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Troubles (Kissing The Devil)

Chapter 7

“C’mere!” He said, laughing
We were both intoxicated by now, really intoxicated and Niall had the brilliant idea of getting even more drunk together. He carried a slice of lemon, strolling in my direction with two shots in his other hand.
He squeezed lemon juice in his mouth and then reached closer, opening my mouth with his fingertips and then pouring lemon juice in my mouth, directly from his. And for a moment we stand there, kissing, tasting and enjoying and occasionally groaning. Then he pulls back to hand me the shot.
I don’t even know why he hadn’t abandoned me when we got here, but he stuck around. We only started to actually get drunk because he told me I was boring and couldn’t have fun even if I wanted to. I proved him wrong!
I can’t begin to describe the feeling this party was giving me.
It was a party at his house and I was feeling hot everywhere. I have no idea when it started, but we were kissing, and I felt completely lost, and hot and too involved to even let go.
I tried to make my mind wrap up around the idea to let go of him, but I blamed it on the alcohol and letted it go.
He still tasted like energy, ecstasy and adrenaline. I felt it rush through my body every time his tongue brushed mine and I felt that same metal piece that I was staring at a few hours ago, every time a groan escaped the back of his throat and echoed to mine, and when he dared to tighten the grip in my hip I had to press my knees against each other so I wouldn’t fall.
His free hand that was previously holding a beer that was now in an unknown location, traced my curves until he reached my neck. His fingers curved around my shoulder, skin pressed against skin.
His hand played with the strap of my bra, experienced fingers tracing the silky skin, tracing a path that lead to my chin, creating goosebumps in my throat’s skin. Once his hand was close enough to my chin, he grabbed it, pushing it higher so my neck was exposed to him , but he only took my mouth.
We were sitting on top of the kitchen island, facing each other. My toes curled inside my sneakers when he decided to get up, not disconnecting our mouths, to grab me by my hips and get me up too, pushing my small frame against the granite counter, the middle of my back complaining to wich I groaned.
His lips perked up in mine and he touched my tongue once more, pressing me more against the counter before he left my mouth. My knees trembled again and the familiar pressure in the pit of my stomach began to form.
If I was anywhere near sober, and there was a couple near me who was doing this type of things, I would be mentally judging them!
It’s true!
But then again, I’m not sober! And the realization that my life would be boring without him hit me like a brick. I liked the taste of vodka and beer, and just that bittersweet lemon taste present in his mouth. And how hot his mouth was, and how it felt in me.
I let my own hands grab his hips, pulling him closer.
It wasn’t until his lips touched my neck that I realized ‘King For a Day’ by Pierce The Veil was on, and if my brain was anywhere close to working, I would make a reminder to find out who chose that song and fucking thank them for it.
After than I couldn’t register any noise close to me. Only the fact that his lips where on me, on the base of my neck and then up, until the sweet spot behind my ear. And my toes curled again inside my sneakers. And oh!
I gulped to try and keep a moan from coming out, but he caught the movement of my throat and kissed the small bump that formed.
I couldn’t hold on any longer.
The pressure in my stomach was way too big for me to even think clearly, and my legs parted a little bit and his occupied the free space immediately, pressing himself more in me. My back straightened and I tried to contain myself to not curl one of my legs around his waist.
When he kissed my sweet spot twice, he stopped. And for a second I waited, but there was nothing besides the grip in my waist.
I slowly opened my eyes to find him looking intently at my lips. And then his blue irises moved to mine and I nearly had an heart attack. I gulped for the few seconds our eyes were focused only on each others, blue in green.
My left hand rested on top of his hand, wich was curled around my waist, and I leaned forward and pulled his lips to mine. He inhaled sharply and brushed away a few strands of hair that were starting to flee from the back of my ear. My tongue darted to find his while his hands curled around my waist and a cheeky hand dared to grab my ass, pushing me directly against his crotch.
I gasped and whimpered at the same time if that’s even possible, the pressure in my lower stomach excitingly growing, along with another thing that I rather not name right now.
He sighed, pulling away from me and grabbed my hand, pulling me upstairs to a bedroom I remembered as his. The door slams behind us, he locks it and pushes me against it, his mouth finding mine again, taking what he wants and then letting me do the same.
I grab a hand full of his hair and pull and pull as he keeps unconsciously moving against me. His hands grab the hem of my shirt and pull it up, only disconnecting out mouths long enough for my shirt to end up at our feet.
I take my time with his, I run my hand down his frontal part, and then my hands are in his hips, nails slightly scratching his v-line before my palms spread along his chest, feeling the pale white skin touch my slightly darker shade. He groaned against my lips as my hand accidentally brushes against one of his nipples, and I never heard something so sexy in my life like the groan of this man that’s pushing me against the door, his hand on applying pressure in the perfect place where he knew he would be torturing me.
The bastard!
I end up grabbing the end of his shirt too, pulling it up to reveal the endless amount of tattoos on his skin. There’s a couple of letters on top of his chest, ‘M.H.’ and I want to ask but I won’t. instead I just press a kiss against it, and see how he goes stiff and then softens again, his sensual vibe coming full on again.
He grabs my hips, pushing me up by my bum and pulls up my skirt until the hem hits the last quarter of my thigh, the set of white cotton panties I’m wearing almost visible.
I gasp for air when he gently bites the begging of the protuberance that is my breast when I’m lied, and he sucks on it and when he lets go there’s a full on red mark there.
I feel like I’m falling, and I am because he just pushed me to the bed, ridding himself of his large pair of jeans. I gasp, trying to get back my normal breathing rate, and I stare at him, and I’m thinking he’s adorable again, but the situation we’re in doesn’t have the smallest bit of ‘adorable’ vibe in it.
He back again, and he’s glued on me, the bulge in his black Calvin Klein’s seeable even to a blind woman. I lay my head back against the mattress and stare at him for a while. How angular his face is, and he still manages to be one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen in my entire life.
To the tip of his nose, to the camber of his upper lip and the deep V line he had between his eyebrows at the moment. My eyes catch that and my fingers work almost unintentionally on it, to make the pressure go away. He relaxes, but the minute he does he’s tense again, because my eyes just caught a small trace of stubble alongside his chin, and my lips worked on it.
I kissed, I scratched, I let my teeth sink slightly into the curve of his chin, and I’m in control. Before he can ask what is going on, we’re turned around, I’m on top, my hand curled around his throat to hold him in place as I push him down. He bristles, his poustrure roughing and all his muscles harden for a second, then I keep on tracing down his chin with kisses, applying strength to his neck so he could bend back against the mattress.
He did, but he cheekily rose his lower half from the bed so it hit my core perfectly and sent a jolt of energy down my spine. I bite the skin of his neck as a response and he moans, loudly as I keep kissing down and down until his happy trail.
I stop and look up, my hand is still in his throat, my ass perked up in the air as I gently let go of his neck to lick right above his boxers hem. I feel his abs moving under my tongue, and I open my eyes in time to see the six pack moving under my hot tongue.
I swear to God, this man in walking sex by himself.
I pull down his boxers, his erection freeing itself happily and I’m massaging him before I can think about it.
“Condom, top drawer!” He says, and I crawl towards the drawer on his right side and open the top drawer, pulling out a condom, but my muscles clench when I feel a hand over my panties “I’m on top baby!” he whispers “I’m always on top!”
“Yes Trouble!” I answer, and one of his legs spreads mine to have better access to my wetness. He’s fractioning his fingers right on my core, teasing, provoking while his scent is all around me, I’m in his bed and I’m almost naked.
“You’re not afraid of anything are you?” He asked, stopping for a moment and looked right into my eyes
“One thing!” I answer breathlessly “Loosing my brother!”
“Nothing else?” He asked
“Nothing else!” I affirm and he cracks a smile, both of his hands grabbing at the sides of my panties to pull them off me.
“That’s my girl!” He smirks and I nod.
Why am I nodding?
He grabs the condom that previously fell somewhere near my current place and opened the package, rolling the condom on and bending down to position himself between my legs. He nodded, and I did the same. I only felt his hair brushing my forehead before he was all in me.
I bit his shoulder harder than necessary because he planted a kiss on my forehead and I relaxed. His thrusts were irregular, but the pressure, oh the pleasurable pressure he intentionally made killed me and soon I had wrapped my arms around him, arms and legs working simultaneously to turn us around.
A flame of something red flashed in his eyes and I tried to push him down but he wouldn’t give in, he just sat and grabbed my hips while I kissed his stubble, my teeth working on it again, and the curve of his chin is so attractive I couldn’t resist to bite down on it again as my hips made the so perfect movement, clashing with mine in perfect harmony.
His hands curled around my ass, helping me move up and down as he rested seated in bed, his back against the wooden headboard. I rolled my hips, my backs straightened and he took time to kiss the base of my neck.
My hands grabbed his hair, and his muffled groan sounded against my collarbones as I keep moving, chasing my freedom and taking care of his too.
“God, you’re so beautiful!” He breaths and I whine, my insides tightening “Oh shit!” He says, meeting my thrusts half way until we both get our freedom.
I sigh, resting my forehead against his, feeling his fast breath brush my bangs back. I smile, feeling giggly all over.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve done this!” I say “It’s good!” I whisper and he laughs.
He perks up and kisses my lips, his hands grabbing my hips so he could hold me up and then lay me by his side while I screamed like a little girl. He laid me across the bed and kissed my lips once more, before he fell asleep. And I told myself I was only resting my eyes, and then I was gone.


I wake up, and there’s light everywhere. My head is killing me and the smell of the room I’m in is weird. A known weird.
I slowly open my eyes and I notice I have to blink twice to even be capable of seeing.
When I do open my eyes, I see a scruff of blond hairs. I ignore it for a second, but then my eyes widen as I realize who it is.
“Oh My God!” I yell
He bolts in bed, sitting in bed, his hands searching under his pillow to look for something. I would say a gun. But he didn’t found any. Instead, he grabbed the pillow and stuffed his head inside of it.
I was furious. With him, with myself, with the world. I just wanted to rip his head off.
I went for the pillow instead! I ripped it from under his head and hit him with it. The sheet rolled down my chest and I was about to grab it when he looked up and tried to take the pillow from me. I swallow as his eyes travelled down my chest.
I let go of the pillow and cover myself up with the sheet.
“If memory serves right, you have no reason to be shy right now love, not after what we did!” He smirks and winks
“You’re a jerk!” I scream “You fucking twat, you idiot, you… you… Urg!” I growl and pull the sheet from the bed, wrapping it around me.
And he stood there, naked, butt turned up and hands sprawled across the mattress. I rip my attention from the curve of his perfectly pale arse and swallow, tightening the sheet around me.
Luckily I didn’t have that much of a headache, those didn’t really stuck on me much, but my hip felt completely off, and I felt something burning in my bum. I frown.
“Bathroom!” Is the only thing I say.
He smirks again and points to a white door. I open it and find myself in front of a big mirror. I let go of the sheet around my body to find the skin of my bum red, with hand marks, and my hips, my protuberant hips were bruised with black marks that weren’t going to go away for a long time.
“I was to ruff wasn’t I?” I flip around to find him, leaning on the doorframe with the most glorious smirk on his face.
“Shut the fuck up!” I growl and he chuckles
“What’s wrong with you? Relax, we just had amazing sex, you should be relaxed!”
“We hate each other!” I state
“No, you hate me!” He corrects
“You threatened my brother!” I yell, crossing the door to find my clothes, after a minute looking “Where’s my shirt? Where is my fucking shirt?!”
Niall rolled his eyes and opened his wardrobe to pull out a t-shirt and handed it to me. I look at him pointedly, and he huffs, rolls his eyes again and turns around, showing me his back.
I take that time to pull his long t-shirt over myself, the black melting perfectly with the black of my skirt. I rub my eyes and grab my purse, stomping out of the room as he turns around and follows me downstairs.
“You promised you will leave me and my brother alone after this party!” I say, opening the door “Keep your fucking promise and stay the hell away from me!” I slam the door, walking furiously towards my house.
I remembered the way, and during the way I couldn’t find it in me to feel disgusting!
I remembered… I remembered what happened, how he wanted to be in charge but I took it away from him, and how fine with it he was when I did. I remembered the taste of energy again, and the tornado we were, the intensity of his gaze and the way he held on to me.
It didn’t felt wrong, that’s why I couldn’t be ashamed of it, of myself, and do the ‘walk of shame’ back home. I wasn’t completely ashamed, because it didn’t felt fake.
I check the time on my phone when I’m close to my place’s door, it’s a half hour till I was supposed to wake up, so everyone is probably still asleep. I opened the door carefully, trying to miss out on the loose steps as I walked back to my room to get a bit more of sleep.
I smiled as I walked past my brother’s room. There was a slight breeze that created a whistling that probably bothered him all night, and I don’t want him to be snippy all day at school, so I silently open the door, ready to close the window and go out.
What I find is worrying.
The room is turned upside down, things broke here and there and a vague space in the bed.
I panicked! And then I hysterically scream!




I'm expecting it to be soon. But I can't make any promisses. Thank you for liking this :3

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