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Chapter 2: Preparation 

Harry’s Pov

I walked down the quiet street the birds chirped.

The sun shone like a dazzling yellow diamond of the finest cut.

The sky was a blue as brilliant and blissful and as an aquamarine gemstone.

The clouds were puffy and full and as picturesque as pearls and white as an angel’s wings.

The dew on the grass shone like opals pure and sparkling, crystalline and lovely.

The trees bright as the deepest emeralds with warm earthy tones thrown into a mess of beauty around them.

I met up with Will and the boys outside the Base camp.

“Did you meet up with Navy? What did he say?” I asked Willl quickly

“Eh! Chill mate yeah?” Kurt mimicked me

“Don’t be a cock” Tristan Muttered angrily. “They’re his family. Fuck you man.”

“What the fuck do you want you fucking panzy ass motherfucker?” Kurt shouted stomping his cigarette and getting in Tristan’s face.

Kurt shoved Tristan and Tristan shoved him back.

Navy got between them “Boys, we’ve got enough trying to kill us, we don’t need to try and kill each other.”

Kurt drew back running his fingers through his short military buzz cut and blowing air from his lips in exasperation.

“Look man,” he said to me “I’m sorry, honestly I’m just wined up tight about a night terror I had last night.”

“What was it?” I asked carefully

“We went on the expedition and tried to find them, we got to your camp and it looked like a horror scene dried blood everywhere, garments, nourishment possessions that didn’t belong strewn everywhere. They were there, walkers.. all over the place… we could barely make it into the camp…” He said

“Don’t worry Kurt” I laughed wryly “I’m sure everything’s okay.”

Everyone sat quietly Tom Navy spoke again “We are going to Harry’s old camp tomorrow at the break of dawn. Human are Humans, and Harry is family, if Harry is family? That group is family, and family doesn’t let family die.”

“Captain Styles” General Tom Navy called

“General Navy” I replied politely “ What can I help you with sir?”

Tom flipped around and released a huge map of the once flourishing city. “Where was your old camp Harry?”

“Oh,” I said grinning "Sir, I can deffinetly do that”



I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!!!

It may seem a tad bit boring but action will come flying in trust me.

Harry is going to the camp- but the group isn't there.

how is the group?

the last we heard they were all running from zombies?

Has anyone died?

will harry ever find them again? Safe? Home? Alive?

Lots of Love,
Scarlett Kat <3


@Scarlett Kat
No problem, and I hope you do finish it because it kind of ended in a cliff hanger.

thank you, i'll try to finish it off... a few more chapters i think... or maybe i'll just go on a break, and then come back. I'm not sure. thank you for your support though, i do appreciate it <3

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Oh, well your a good author by the way. And I am sad to see it go:(

I have honestly begun to stop trying, The sequel was supposed to continue something cool, and then everyone stopped reading so i kinda feel like I'm wasting my time...

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Are you still writing this story?