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Chapter 4: Rose Coloured Glass

Scarlett’s Pov

“H-Harry?” I gasped tears welling in my eyes

He looked back at me his mouth agape his eyes wide.

He looked the same. Those big green eyes those curls. He looked healthier though, his skin had a healthy glow, his muscles looked fuller and more defined.

“HARRY!” I shouted as I practically launched myself at him “Harry oh my Harry! Harry, Harry, Harry, oh Harry, your not dead, Harry we were so, so worried, oh what happened Harry? Tell us please! Are you okay Harry? How did you get here?”

Harry laughed a throaty sound beneath my ear “ I’m fine Scarlett. you’re fine, we are all fine.”

Harry greeted us all and smiled hugging us and laughing.

The man that brought us here came in “Harry? It’s them isn’t it.” He said

“Tom” Harry said “It’s them they’re all here even this one!” I knelt down and patted hades head making him yap happily.

“So they’re safe.” He smiled again “Welcome to Paix. Please feel right at home.”

The man had taken us all to a part of town where the homes were abnormally large. We each had perfect homes. Harry’s was absolutely gigantic he offered for everyone to stay with him; Louis, Zayn and Niall chose to stay there while Liam, hades and I had our own little home right next door.

Harry smiled, you could tell he was ecstatic to have everyone back together.

“Dinner at my place?” He asked “I’ll make mash potatoes, veal, salad and chicken. And I’m taking Hades with me”

“Sure,” I smiled “but for now I need to sleep.”

He nodded.

I could feel the high of finding out Harry was alive begin to drop. I automatically began to panic that dark hole was calling my name again, begging me to remember all the death I had faced, Taylor was dead, Nick was Dead, Mom was dead, Dad was dead, no one was alive.

My heart started pounding and I began to breathe a bit harder.

“Scarlett?” Liam asked worry evident on his face, he knew what was happening, and he wanted to stop it.

“Scarlett? Love?” he took my face in his hands “You are fine, it’s not your fault, Nick wasn’t your fault, your parents, nor were they. And Scarlett most importantly Taylor’s death was not your fault, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, maybe the man upstairs didn’t want his little angel to come into a place like this, he wanted to keep her safe and healthy, so she wouldn’t have to suffer. You aren’t alone: you’ve got everyone; you have Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Hades. Scarlett you will go through everything with me by your side, you will look at the brighter side of things. You just need to look through the rose coloured glass, look through the bright side.”


Sorry for another long wait.

I won't lie i am honestly feeling like complete crap.

you guys aren't letting me know if you like it or not!

What happened to my active subscribers!?!?!

Sorry for the late update, i'll update tonight again....

Lots of Love,
Scarlett Kat </3


@Scarlett Kat
No problem, and I hope you do finish it because it kind of ended in a cliff hanger.

thank you, i'll try to finish it off... a few more chapters i think... or maybe i'll just go on a break, and then come back. I'm not sure. thank you for your support though, i do appreciate it <3

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Oh, well your a good author by the way. And I am sad to see it go:(

I have honestly begun to stop trying, The sequel was supposed to continue something cool, and then everyone stopped reading so i kinda feel like I'm wasting my time...

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Are you still writing this story?