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Chapter 3: The Pursuit 

“Okay!” General Navy’s voice boomed, “Dawn will break in 20 minutes! We are going to Harry’s old camp- we do not need ALL of you. Some of you will take your shifts patrolling. Harry split the groups, leave me out.”

“Okay. William, Kurt, Tristan, and I will take my old camp. Abel, River, Derek, Lincoln and Johnny come half way to camp with us and then turn left, follow the trail- actually you guys split up- Derek and Link you two take the left and Abel, River and Johnny take the right.” I said looking at them all

“Harry?” Tristan came up to me and said quietly. “Kurt and I are still up in each others throats maybe you should take Derek, I’ll go with Link,- so no one argues.”

I nodded “Derek!” I called “Change of plans your joining Kurt Will and I. Tristan and Link you two. Is that okay?”

“I will be joining Tristan and Lincoln, it’ll keep the groups relatively even.” General Navy said

“Okay General” I replied nodding

“Off we go” Tom smiled

The boys had split up taking their own designated paths.

5 minutes until camp.

My heart was already pounding, just the thought of seeing her, Scarlett, Scarlett Rose Alexander, My love, the woman I would give up anything and everything for.

“PULL A LEFT HERE!!!” I shouted at Kurt over the roar of the wind whistling by.

Kurt made a sharp left causing Derek and Will to knock into me.

After a few minutes Kurt cut the engine.

“We’ve gotta walk from here” I said “its not far over the hill.”

We all hopped out and grabbed our weapons. The walk wasn’t far but boy was it hot. We came across thick brush and my heart began to race, the surroundings becoming familiar.

That tree over there that was bent just a tad bit was the front of the camp. I could here the water rushing in the trees. I could feel the sun. I was ecstatic. I knew soon I would see my friends. Louis and Niall and Zayn… and Liam and Scarlett. Somehow thinking her name made my mouth dry as if I was dying of thirst when I perfectly well knew that I had just drunk a bottle 5 minutes ago.

Then a smell hit me. It was repulsive; maybe they had picked up their defences and put more dead zombies around the camp?

I pushed my way through the bush and then the smell hit me even harder, I heaved over.

“Oh god” Will said “What is that smell?

I looked up and was horrified with what was in front of me piles and piles of dead zombies. And then two live ones chewing on something, on someone. I got closer and cut both of their heads off. The body- bodies below should I say were 2 one male and one female. They were torn up much too far for recognition. I immediately thought the worst

I dropped to my knees “S-s- scarlett?” My eyes filled with tears and continued to run down my face.

“S-c-c-Scarlett why did I leave you?”

I was quiet all the way home. The bouncing of the truck was the only thing you could hear, the roar of the wind and not much else. We pulled up into Paix. Everyone got out of the truck silently.

We walked over to Tom Navy.

“How’d it go harry?” He asked carefully.

I shook my head “no”

He smiled sadly. “ Maybe it was for the best?”

“It wasn’t.” I replied “ I shouldn’t have left Tom.”

“We found a few people on our way back we picked them up you need to go see if you think they could fit in.”

“On my way” I said softly

I walked into the room about as big as an average sized bedroom. In front of me were 5 people all huddled near each other, their backs to me? One couple held one another. The rest all sat close to them.

Suddenly I became irate they could have definitely heard the door yet they didn’t turn to see who it was.


They all jumped up.

And turned.

Everything happened in slow motion.

In a vivid colour.

I knew exactly who they were.

I knew them from my past.

And I knew exactly what to say.

It came out in I whisper:

“You’re Alive”


Hey Guys!

I'm SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SOOOOOOO sorry for not updating in such along time, i had a death in the family and it really affected me...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Lots of Love,
Scarlett Kat <3


@Scarlett Kat
No problem, and I hope you do finish it because it kind of ended in a cliff hanger.

thank you, i'll try to finish it off... a few more chapters i think... or maybe i'll just go on a break, and then come back. I'm not sure. thank you for your support though, i do appreciate it <3

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Oh, well your a good author by the way. And I am sad to see it go:(

I have honestly begun to stop trying, The sequel was supposed to continue something cool, and then everyone stopped reading so i kinda feel like I'm wasting my time...

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Are you still writing this story?