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Troubles (Kissing The Devil)

Chapter 6

I whimper when his hand reaches my hip and push him back, but it was of no use as his arms snuck around my waist and grabbed a tight grip of the back of my thigh. I gasped, allowing him to deepen the kiss even more, accidentally, of course.
There was no way, I, Thea Ward, was liking the kiss the smallest bit. I wasn’t liking the way his tongue felt against my own, exploring the warmth of my mouth as well as allowing me to feel the hotness of his own. And I sure as hell I wasn’t liking the cool touch that was slowly, really slowly coming up my thigh to rest on my hip again. My thigh shivered, temped to cur around the individuals waist. I wasn’t liking the taste of mint from his toothbrush, mixed with the strawberry flavor from the ice cream that was our desert.
Unconsciously (just bit conscious maybe) my hand crawled to the back of his neck, pressing his lips to mine so our kiss turned to something bruising.
Trouble felt like energy. Like lightning and electricity. Everything was fast with him, and deep, probably even more intense than originally planned. Maybe he didn’t just realize how much of a hold he got of my hip at the moment, like he never wants to let go, like he would be capable of bruising me or hurt me before he let me go.
That’s when I realized I was making out with a criminal, someone who threatened to kill my baby brother. And all the attraction faded. Plus, who knows where this mouth has been?
I pushed him back, and as I did so, I wanted to wipe that arrogant smile off his face.
“Don’t ever touch me again, or I swear Trouble…”
“Just shut up Thea, shut up!” He ordered
“What the actual fuck, you come here, and you try to make me kiss you, possibly even more and then you tell me to shut up? Listen, you’re way out of your league here Trouble!” I say “I haven’t forgot that you threatened to kill my brother, but I’m not a scaredy cat, that’s not who I am! I’m not going to sit back and let you boss me like I’m a little puppet on your show. I’m a person, a person has rights, and I am not going to let mine go for a lowlife like you!” I say, panting with lack of air in my lungs as I stare at his icy blue eyes.
I was waiting for a break down, for yells and promises of violence and even a threat. But it didn’t come. What did was a giggle from the tattooed guy, muffled by his hand as his nose wrinkled and his eyes squinted. His cheeks got a little bit of color as he laughed, and his hair, slightly messy from our previous moment, was pointing in every possible direction.
My jaw fell because he looked… he looked adorable. Even with tattoos and piercings, he looks damned adorable. And I couldn’t believe he could look like that, because I never imagined that I would think that about Niall ‘Trouble’ Horan. The single fact that I know someone like Niall ‘Trouble’ Horan is, itself, hard to believe.
He stopped, uncovering his mouth but a sly grin installed in his thin, crimson lips.
“See you later!” He says, leaning down to steal a peck from me.
Next thing I know, before I could even start to argue and tell him to stop and never do that again, he was out the door, just like that. And he left my lips tingling.


After a completely made up excuse about Niall leaving abruptly and another hour of mindless (and from my part, tense) chat in the living room, I retreated myself to my room so I could maybe get things ready for tomorrow and some well deserved sleep. Jesse was already in bed, and unless he asked me to, I wasn’t going to move there either because he gets kind of menacing if someone gets into his personal place without his consent.
I was about to lie under the sheets when my phone buzzed and, snorting, I grabbed it and opened the recent text that pulled me from my routine.
Look out the window! N x
I frowned, pulling down my extra large shorts from my PJ and obliging, steeping across the room to look out of my window. I found a black jeep parked outside my house, and a blond boy, dressed in a white tee and jeans as dark as night was leaning against the hood of the car, the lights on. I immediately opened the window and looked out.
No one was downstairs luckily, so everything was dark and the neighbors should be asleep too since tomorrow is a work day. I whistled to Niall so he could look up and notice her. When he did, he smiled and looked down on his phone.
Nice PJ by the way!
I frowned and gritted my teeth as I looked at him.
Cut the crap! What do you want? I typed back.
I didn’t want Niall to wake up my neighbors, or deprive them of their sleep, so the quicker he spilled it, the quicker he would leave.
Step back, I’m going in! X
I frowned and looked outside again, to find Niall climbing through the window’s frames. I took a step back, stumbling on my own feet as he jumped inside my room. I swallowed as he plopped down just a few inches away from where I was.
I could feel the energy he emanated. Energy I tasted earlier today and loved. It touched my skin as his eyes did the same. It surprised me how it felt so… addicting. Like I tasted it once but I wanted it again, more than just a sample, I wanted everything, everything his kiss allowed me to feel.
But I knew nothing about the feeling the supposed kiss gave me, so I just took more steps back, flopping down on the bed once the back of my knees found it.
“What do you want Niall?” I asked, getting up again, and ignoring the grin of mockery he had on his face.
“I wanna do something!” He said, throwing himself in the black chair in front of my desk.
“Like what?” I asked, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
“There’s a party at mine’s tonight! Let’s go!” He suggested
“No way!” I answered shortly
“Why not?” He asked me “You seemed to be having a great time the other day!”
“That was a onetime thing!” I lie
“Don’t lie to me!” He smiled and I rolled my eyes, pulling the covers from the bed and hiding myself under them.
A minute later, I felt a weight on top of me and dug my head out of the covers to look at what was causing my hip bone so much pain. It was him. He was lying on top of me like he was about to go to sleep and I tried to push him off.
“C’mon, just come to the party!” He asked and I frowned
“I have school tomorrow!” I state and try to shove him again
“C’mon, just today!” He asked and I shook my head no “I promise I’ll leave you alone!” I pushed the covers from my face
“You’re not lying?” I asked him, staring in his eyes
“Get your ass out of bed!” He said and I grumbled
“I can’t leave the house! My parents will never let me!”
“Then leave without them knowing!” I frowned
“I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m clearly not that type of girl! You need to choose your friends better!” I say and sigh.
“What wrong could happen?” He asked and I raised one eyebrow at him
“I could get kidnapped, raped, murdered, drugged … just choose!” I say impatiently
“I don’t think you’re at risk of that with me!” He answers smartly and I snort to my lose bangs that were tickling my nose by now.
“You think too highly of yourself don’t you?” I snort, pushing my legs out of my bed.
I analyzed his proposition. Getting grounded for a year, or living with the constant threat of my little brother being murdered.
I chose already!
My parents will kill me if they find out, but seriously, it’s better if it’s me than my brother.
“You chose already?” He asked with a grin, and oh, what would I give to wipe that out… with my feet after I ran a whole marathon with no shoes on.
“Your propositions are satisfying to my part, so I’m guessing I’ll go!” I said “But you have to bring me back at one, sharp!” I said and he nodded “Now, out!” He smiled
“Finally, I’m corrupting you!” I rolled my eyes as he smirked
“Shut up!”
He chuckled and walked towards my window, plopping to the other side and winking, pulling it close. I had no intention of going out, I had no intention of breaking a rule, but… he still felt like electricity, and some part of me wants to know why.
Why he’s like electricity, why he’s so addicting and why he acts like an arrogant douche.
I feel like I should be afraid, I mean, this is the person who threatened my baby brother, and is now dropping the threat. I hope it’s true.
I sigh and loosen my hair from the bun it was pulled on. I grab a random Aztec stamped shirt and a black shirt and put them on, quickly grabbing a pair of black Tomms from under my new bed.
I keep telling myself I shouldn’t be this excited!
But fear is something that never clung to me. I was always fearless when it came to myself. I mean, life is two days, and when my time comes, I’ll die. Yes, I do believe in destiny and all that crap, only because I think random tings are never random without any type of order.
I gulp once I’m done. Partially because I’m breaking a rule, partially because there’s a guy downstairs who’s in a gang and is taking me to a party in his house.
I seriously don’t know what to expect from this party, but I hope nothing bad is on the way here because I seriously have no desire of getting myself in trouble. No irony on that.
I slowly open my bedroom door, my bag close behind me as I try my best to be as silent as possible. I don’t want to wake up anybody.
I swallow the guilt that crawls up my throat. My parents raised me better than this. They raised me to be a good girl, have good grades and be someone important in future. Someone who doesn’t need a man to take care of her, who isn’t dependable.
If this … guy trouble didn’t come in the way, I wouldn’t have missed my first day of classes and my best friend would be talking normally to me now. But thanks to him she isn’t. She didn’t completely stop talking to me, she responded to my texts, but not the same bubbly way she used to.
I hate to think that it’s because Niall threatened my brother and I can’t even tell her. I tell her everything, always. I don’t think there’s any secret between us, except this one. I know who took her first kiss away, she knows who took mine. I know who’s the first boy she made out with, and she knows mine too. Even third base stuff, we know every single thing about each other and I love it.
I safely reach downstairs, not avoiding the lose steps but hopefully, no one woke up. I swallowed and opened the door, pulling my bag closer to me.
The lights of his Range Rover urned on, and I instantly covered my face.
“Are you crazy!” I hissed, opening the door and getting in, slamming it behind me “Turn the lights out! Do you want to wake up my parents?”
“Chill!” He said, finishing sending a text on his iPhone
“My parents!” I growled “They can’t know I’m out!”
“You sneaked out?” He asked
“No genius, I sung to them that I was going out in the middle of the night, with a probably dangerous murdered who pretended to be my friend and is constantly abusing my personal space!” I roll my eye “They would be thrilled!” I whisper
It’s his time to roll his eyes, and then start the car to drive to his place. The air suddenly seemed heavier, more charged with electricity and it took me a moment to understand nothing was different, except for me.
I felt like a junky on adrenaline that breaks rules just to feel alive.
I bet he would laugh at me if he knew how pathetically I’m feeling right now. He is practically the picture of adrenaline, of the person who does things first and asks questions latter, who dares to go on adventures and challenges himself just because.
And suddenly I think my life was incredibly boring before him and his unexpected appearance in my life.
But I’m over thinking, and it’s not like I’ll ever tell him this.
“Tell me what?” I heard
“What?” I ask, my head snapping to my left where he was at.
“You’ll never tell me what?” I raise my eyebrows in astonishment “You were mumbling something over there and I just figured I’d ask since my name was a topic!”
“It’s nothing!” I snap, rolling my eyes
“Fine!” He grumbled
I find myself amazed by how fast he can have mood swings. And how easily he can forget things. I never gave much thought to this, but if I do rebel against him and threat him that I’ll go tell Jordan, I’ll be the one holding the knife and cheese, not him.
But I’ll swear to him that I’ll forget everything that has to do with gang wars once my brother is safe from him and his mood swings. I’ll make sure to change the locks at my own expense if I have to, and bullet proof the windows of his room.
My face gathered a shameful amount of color when I trace the long lines of his face. I noticed that something shiny made itself present in the tip of his tongue when he darted to wet his lips. Lips that a few hours ago were touching mine, and making me feel high in adrenaline.
I shake off the shiver that when down my spine and as soon as I’m done, a cold, pale hand makes its way off the steering wheel to turn the heat on. I’m amazed, and then I blush, and I’m thinking again… “He’s adorable!”. But the difference this time is I actually know I’m wrong. He’s not adorable.
The same hand that turned the heat on, gently tapped my leg, caving between my knees and running up my flesh as my back straighten against the car seat.
“You ruin everything!” I mumble, pulling his hand away from me like it’s trash
“What? You think I didn’t notice you staring at my piercing!” He smiled his one sided smile, and I was suddenly infuriated
“I wasn’t starring!”
“No, you were just wondering what my piercing would be capable of doing to your pretty pu-“
“Stop right there!” I say “Don’t objectify me, Niall!” I spit his name. y defense mechanism is on “I’m not like the whores you probably sleep with!”
“How, she has guts!” He chuckles, his hand darting to my thigh again
“I thought you knew that, since you kept your pretty blue eye!” I growl, pushing his hand away again


As promissed, here it is.
I am proud to say I AM BACK with this story, and for the ones who don't know, with the sequel to Punk DirectionThe Outcome Of A Broken Love!

Go check it out, and please let me know what you think of this chapter .



I'm expecting it to be soon. But I can't make any promisses. Thank you for liking this :3

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