” she starts. “It’s just that I saw you come over here. I don’t know if you’re here to watch the game later or not. It’s just that if you are it’s not for another two hours. I didn’t know if you knew that or not. I’m actually going to get some ice cream while I wait. There is a place right up the road if you want to get some and wait as well. Well, I’m going to go now. I just wanted to make sure that you knew.”
Phin walks away from him without looking back. She doesn’t know if he’ll take her advice or not, but at least she told him. It’s the thought that counts, right? The brown-eyed girl makes her way towards the ice cream place and enters. It’s rather cute and family owned. She makes her way up to the counter. There isn’t anyone in line. Only a few people are inside. Business doesn’t really pick up until after the game. A girl that is in a grade under her takes her order. She doesn’t really know this girl, but she thinks she saw her one time when she met Veronica after her drama practice. Her hair is rather red, and it’s surprising that she can get away with that color. Her eyes are a grass green, and she looks like she’s about Kati’s height which is short.
“What can I get for you today?” she asks.
“I’d just like a small cookie dough cone,” Phin tells her.
The girl nods and grabs a cone before filling it with ice cream. Phin hands her the money and then takes the cone after telling the girl that she can keep the change. The girl thanks her, and Phin goes and takes a seat by the windows. She doesn’t look out of them, but she plans on it after she checks her phone for any messages. Her tongue takes in some of the sweet treat as she takes her phone out and opens it. Phin doesn’t have any messages at all. She frowns slightly at this.
It’s just that when she first started dating Clark, he’d text her right after they got out of school because he missed her. In fact, they used to text a lot. They were lucky that they had unlimited messages on their phone plans. Now, he barely talks to her outside of school unless it’s at a game. He’s slowly slipping away from her. Phin wonders if she did anything wrong, but she knows that she hasn’t done anything different. She’s still the same girl that she was when she met him. He’s the one that seems to have changed. She’s tried talking to him about it, but he just makes excuses and says that it’s his dad’s doing. It’s always his dad’s fault.
Phin sometimes wonders why she hasn’t broken up with him yet. Kati keeps telling her that she should, but she never does. Maybe it’s that hope that he’ll come to his sense and everything will be just like it was. Maybe it’s because they’ve been together a lot longer than her other boyfriends. Before she met him, the longest that she’d be with a guy was three months. Most guys don’t like how much she loves soccer, but Clark understood that because he’s the same way. If she had to go to practice and not on a date, he’d be OK with that, and it would be the same with her. They understood their love. Maybe that’s another reason why she hasn’t ended it. He gets her and her love. She might not find another guy like that until college. She doesn’t know if she can go without someone until then. It’s become normal being with Clark.
Normal. Phin hates it, but she loves it at the same time. It’s boring, but it’s all she knows. She wants to change her life and make things more exciting, but she’s also afraid of changing it too much. It’s a good thing that this blond boy came into her life. He’s spicing things up a bit, and she likes that. She likes that mysterious air surrounding him. It’s different, but it’s not changing her life like crazy. It’s just adding to it.
Phin eats a little bit more of her ice cream and starts to look out of the window. Wow. She didn’t think that he would take her advice. There is that blond boy. He walks into the place and over to the counter. She doesn’t listen to what he’s getting, but she does watch him. It’s just so surprising that he would listen to her. She wasn’t expecting that from him. Of course, she did judge him pretty quickly after what happened yesterday. She watches as he takes his wallet out to pay her and him taking his ice cream.
As soon as he turns around to find a place to sit, she quickly turns her head away. She can’t have him find her looking at him. It’s just like when she was watching him head to the field. If she is going to find out his life, she can’t be marked a stalker in his eyes. Hopefully, her talk with him earlier didn’t mark her as one. She never thought of it like that. Well, he couldn’t have really thought of her as one if he took her advice, right? Well, she guesses that he could have still taken it.
Her brown eyes glance at him and find that he’s heading her way. When he gets close enough, she finally turns her head to look at him. His blue eyes look away from her, and he stands there for a second. Phin’s eyebrow raises. What could he be doing? Surely he doesn’t want to sit by her. She may have read him to fast, but she does know that he wouldn’t want to do that. He keeps his distance from people.
“There were some twats that told me the game was earlier, so thanks,” he says before walking off and taking a window seat just a couple of seats down.
Wow. Phin wasn’t expecting a thank you. It actually makes her feel good inside. She doesn’t know why, but it does. The brunette starts looking out of the window again as she eats and takes a couple of glances at the cute Irish boy every once in awhile. Since he took a seat just a couple down and he’s facing her, he’s in perfect view. The blond boy is looking out of the window as he listens to his music just like before. His blue eyes watch the birds flying and the couple of passing people. He eats his ice cream slowly but not slow enough where it will all melt before he finishes which is what Phin is doing while she watches him. If you take away if attitude, he’s rather cute. Yeah, Niall is rather cute.


Sorry this is late. I blame Skyrim and it's beauty...
Well, I hoped you liked it!


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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

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Your right, I should. I spoke on it. And your welcome! :)

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