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Chapter 5: ~Twelve~Military~Drive~

Chapter 5: ~Twelve~Military~Drive~

Liam held my hand. His large, rough, calloused and warm fingers intertwined with my small, warm soft ones. We continued walking to the next house over.

Tom Navy had said that all of the houses had been checked again, before the group left to find us. Everything was clean and ready to be lived in-every nook and cranny checked for walkers. Prepared for us. Clothes our sizes stocked in the closets, shoes and hygiene products, beauty products and food. Harry had of course known his best friends sizes in everything and for me, he new that by now I must’ve been a size 8 in clothes and most likely in shoes He was right.

“What’s it called again?” Liam asked “ The house number.”

“12 Military Drive. The next one beside the house meant for Niall, Zayn and Lou.”

“You mean if they ever feel like leaving Harry’s.” Liam grinned

“Yes,” I grinned back “Which they probably won’t- but still.”

Liam kissed me again.

“That’s it” I breathed

The house was stunning, a grey roof with multiple little layers, Grey stone work, and a red door with two columns shone in the light of the sun.

Liam’s jaw dropped. “Its stunning Scarlett. Absolutely spectacular.”

“I know!” I gasped grabbing the keys from his hands and breaking out into a sprint for the front door.

My hands shook slightly as I unlocked the door excitement building; I wanted to jump onto a plush bed after taking a hot shower and going to the washroom on an actual toilet, wrapping a fluffy towel under my arms and cuddling up to Liam talking with covers all over the place, giggling like teenagers hiding from mum and dad.

The door opened and I shouted, “ I call taking a shower first.”

“No!” Liam shouted back “Only if you can find it!”

Liam and I ran through the house, both of us shoving each other up the stairs trying to get up there first. We ran through the rooms on different ends of the upstairs. Then we knew that one room in the middle, which had to be the washroom. We sprinted as fast as we humanly could knocking into each other and then into the bathroom. I then jumped on the toilet pants still on.

“Oh! C’Mon Scarlett!” Liam pouted like a little boy

“Oh, C’Mon Liam!” I pouted back.

He chuckled and walked towards the shower. I took the moment to actually go to the toilet on a toilet.

After I flushed-yes it flushed, I walked towards the sink and pumped a tad bit of soap and then turned the water on. I washed my hands and smiled.

“Liam.” I whispered, “We’re home.”



@Scarlett Kat
No problem, and I hope you do finish it because it kind of ended in a cliff hanger.

thank you, i'll try to finish it off... a few more chapters i think... or maybe i'll just go on a break, and then come back. I'm not sure. thank you for your support though, i do appreciate it <3

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Oh, well your a good author by the way. And I am sad to see it go:(

I have honestly begun to stop trying, The sequel was supposed to continue something cool, and then everyone stopped reading so i kinda feel like I'm wasting my time...

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Are you still writing this story?