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Chapter 1: Horror Movie

Harry’s Pov

“Look Will” I said “We need to go back to my old camp, I have family there and they should have a newborn baby in 2 months, would you leave a child and allow them to be born in that hell outside these walls?”

“Look Harry” William sighed, “It’s dangerous.”

“Well obviously” I bellowed “They are family William- my family.”

Will nodded slowly “Isn’t it what’s her name?-”

“Scarlett” I said quickly

“Yeah, her- Scarlett and Liam’s kid? Aren’t you in love with her?” He asked, “She’s having your best friends kid man.”

“I know,” I said sadly “But I promised to keep them safe, I only left so they could live better. Will we have running water, beds, homes, heat, power, and a hospital, a farm- with animals and fruits and veggies. We aren’t a camp we are a society,

Will nodded “ You and I are in charge of the safely here Harry, we are part of the damned military you know that right?”

“Yes Will,” I said running out of patience “I know that and that’s why I know that these people would help, Scarlett’s amazing with her crossbow, Liam and Zayn can wield their swards like gods. Louis and Niall will push themselves to the edge. Not to mention Zayn will fight to the death, no problem- he barley has something to live for”

“Zayn” Will say, “he could be useful”

“Yes” I said thankfully “he could be very useful.”

“Okay I’ll talk to General Tom Navy and see what we can do. Go rest man.”

“Alright Will,” I said hugging him “Be safe.”

I nodded and began walking home. It was one of the big houses; because I came to the camp and immediately joined the forces I was offered the house.

It was beautiful a cottage inspired home with beautiful stonework a few front steps a black door. It was homie and inviting, I could see Scarlett and I in here raising our children in here, on different circumstances of course.

I unlocked the door and walked inside. The house was dark besides the noon light pouring in from the huge windows. I jogged up the stairs two at a time and walked towards the master bedroom a king sized bed was in the middle of the room. I removed all my clothing as I walked into the bathroom. I turned the shower on the steam immediately wrapped around the room heating it up deliciously. I got in and shut the foggy glass door. The hot water poured down on my like rain, a hot steamy delectable rain.

My mind wandered back to when I was brought here.

It was late at night, and I heard something what it was I wasn’t sure until I smelt it’s rotting stench. It had grabbed me. I grappled in the dark and pushed it away, unfortunately the ground below me fell and I slipped a brilliantly sharp rock embedding itself deep into my right side.

I let my finger trace along the fair pink scar about 3 inches below my nipple the scar ran 2 inches in length.

I snapped back to that day: I was on the floor, barely able to breathe I the heard a gunshot and felt a weight fall on my body, the sent of decay heavy and strong.

“NO!” I had called out.

I then felt arms on my shoulders.

“NO!” I shouted my voice raspy again clawing at the fingers on my shoulders.

“Calm down man! Holy shit I’m here to help you! Are you trying to rip off my damn fingers?!?”

And then I didn’t remember anything until I was in the back of a pickup truck; I opened my eyes and saw a boy with blond hair and blue eyes looking down at me.

“Huh the fighters up” He snorted

“Who-who are you?” I rasped

“My names William Haynes and Welcome to Paix”

Paix was beautiful on the outside a huge fence surrounded it, Will had told me it was once a gated community for the posh rich folk but the walls surrounding it stood at 12 meters high and went 10 meters into the ground. The fence was once a beautiful thing but many of the people who worked for the BC-CDC lived here and they saw Vivens Mortua as a threat so they safely set everything up and fixed it for protection, they built a small town.

Only 1 of the original founders had survived Tom Navy being one, he had military experience from his teenage years and he then got a PHD in Diseases.

The homes were beautiful and safe. There were children running around and being happy…

but somewhere, something in the back of my mind kept whispering things to me…

The same thing over and over again…



YAYYY!! Chapter One of Book two!

I hope you enjoyed it!

sorry for the long wait.

Lots of love,
Scarlett Kat <3


@Scarlett Kat
No problem, and I hope you do finish it because it kind of ended in a cliff hanger.

thank you, i'll try to finish it off... a few more chapters i think... or maybe i'll just go on a break, and then come back. I'm not sure. thank you for your support though, i do appreciate it <3

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Oh, well your a good author by the way. And I am sad to see it go:(

I have honestly begun to stop trying, The sequel was supposed to continue something cool, and then everyone stopped reading so i kinda feel like I'm wasting my time...

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Are you still writing this story?